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Air Raid Alert: Bomber Strikes Again

Posted on 07/29/2016

Air Raid Alert: Bomber Strikes Again
By: Andrew Dodd

Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall hosted an exciting night of pugilistic action last night. The energetic crowd witnessed some of Ontario’s finest rising stars. These events provide a necessary forum for the fighters to develop their chops and develop a fan base. They all delivered.
Mayron Vieira Zeferino, who is better known as the Brazilian Bomber, represented Grants MMA: Rival Boxing in his second pro bout. (See record: ) His opponent, Danyk Croteau, is a solid, technically sound fighter from Quebec who was looking to add on to his 1-0 record.
The pair of 1-0 boxers set to battle in a four round contest and, as they say, someone’s O had to go!

Photo Credit: Mette-Margrethe Moller Nielsen

The partisan crown announced its bias immediately as fans of the Bomber screamed vociferously for their man. In fact, at one point, the Danforth Music Hall resembled an arena in Rio as chants of “Você vai morrer” rang throughout the Hall!

While pressure from the crowd and inner pressure to impress can often be the downfall of young fighters, Mayron remained calm for the start of the initial stanza. With a deliberate and pawing job, he probed for openings. He found the vulnerability and exposed it with a crisp left hook. “Bombs away”, one could hear.

This set up a left hook, right hand combination that dropped the game Quebecer. Not surprisingly, the crowd went in a frenzy and, to his credit, the Bomber remained calculated and composed. He slipped and weaved out of trouble as Croteau sought to answer.

The already confident local was now ahead 10-8 with momentum.

The second round saw some discouragement, and swelling, in the visitor’s face. Myron found some continued success with the left hook and with one-two combos. He also cleverly went to the body and was not head-hunting as novices are wont to do. Without scoring any significant shots or blows, he deposited another round in the bank to extend his lead to 20-17- vital in a four round contest.

The third round saw a more determined and committed Croteau. In utilizing a more dynamic attack strategy, he managed to win his first round. Mayron, while countering well, was no longer finding a home for his anticipated left hook. Going into the fourth and final round, the scores were likely 29-27 for Zeferino. This would indicate that Croteau would be looking to press the action for a stoppage or knockdowns to make up for the deficit.

In placing hard combinations from range, the taller Croteau was enjoying success. However, time was not on his side. The Bomber relied on evasive techniques- more than bombing- in the last round which proved intelligent and effective. This mature and intelligent strategy allowed him to go to the final bell ahead on the cards and a “W”. After winning a unanimous decision, the Bomber is now 2-0.

In main-event action, the uber –popular Steven Wilcox defeated Juan Orozco via a dominant eight round decision. Wilcox continues to rise in the rankings and his bout is scheduled for October 1st in Hamilton. At 14-1, he is on the track for big success.

Brazil has brought bikinis, jiu jitsu, soccer magic and acai to the world, will Mayron add his name? Fans should make sure to attend at his next outing to find out. These fun local shows serve to launch these upcoming stars. Supporting the fighters and events make a big difference in developing Canadian talent.
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