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Adamek Amazes Arreola With Masterclass Performance: Round by Round

The boxing world eagerly awaits this very important crossroads clash of heavyweight contenders. Adamek was intentionally selected as the opponent for HBO’s favorite heavyweight son Arreola but a lot of pundits believe the Polish gladiator can spring the upset.

Adamek enters the ring first with a calm and confident demeanor. No matter how big the occasion, relaxed Adamek is always cool as can be. Nothing can unsettle this man. Huge Polish contingent attired in red and white are in attendance to support their man. Arreola comes out with a blue hood and ballcap on. He looks serious and jacked up, perhaps a little bit more tense. Adamek’s remarkable quiet, gentlemanly confidence is so impressive it must be factoring in the Mexican brawlers thought process. High energy, intense atmosphere. Boxing has been waitingo for a big fight like this…

Round 1: Adamek opens by boxing comfortably despite the 33-pound weight disadvantage. Adamek’s jab is on, he is looking sharp here. Good right by Chris. 10-9 Adamek.

Round 2: Adamek continues to box well. He is lightning quick and is having no trouble seeing Arreola’s punches. 10-9 Adamek.

Round 3: Adamek clearly has the advantage in speed and combinations. His footwork is excellent too, and he is not running from the bigger man. Adamek’s head movement is much better now compared to his light heavyweight days where he was hit often and solidly by Paul Briggs. Arreola is following Adamek around the ring but lacks variety and creativity. It is looking like Arreola is a one-dimensional puncher – or that’s how Adamek is making him look. At the bell, Arreola taps Adamek’s glove in a sign of respect and appreciation of his skills. 10-9 Adamek. Roger Bloodworth to Adamek: “Now don’t get in a fight here. Be smart. Keep your distance.” Henry Ramirez to Arreola: “The pressure’s good. Keep working the jab. Change it up.”

Round 4: Adamek triple jab. He is boxing beautifully and landing combinations. 10-9 Adamek.

Round 5: Arreola’s increases the pressure but does not land much. He senses the fight slipping away. Adamek’s head movement skills averts big trouble. 10-9 Arreola. Between rounds Adamek’s Everlast shoe sole needs to be taped.

Round 6: Arreola’s trying to make a brawl of it but Adamek is too cagey to let that happen. Arreola is ineffective. Adamek maintains control. 10-9 Adamek. Bloodworth: “When he comes hard you gotta throw that 1-2-3.”

Round 7: Adamek is perfect at seeing the Arreola right hand and avoiding it. He’s boxing a masterpiece. This fight is the master pugilist vs. the puncher. The scientist vs. bar room brawler. Why can’t America produce such skillful and technical heavyweights like Adamek? Arreola manager Haymon must be dreading this as his heavyweight hopeful is going down the drain. 10-9 Adamek.

Round 8: Adamek throws a 1-2, then drops his head. Arreola is struggling to connect with anything meaningful. Is he out of ideas? 10-9 Adamek. Bloodworth: “He’s getting frustrated. Keep the jab going. When you get in front of him, throw combinations, 1-2-3-4.” Ramirez: “You gotta pressure him.”

Round 9: Fantastic hands, feet, eyes and reflexes by Adamek. He is a complete fighter. This is an amazing, dominant performance if he can keep this up and close the show. 10-9 Adamek.

Round 10: Arreola’s a warrior and increases the pressure again. He lands two solid rights – a big straight right and an uppercut. But Adamek absorbs them with no effect, he has an incredible chin. Arreola decides to stop the pressure and backs off, he could be injured or running out of energy. Arreola taps Adamek’s glove again at the bell. 10-9 Arreola.

Round 11: When Arreola turns up the pressure Adamek stands and fights when he has to. I always remember Holyfield saying that about fighting Tyson: You can box and move on Tyson but sometimes you have to fight him, to get his respect. Adamek has done that throughout this fight when he needed to. After the round, Arreola looks swollen around both eyes and has a bloody mouth. 10-9 Adamek. Bloodworth: “He’s hurt. Step up with the combinations.”

Round 12: Adamek continues to dazzle with his boxing mastery and closes the show in style. He has shown a huge heart tonight and the boxing skills to match it. Arreola is a warrior and a tough SOB but it wasn’t his night. Both raise hands at the bell, acting like they won. Adamek goes over to embrace Arreola, and the two show high respect for each other.. You have to like both of these guys who show their class in different ways. Adamek wins the majority decision: 114-114, 115-113, 117-111. Arreola promoter Dan Goossen immediately goes over and shakes the hand of Adamek and his manager Ziggy Rozalski, a very classy move by Goossen.

It was a near perfect performance by Adamek, who was the victorious dragon slayer tonight. HBO should seriously consider televising and promoting his future fights, which eventually will be a Heavyweight world title duel against one of the Klitschkos or Haye. Every single one of Adamek’s fights since the WBC Light Heavyweight title winning performance against Paul Briggs on the undercard of Brewster-Golota in Chicago have been high quality entertainment – and he always attracts a raucous and energized live gate. Adamek is undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer and he exemplifies the excellence of what boxing is all about.

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