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Alexander – Bradley Predictions from boxing media

PONTIAC, MICH (January 21, 2011) – Boss scribes, fighters and trainers are weighing in on who they think will win The Super Fight, pitting undefeated American champions DEVON ALEXANDER and TIMOTHY BRADLEY against each other to determine the true 140-pound world champion. Promoted by Gary Shaw Productions, Don King Productions and Thompson Boxing Promotions, Alexander vs. Bradley will take place Next Saturday! January 29, at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Mich. and will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing, beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. ET. Remaining tickets, priced from $25 to $400, can be purchased at the Silverdome box office, by calling (248) 338-2500 or online at

Let’s see what the “experts” have to say.

Alexander “The Great” punches harder and has the ability to end the fight at any time, but “Desert Storm” is the faster, better, more complete fighter. He’ll outwork Alexander, moving in and out behind the jab and throwing flashy combinations. Alexander will have his moments, and may even drop Bradley, who has a penchant for getting defensively sloppy. But “Desert Storm” has come back from a big knockdown before, and he’ll do it again. Go with Bradley by exciting 12-round unanimous decision.

– Matthew Aguilar, El Paso Times

Timothy Bradley is fighting a hungry Devon Alexander. Devon will win this fight by KO after he wears down Bradley and finishes the fight in the 9th round.

– Bob Barton, The St. Louis American Newspaper

Bradley by decision. I respect Alexander’s speed and skill, but Bradley is his equal in almost every area. With both guys so close, you’ve got to gauge heart. Bradley is a few valuable years older, he’s a bit more experienced, and I don’t know any fighter as hungry as the pride of Palm Springs.

– Greg Beacham, Associated Press

This is a terrific matchup. Alexander is a very good technical fighter and has the southpaw advantage. However I believe Bradley will prevail, having fought better opposition with wins over Witter, Holt, Peterson and Abregu. Nothing takes the place of big fight experience and quality competition.

– Dan Birmingham, Two-Time BWAA Trainer of the Year

Tim Bradley by 11th round TKO. Alexander is the consummate boxer but Bradley is the stronger puncher with the ability to land on anyone. Alexander will give him trouble for a time with his style but at some point Bradley will close the gap and, in the end, close the show.

– Ron Borges, Boston Herald

This has the making of a Motor City classic. Plenty of horsepower. Style and substance. Both are young and fit and their tanks are full. But, I’ll take Bradley to win by TKO in the 10th round, when Alexander finally runs out of gas.

– Mike Brudenell, Detroit Free Press

This figures to be a very close, competitive fight. Both Bradley and Alexander have strength and style and can adjust over 12 rounds. Bradley’s experience may be the difference however and he may be better suited to make whatever changes are necessary during the fight to win. And he will have to adjust because Alexander is going to bring a lot of energy and speed and he’s going to have his chances to put him away. Bradley by split decision in what should be a great way to kick off 2011.

– Steve Carp, Las Vegas Review-Journal

A fight between undefeated fighters. I’m looking for a big win, a big knockout for Devon. Then he can call out Manny Pacquiao’s name and an even bigger fight.

– Abac Cordero, The Philippine Star

I like Bradley by decision in what should be a very busy fight.

– Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press

It’s a 50/50 contest with both fighters clearly of world class status, entering their prime. How boxing needs more of these unification contests. There is much at stake, and it is an intriguing fight. I make Timothy Bradley marginally the favourite, capable of working well at 140 in spite of often giving up height and reach advantages. Devon Alexander can at times, rely on his power more, and although Bradley lacked lustre in his last contest – stepping up to 147lbs from 140lbs – in the mind’s eye he dealt effectively with Kendall Holt, Nate Campbell, Lamont Peterson, and indeed Junior Witter. Southpaw Alexander, however, on paper, looks the more decisive, having stopped Witter in the eighth, and Juan Urango in the same round. Like Amir Khan, a rival of both men, Alexander worked for a unanimous decision over Andreas Kotelnik, without looking great, in his last outing. Hard call, but I’ll tick Bradley, who will move cleverly and sneak a points decision. The winner leaves with great spoils and serious clout for a mega pay-per-view showdown late in 2011.

– Gareth Davies, The Daily Telegraph (UK)

Even when Manny Pacquiao captured the lineal 140 lb. championship, it was still my belief that Tim Bradley was – and still is – the best active 140 lb. fighter on the planet today. That’s no slight on Devon, whom I’ve long admired and see greatness in his future. However, on January 29, Tim will provide confirmation for long overdue recognition as the 140 lb. king in a spirited and surprisingly dominant performance. Bradley by unanimous decision.

– Jake Donovan,

Tim Bradley by unanimous decision.

– Bill Dwyre, Los Angeles Times

This one is coin-flip close. I’ll really be surprised if either fighter dominates the other. That said, picking a draw is the coward’s way out. As of today (tomorrow, who knows?) I’m leaning to Bradley by split decision.

– Bernard Fernandez, Philadelphia Daily News

I like Bradley by hard-fought decision. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was a very close majority or even split nod for the Palm Springs native. It’s an even matchup, but I favor Bradley because of his experience and versatility. I think he’ll mix his attack up more than Alexander will and he’ll out-maneuver the St. Louis champ when he has to.

– Doug Fischer,

It will be a technical contest with no knockdowns and no high drama. Alexander’s jab will be nonstop throughout the contest but Bradley is a superior counterpuncher and he has more power. Bradley outboxes Alexander to win a unanimous decision although it won’t be easy or pretty.

– Flattop,

Tim Bradley, by decision. Bradley’s versatility will offset the speed and dangerous right upper-cut possessed by the left-handed Devon Alexander. It figures to be very close. Adjustments are the key. With a quick jab, good right hand and solid body punches in an offense complemented by agile defense, the multi-skilled Bradley can make more of them.

– Norm Frauenheim,

Bradley by decision. He’s tougher and savvier. Listening to Alexander on the conference all, I don’t think he has any idea what he’s getting into.

– Leighton Ginn, The Desert Sun

Alexander will win by decision

– Marvin Goodwin, The Oakland Press

I like Devon Alexander by a close but unanimous decision. Both fighters are incredibly skilled, but in the end, Devon’s ring savvy will be too much for Bradley.

– Jim Hayes, FOX Sports Midwest

Timothy Bradley is more skilled, smarter and better conditioned. If I didn’t KO Bradley Alexander sure won’t. Bradley by unanimous decision or late stoppage.

– Kendall Holt, former WBO junior welterweight champion

I like Bradley. I like the way he fights and think he is a very good, sharp fighter too. I think it will be a competitive fight but Bradley will win by decision.

– Bernard Hopkins, Two-Division World Champion

Bradley by unanimous decision. This is a pick ’em fight, but Bradley, despite that it doesn’t look pretty sometimes, always finds a way to win. The biggest fight of his career will be no different.

– Keith Idec, The Record/Herald News

Bradley is a tough, hard-nosed guy who happens to have a lot of skill and resiliency. It will be a dog-fight, but those are the kinds of fights in which Bradley is at his best.

Bradley by decision.

– Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports

I think Bradley will certainly give Alexander his toughest test. Don’t let Bradley’s knockout ratio fool you. He is a very strong fighter, which could give Devon problems, but I believe Devon has enough mental toughness to overcome Bradley’s onslaught. I like Devon to win because of his huge heart. In addition to that heart, his ability to adjust to situations is what gets him over the top in this one. Alexander by unanimous decision

– Arthur “Flash” Johnson, KMOX-AM

Devon Alexander has shown in the past, the ability to bounce back in dominating fashion from sub-par performances. Timothy Bradley has very good boxing skills, but I believe we have seen him hit the peak of his ability, whereas we’ve not even come close to witnessing the full potential of Devon Alexander. Alexander’s superior boxing skills, endurance, and under-appreciated chin should be the difference in this one. Alexander scores at least one knockdown, wins by Unanimous Decision, and shows he is the top dog at 140 lbs.

– David Kassel,

Alexander will eventually emerge triumphant, probably by late-round (10th, 11th) stoppage. It could be a fight of the year candidate.

– Michael Katz, Gaming Today

I like Bradley by decision. I think while there are some stylistic difficulties for him, I like his advantage in hand and foot-speed.

– Steve Kim,

Both fighters are going to do some damage, and a good number of rounds are going to be very difficult to score. But in the end, Devon has a harder head and hands that are a bit heavier and a bit quicker. That will carry him to the win. Alexander by unanimous decision.

– Max Leinwand, FOX Sports Midwest

I’d go with Bradley by decision. Bradley is a good all-round fighter, but more importantly he’s a clever fighter who can adapt to an opponent and works out how to win. Bradley has the edge in experience and I believe, in a fight like this, that will be vital.

– Ron Lewis, The Times (UK)

When you have two elite fighters at the top of their games, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Still, Bradley has the most experience and if he can withstand Alexander’s power he should be able to outbox the younger champion. Take Bradley by decision.

– Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated

Timothy Bradley is a tremendous talent, but a savvy gameplan and an accumulation of power punches will elevate Devon Alexander “The Great” to the summit of the junior welter division. Alexander, TKO 10.

– Glenn McBrady, The St. Louis American Newspaper

Bradley for me. Classier, tougher. Alexander didn’t impress against Kotelnik, a decent but no longer elite fighter. Bradley’s got the more impressive cv, especially against Peterson, Holt, Witter.

– Kevin Mitchell, The Guardian (UK)

Bradley is fast, but speed won’t win this one. The best plan and the fighter, who is willing to stick to it, will prevail. The combination of trainer Kevin Cunningham’s sage advice and Devon’s execution of said advice is what puts him over the top. Alexander by unanimous decision.

– Dave Patek, Saturday Evening Fisticuffs

In the days of yore, the original Alexander the Great went undefeated. Devon Alexander “The Great” will have serious difficulty with Timothy Bradley’s straight-ahead quickness but he will out box his opponent and continue a centuries old winning tradition: Alexander upsets Bradley and wins a split decision on January 29, 2011.

– Gary Andrew Poole, contributor, TIME and The Atlantic / author of Pacman: Behind The Scenes With Manny Pacquiao

Alexander by decision.

– Dan Rafael,

Devon Alexander has met every challenge that has come his way, and I expect no exception in this fight with Timothy Bradley. It will go the distance with Alexander scoring a split-decision win.

– Alvin A. Reid, 101ESPN Radio

Bradley by unanimous points decision. He is just a little bit too slick and tidy and his stamina is underrated.

– Martin Rogers, Yahoo! Sports

Devon Alexander by decision. I believe that it will come down to a battle of the corners, with Alexander’s tight punches up the middle and his southpaw style being channeled by trainer Kevin Cunningham straight up the middle. Bradley will start out faster, but Alexander will remain composed. Alexander’s consistency down the stretch will be the difference in a very, very, very tight decision.

– Lem Satterfield, AOL Fan House

This is a tough one to call. I like Alexander’s firepower and his punching power. At the same time I like Bradley’s bulldog determination and toughness. So I’m going to take the coward’s way out. A Draw. And a rematch!

– Tim Smith, New York Daily News

Looking forward to a real 140-pound Super Bowl. I think Bradley can pressure Alexander, build up points over 12 rounds, and win by decision.

– Don Steinberg, The Wall Street Journal / The Philadelphia Inquirer

I like Alexander by a decision. I think despite the fact that he took way too many punches against Kotelnik, he is typically a very slick defensive fighter. Bradley will be a huge test because, he’s always in great shape and forces you to fight but, you’ve got two fighters who aren’t huge punchers. I give the speed and defensive edge to Alexander who will win by decision.

– Bob Stelton, 101ESPN Radio

Both of these fighters are at the top of their games and I’m just happy they’re fighting now rather than later. I’ll have to go with Bradley by decision or maybe even late-round stoppage. Bradley has shown that he can box, counter punch, punch and if it comes down
to a heart check he can fight. He’s shown in the past that he can overcome adversity in the ring and somehow pull victory from the jaws of defeat. Those are the intangibles that a great champion has to have. In Alexander, even though he’s a very gifted fighter, I can’t get the images of his last fight out of my head. At times he seemed as if he had no Plan B. He got hit a lot more than I thought he would, considering he’s such a good boxer. He’ll have to have the mental strength to put that entire fight out of his mind — as if it never happened — and focus on the guy in front of him. He can’t get sucked into trying to atone for his last outing by attempting to do something great against Bradley causing him to fight outside of himself. He’ll have to dictate the action with clean combination punching and not be there for the return in order to give himself the best chance to win. I don’t believe Alexander can stop Bradley from doing what he does best. Bradley by unanimous decision.

– Antonio Tarver, Two-Time Light Heavyweight Champion

The fight will go the distance. Bradley is a smart fighter and will figure out Alexander’s aggressive style, counter at every opportunity and use his jab to keep Alexander at bay. Alexander needs to use his jab early and often as well, and hope his speed and southpaw style will be able to overcome Bradley’s ring skills and experience. It will be close, but Bradley will win by majority decision.

– Bob Velin, USA Today

I’ll take Bradley to win what should be an exciting fight that will go the 12-round distance. Both fighters are talented, but I think Bradley has proven himself against a tougher class of opponents.

– David Weinberg, The Press of Atlantic City

Tony Canzoneri by early knockout.

– Jack Welsh, Long Distance

Bradley by unanimous decision. His quickness will give him the points he’ll need at the end.

– Mark Whicker, Orange County Register

Bradley by decision. His strength and will should earn him a narrow victory.

– George Willis, New York Post

Will styles make this fight what it is? Will Alexander be able to smack and move, rinse and repeat, his way to a win? Or will Bradley just get in his face, stay in his face, and windmill his way to the win? Or…will experience win out? Bradley’s been on bigger stages for longer. And I’m having a hard time getting past the fact that Alexander was life and death with Andreas Kotelnik. He’s tough, and talented…but no superstar. Was it just an off night for Alexander perhaps? Too many questions, too little clarity. This is a 50-50 affair. I am
going with the experience edge; I’m picking Bradley, because I think his pressure will be too much, and I see his right counter bothering Alexander. Bradley, unanimous decision, by two-point margin.

– Michael Woods, / ESPN The Magazine / ESPN NY

Bradley 31 / Alexander 15 / Draw 1


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