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Abraham’s Intensity & Determination Impress Mike Tyson

Posted on 10/27/2009

While visiting family and friends in the New York/New Jersey area this week, Mike Tyson stopped by to see his long time friend Mario Costa at the Ringside Lounge in Jersey City, NJ. Costa, a long time boxing man, likes what he sees in Arthur Abraham and showed Tyson Showtime highlights of his 360 interviews and Taylor KO. Costa says Tyson had high praise for the unbeaten German-based Armenian. “Mike said he’s gonna win. His determination is too much over all of them,” said Costa. “His determination is intense. He said he’s gonna win the (Super Six) Tournament.”

Of the brutal 12th round knockout via Abraham’s right fist on Taylor, Tyson said: “Mike said it was unbelievable. He said his body was stiff before he even hit the canvas.”

Tyson is a regular visitor to the Ringside Lounge when he returns home from his residence in Las Vegas. Costa maintains and cares for his 800 pigeons which are kept in a nearby coop. Some of the original birds from Tyson’s Catskills days are sheltered at the location.

Costa, who has worked with Arturo Gatti, Matthew Hilton, Sultan Ibragimor, Mike McCallum, Tyson, among others, firmly believes King Arthur Abraham is the real deal, and sees similar qualities in Abraham that exist in his pal Tyson. “The 360 interview with Abraham, I liked it myself. I showed it to everybody in the bar. How Abraham said when he saw Mike Tyson fight when he was 16, he said, Ah, this is good. This is so good. How he said Tyson is the one who inspired him to become a boxer. I couldn’t wait for Mike to come to show him. And he loved it. He had a nice smile on his face, looking at it, like, Wow.”

“I liked how (Abraham) said, Car is nothing, house is nothing, name is everything. Win is everything. He spoke from the heart like Mike does. When I saw it, I liked it. How sincere he was, how he spoke about Mike. I knew he was saying the truth. I couldn’t wait to show Mike. And Mike loved. And I look forward to meeting Arthur Abraham one day.”

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