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Anthony Joshua: “I’m Ready, I Want Tyson Fury”

Posted on 12/22/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Anthony Joshua’s ninth round stoppage win which he scored over Kubrat Pulev was highlight-reel worthy. Yet, all that most people could talk about were the words he spoke after the fight. Or in this case, the lack thereof.

Following Joshua’s win, the unified heavyweight titlist was immediately asked to give his thoughts on the possibility of facing fellow champion Tyson Fury in his next contest. Joshua simply rolled his eyes and stated that if Fury continues to hold on to the WBC title, then that’s the route he wanted to take next.

While he believed it was a perfectly fine response, Joshua has been dragged through the mud for it as many, including Fury, have come under the impression that he doesn’t want to face him after all. Now, a few weeks after making those comments, Joshua took the time to clarify exactly what he was trying to say.

“I basically said, if Tyson Fury is the man with the belt then Tyson Fury is the man I want,” explained Joshua during an interview with IFL TV. “Basically what that says is I’ll fight anyone who has that belt. I just want to go for that undisputed championship.”

Becoming an undisputed heavyweight champion has always been on the bucket list of Joshua. For others however, his desire to win every belt imaginable takes a backseat to a possible mega showdown with Fury, regardless if he is a belt holder or not.

Unless something changes within the next few months, both Joshua’s propensity for gold and boxing fan’s wish to see him face Fury go hand in hand. Joshua may have gotten what he believes was undeserved criticism for his choice of words just a few weeks ago, but this time around, he made sure he articulated himself succinctly.

“I’m ready. The next fight, I want Tyson Fury. The next fight I want it to be for the undisputed championship of the world. With that said, they’re in conversations now. My management team and promotional outfit are trying to put a package together that will lead us into 2021.”

If both men do in fact square off at some point in time next year, their showdown will be viewed as one of the biggest in boxing history. Those views however, won’t allow Joshua to place Fury ahead of the line in terms of everyone else he has fought. Even with Fury in possession of the WBC title, facing him will be aggregated with the other belt holders he’s faced.

“I’ve fought six of seven champions in my short career. Tyson Fury is another one. There’s no reason why I would look at him as any different from any other. I’ve got four of the major belts, he has one. I’ll take that one from him.”

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