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Will All These distractions cost Floyd Mayweather in the ring?

Posted on 09/11/2014

By Kirk Jackson

Lawsuits, family feuds, rap beef, all seem apart of the natural circumstances we’ve grown accustomed to witnessing from Floyd Mayweather in recent years.

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana

Whether it’s a feud with an estranged father, verbal banter between ex girlfriends, beef between famous entertainers like rap star Rick Ross, even verbal spats with other boxers, Floyd is always involved in some form of controversy and there is usually some sort of distraction in the money man’s personal life leading up to a fight.

But this time around, things seem different.

Just as Father Time is catching up with Mayweather inside the ring, as he is slightly slowing down
appearing more hittable in recently at least, it seems he is slightly more vulnerable in his personal life, as the attacks continue to pile up.

People once considered allies have also taken shots.

Mayweather’s former fiancé known as Miss Jackson, filed a lawsuit and held a press conference, citing physical and emotional abuse from Mayweather. Interesting she wants him to pay for his transgressions financially, as no criminal charges have been pressed.

Former best friend 50 Cent, who is known as a bully of the rap genre, in recent weeks has poked fun at Floyd’s reading ability (or lack thereof). Even Manny Pacquiao chimed in, poking fun on the matter.

Mayweather’s problems with entertainer extraordinaire T.I., dates back a few months, while the issues with 50 Cent and Miss Jackson manifested rather quick. Impeccable timing on their part, with Mayweather being only a few weeks and now a few days away from his crucial rematch against Marcos Maidana.

Speaking of Maidana, he is entering this fight confident and motivated. Mayweather has a tough enough task on his hands with just preparing for the onslaught Maidana brings, he can not allow outside distractions deter him from the ultimate goal of emerging victorious Saturday night.

Distractions have played a key role in the defeat of many great fighters.

Rumor has it, Lennox Lewis was too busy filming a movie and partying with celebrities leading up to his upset defeat against Hasim Rahman.

Mike Tyson living a turbulent life style and lacking any kind of serious training leading up to his fight against Buster Douglas.

Manny Pacquiao suffered a devastating knockout loss against long time rival Juan Manuel Marquez in December of 2012. It’s easy to argue distractions may have played a critical role in his fate.

He was dealing with political affairs as a member of Philippine congress, a devastating typhoon that swept through the Philippines dealing out irreparable damage, divorce rumors, it’s easy to see how he may have been overwhelmed. Fighting a guy who exposed his weaknesses on three separate occasions in the past doesn’t help either.

History shows, disturbances and complications happen and can negatively affect any fighter.

Results matter, there will be no pity parties for Floyd Mayweather, if he loses to Marcos Maidana in their rematch Sept. 13th. More like a celebration from his legion of detractors.

Distractions can be constructed as convenient excuses, but ultimately it is up to each fighter to deal with them accordingly.

Mayweather has handled aberrations and emerged triumphant in past. We should expect for the trend to continue this Sept. 13th.

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