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Alberto Machado Interview: I can showcase all that I’ve been working on

Posted on 10/26/2018

By Henry Deleon

Question- We’re here with the champion, Alberto Machado. Alberto tell me how do you feel about the fight this Saturday?

Machado- Good, Good. I’m excited for it to be Saturday already so I can showcase all that I’ve been working on and defend my title belt.

Question- Following this fight on Saturday, who would you like to face next?

Machado- I would love to face all the top names in the 130lb division. We know they’re great fighters in that division. We want each and all of them, whoever the best option is that can help me grow in my boxing career.

Question – In preparation for this fight, what would you say was the toughest thing you encountered in training?

Machado- Well for this fight, preparation wasn’t very complicated because in my last two fights both my rivals were southpaws. Rafael Mensah and Jezreel Corrales were both southpaws, now with Yuandale Evans another southpaw, it simply was like picking up from where we left off and working in a manner in where we are more aware in what one needs in preparation for this fight.

Question- What does it mean to you to have such a solid team, with legends like Freddie Roach and Miguel Cotto supporting you?

Machado- oh that means a lot, that means a lot to my career and to my level of confidence. In this type of environment, you need to have experience and confidence. Freddie has had a massive amount of experience, Miguel Cotto has also had a massive amount of experience. So now I’m here with them trying not find a way to fill Miguel’s shoes, but to bring joy to the Puerto Rican people here in New York. That’s something that’s very significant to me.

Question- Any last words to your fans out there in the Hispanic community?

Machado- oh Hispanic food? (he must’ve been hungry. He understood “comida” which translates to “food” and not “comunidad” which is what I meant, “community”) delicious very delicious! Rice, gandules (pigeon peas) and Pernil (slow- roasted marinated pork leg or shoulder). Thank you very much for the support, I’ll be waiting for you guys Saturday at the theater in Madison Square Garden, where we’ll be giving you a Puerto Rican party like the one Puerto Rico is accustom to.

Alberto Machado(20–0 16 Kos)is currently the junior lightweight world titlist. He will be defending his title against Yuandale Evans (20-1 14 Kos) at Madison Square Garden on October 27, 2018 on the Jacobs/Derevianchenko card live on HBO.

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