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Analysis: Why Margarito Will Lose To Pacquiao

When a boxer shames his name and then must fight on the world stage as the public views him with scorn and contempt, he can never win.

Diego Corrales abused his pregnant wife Maria, made a plea bargain to law enforcement authorities, and then tried to box Floyd Mayweather in early 2001. Knowing the world was watching and that he was going to jail for 14 months shortly after the fight, the mind of Corrales obviously was not as focused as it should have been. As expected, Corrales was destroyed by Mayweather by knockout.

Mike Tyson was public enemy number one in 2002. His wife Monica left him, he was broke, and he had to fight the giant Lennox Lewis, even though most of the $20 million-plus purse was going to his creditors. Tyson was acting crazy at press conferences and in TV interviews, saying bizarre and strange things that shocked the world. Nevada refused to host any more of Tyson’s fights. With the world looking at him as if he were a crazy maniac, Tyson was not as focused as he could have been – and was destroyed by Lennox Lewis by knockout.

Antonio Margarito has damaged his once-respected name by getting caught in the handwraps cheating fiasco before the Mosley fight. His focus on boxing Shane Mosley was obviously affected and not what it should have been. Of course, Margarito was destroyed by Shane Mosley by knockout.

Antonio Margarito has marred his reputation once again this week by appearing in the Fanhouse video making mocking remarks about the Parkinson’s disease-related handicaps of the beloved trainer of Manny Pacquiao – Freddie Roach. Margarito has had to deal with the backlash of this huge controversy and I believe it will affect his focus and performance in the big fight in Dallas on Saturday night.

As sharp and fast as Manny Pacquiao is right now and how distracted Margarito will be by the negativity storms hovering over his head, I believe Margarito is going to be destroyed by Manny Pacquiao – by knockout.

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