Adamek Tips Mayweather To Outsmart Pacquiao, But…

Heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek, who has utilized intelligence and speed to position himself almost at the very top of the heavyweight division, believes Floyd Mayweather to be the smarter fighter than his arch-rival Manny Pacquiao.

When asked to comment on how he sees the superfight of all superfights playing out, the former WBC Light Heavyweight and IBF Cruiserweight champion, shows curiosity. “Is fight signed contracts?” he asks with excitement and hope in his voice.

When informed that no, nothing is signed, Adamek states, “If they will make this fight I think it will be a great fight. For me, favorite is Mayweather. He’s smart, smart boy.”

But in a quick move to hedge his prediction, as if covering his defense after an errant strike, Adamek adds, with obvious respect for the Filippino Destroyer, “But this is boxing. One punch can change a fight.”

Unlike the majority of observers of the ring, Adamek is one who prefers the defensive and deliberate technical science of the American over the creative, relentless vicious two-fisted assaults of Pacquiao. When asked who he feels to be the more exciting boxer, Adamek answers, “I think Mayweather, for me. I like his style. He’s smart.”

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