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Aaron Martinez Interview: I just felt when the referee raised my hand…

By: Francisco Martinez

Aaron Martinez or better known nowadays as the “modern day Rocky” heads into 2016 firing on all cylinders coming off what is easily the “upset of the year” (reference Klitschko vs. Fury) with a 10 round unanimous decision over 2 division world champion Devon Alexander. The “like I always tell people, I know I’m always the underdog. That’s nothing new to me…” attitude and approach to his training regimen Aaron Martinez has taken pride & comfort in that role as he seeks to carry on his aggressive style of fighting this January 23rd at The Staples center against undefeated prospect Sammy Vasquez. A fight that takes place on the Danny Garcia vs. Robert Guerrero card, Guerrero being the same opponent Aaron Martinez faced earlier this year at The StubHub center. A fight many of those in attendance felt Martinez won. “Big win, you beat a world champion in Devon Alexander. Talk to me about that moment when the judges read the cards and said Aaron Martinez is the winner?”

Aaron Martinez: “It was unreal. It was a good fight, It felt good. I thought they where going to take the fight away from me again. To be honest, I didn’t hear my name. I just felt when the referee raised my hand…” “…really?”

Aaron Martinez: “Yeah, I didn’t even hear my name but when the ref raised my hand, it kind of hit me a little bit. It was unreal man” “You guys where really emotional, you and your team. The fans don’t understand what work you put in. What goes behind that and finally your signature win (notable victory) and now the people know what Aaron Martinez is exactly capable of. Talk to me about that moment backstage?”

Aaron Martinez: “A lot of people think that it’s just a 30 minute fight or whatever the (amount) of rounds they think, oh, look, this guy made quick money right now but they don’t understand it takes months to get to that point. We appreciate the opportunity. We put a lot of effort into this. It pays off…”

(With a split decision loss to Robert Guerrero Aaron Martinez expressed how he felt the judges would not give him a fair shake against Devon Alexander once again. To his surprise, the judges would call the fight right down the middle even in Texas. Where some of the most controversial decision have taken place through out the history of boxing. From Chavez vs. Whitaker, to Malignaggi vs. Diaz 1, Aaron Martinez managed to shake the grips of poor decision making by the judges this past October)

Aaron Martinez: “…this fight with Sammy Vasquez is in my own backyard. This is where I grew up, this is where I’m from. It’s a big dream of mine, It’s a dream come true. If you want to make it into boxing you have to come to L.A. (Los Angeles) the best sparring is here. I’m getting good sparring” “Talking about good sparring, you sparred Timothy Bradley Jr. back in the day. How did you see Bradley against Brandon Rios, you know exactly what he’s about. Did it surprise you when he put him (Brandon Rios) down?”

Aaron Martinez: “Bradley is a hard worker. He throws a lot of punches, he’s well disciplined, he’s a great fighter. All that pressure, all those punches took a toll on Brandon. He couldn’t handle it. Bradley was the better man” “Not looking past Sammy Vasquez but what’s there for you if you get past him? What are you looking for?”

Aaron Martinez: “I don’t know, I’m taking it one fight at a time. Sammy Vasquez is undefeated, he’s the favorite. I’ve always been the underdog, like I always say. We’ll take care of this first and then we’ll see. I’ll fight anybody” “At the (Garcia vs. Guerrero) press conference was that the first time you have seen Robert Guerrero since you fought each other and was there any animosity there? Or was it respect?”

Aaron Martinez: “It was respect. We just go in there to fight. Whatever the judges see, it’s not his fault. It’s no ones fault. We just went in there to put up a great fight and we did. I have respect for him and his camp. It’s jut how things go”

With the past two opponents in Robert Guerrero & Devon Alexander being southpaws Aaron Martinez should be accustom to some of what Sammy Vasquez will be bringing into the ring this upcoming January 23rd at The Staples center as Vasquez himself is a southpaw. A style Aaron Martinez is all to familiar with and has shown to found a formula of some kind for the dreaded southpaw stance that many boxers cringe to the thought of having to step into the ring against at some point in their career.

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