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Adamek Determined To Win Heavyweight Title

Tomasz Adamek’s close friend Peter Szymczak shares insightful perspective on the mindset of the heavyweight boxer regarding the Arreola victory, his new training team, and the future…

On the addition of Roger Bloodworth and Ronnie Shields to the training team: “They added so much to Tomasz’s style, you could definitely see the difference, between his movement, his side moves. Because Tomasz wasn’t as much as now, moving away to the side. We’re all very happy with the outcome.”

“Tomasz is very happy with Roger and Ronnie. Both are very nice, good people. When I talked with Tomasz on the phone during training camp, he said that he never trained so hard, the two sessions a day are like a real, real training camp scenario. He felt like he was being worked real well. He said the training was unlike anything he had done before and it was tough to get used to in the beginning. But it really worked to make him a better fighter.”

On being the underdog vs. Arreola: “I was reading all the various boxing sites and portals here and in Poland, a lot of people didn’t think he had any chance. Even the commentators in Poland were saying like, We wish him the best. They didn’t see how he could win. Even his old trainer Gmitruk said he didn’t see Tomasz being able to perform up to the level with Arreola. They questioned his swimming part of training for boxing, saying it relaxes your body. There was a lot of concern in their sentences.”

“They said the last two fights against Andrew Golota and Jason Estrada weren’t really much of a test. People misunderstood the whole package Tomasz brings in the ring. He certainly has the experience from being a champion at light heavyweight and cruiserweight. He has the speed – though he’s not as fast as he was at light heavyweight and cruiserweight.”

The winning strategy: “All around, Tomasz knew when he had to step back and slow down. It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about your thought process the whole fight. I was in the locker room before the fight. He never appeared nervous, just solid, confident. To me, he seems like he knows the gameplan, what he had to accomplish and he played it out.”

Dangerous moments vs. Arreola: “That one round when he was staggering around the ring – that was because his shoe fell apart (sole parted from shoe base). He took a few hard punches. After the fight his right hand was a little bruised and his right eyebrow was slightly swollen. And he was definitely tired after. Who wouldn’t be after defending against a 260-pound guy trying to hit you with like two two-by-fours?”

On the quest to win the heavyweight title: “Whenever I talk with him about boxing, when we get together, he says this is my goal and I’m not stepping away from it. I’m winning the heavyweight title belt. I have to do this. He’s very determined. At first I wasn’t so sure if he could really do it, like everyone else. But now I don’t see why he can’t do it. When we talk, I’m totally convinced. He’s got me totally convinced. For each different fighter he will use a different style. I think he can beat Vitali and Haye, the younger Klitschko I’m not sure.”

On his strength from religious faith: “A lot of his friends come from him being a very religious person. That belief in Christ in his upbringing has a lot to do with the way he really has his mind set up on things. His prayers always give him tremendous confidence through spiritual means.”

On rest and recovery: “Right now Tomasz is at home with his family, his wife and two daughters. He spends so much time away with training that he really loves being home and spending that time with his family. He might have his next fight in October, possibly in Newark. There are many names being mentioned – Haye, Holyfield, Peter, Chambers, Thompson, Klitschko.”

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