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AAPRP Announces Comprehensive Listing of State, Tribal and Canadian Pre-Fight Medical Requirements

Posted on 09/03/2009

Darien, Connecticut – September 3, 2009 – The American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians (the “AAPRP”) announced today that the most comprehensive listing of State/Tribal/Canadian Commission Pre-Fight Medical Requirements ever available on the internet has been updated and is now accessible to fighters, promoters and managers throughout the world.

With the assistance of the Association of Boxing Commissions (the “ABC”), the State Boxing Commissions and the Tribal Nations, the AAPRP has compiled and indexed a virtually complete listing of the pre-fight medical requirements for each jurisdiction across the United States and Canada.

Dr. Michael Schwartz, AAPRP Chairman stated, “this document is intended to assist Commissioners, Ringside Physicians, Promoters, Managers, Trainers and Boxers, enabling them to determine those medical regulations currently required by each state, province or tribal jurisdiction. The AAPRP hopes that this information will ultimately reduce the costs of unnecessary examinations, delays and ambiguities prior to the pre-fight medical evaluation”, Schwartz continued. “It is also our hope that this compilation will encourage the ABC, AAPRP and ringside physicians to enhance and expand the standardized medical requirements currently in place across the United States”

Dr. Schwartz also commented, “although we are great making progress as a majority of the commissions have significantly improved the medical requirements in their jurisdictions, we are somewhat discouraged by the fact that a few commissions have relaxed their medical requirements and are not conforming with several of the ABC/AAPRP recommended minimal medical requirements for ringside safety. We believe that this is the time when uniform standards need to be implemented in order to prevent fighters with pre-existing medical issues from ‘commission shopping’ in order to avoid being denied a license due to an abnormal finding”

The database information was presented last month at the ABC convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. For a complete listing of this information, go to the AAPRP web site and click on “2009/2010 Commission Medical Requirements”

Established in 1997, the AAPRP was created to develop medical protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety and protection of professional boxer. The not-for-profit association is comprised of the most experienced ringside physicians from around the world who are dedicated to the medical aspects of the sport of boxing. Since its inception, the AAPRP has consistently grown to include physicians from around the globe who are working together toward the common goal of helping to ensure the health, safety and protection of professional boxers.
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