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Andre Ward Proves He’s P4P Bound: Round by Round

A round by round view of future pound-for-pound #1 Andre Ward’s total domination of Allan Green.

Round one: Green immediately assumes hunter role and takes control of the center of ring. Ward is cautious in retreating around the periphery but throws the first hard punch – a jab to the body. Ward looks wary of Green’s power.

Round two: Ward is now the crouching tiger, bursting in with explosive shots. He looks a tad quicker and sharper than the posing Green who isn’t doing much. Green looks confused. Ward is far more assertive.

Round three: Green jab scores but Ward’s right in the clinch also makes solid contact. Ward shows superior strength as he is able to contain Green along the ropes for approximately two minutes. He scores to the head and body, including a nice left hook upstairs. Green can’t seem to get out.

Round four: Ward is far more tenacious and creative than Green who is appearing one-dimensional in comparison. Green scores with a nice left hook on the backpedal but another round in the bank for the busier Ward.

Round five: Ward in total command. He has too much speed, skills, versatility and sharpness. Green hasn’t made adjustments, yet. Ward is a very difficult test to pass.

Round six: Green hurt by a left hook on ropes. Again he can’t escape this position which Ward has forced him into. Ward holds him captive there for about a minute and scores with punches. Green is able to get out but again Ward is able to back him to the ropes again, this time on the other side of the ring. Ward doesn’t appear to be that much physically stronger but apparently he is.

Round seven: Now it’s Ward who is the hunter. With his athleticism and unpredictable creativity of punching from various position, he makes Green look robotic and mechanical at times. Green lands a good right to the body but that’s about it.

Round eight: Ward might be the best American fighter since it appears Mayweather is either going to retire or go on an exhibition tour against handpicked opponents. You ain’t the best if you continuously duck the best. If Floyd ducks Pacquiao again, he’s a pretender. Andre Ward is the genuine article. This is two straight dominant Super Six performances against the best of 168.

Round nine: Ward is in fifth gear all fight long, Green is still stuck in fourth. He may have no fifth gear. Ward again traps Green on the ropes for an extended duration. Green is tough but outclassed. Green reminds me of Michael Grant.

Round ten: Andre Ward is the future pound for pound after Pac retires. He is dominating his weight class and not ducking anyone.

Round eleven: One sided fight.

Round twelve: Ward is a wonderful fighter. But I wonder how many sports fans out of 100 on the street would say, Yeah I heard of Andre Ward, if asked. Blame it on the U.S. media and television networks who are ignoring the world heavyweight title and it’s two dominant champions which is a trickle-down factor in discrediting and de-valueing most other non-heavyweight fighters. Outside of Manny Pacquiao, Floyd, Cotto, boxing is irrelevant on the American sports landscape. If the U.S. media continues to ignore and condemn the flagship division and championship of boxing, extremely talented fighters like Andre Ward will continue to fall between the cracks of mainstream popularity.

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