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Why David Haye Must And Will Duck The Klitschkos


David Haye must and will duck fighting the Klitschko Brothers. He must. There is too much at stake. David Haye has the pro wrestling personality and good looks of a champion and therefore he is a rare and valuable asset, in these supposedly lean times of heavyweight boxing.

The controllers of the sport who wish they had their hands on the Klitschkos, want to control a heavyweight champion. So they have installed Haye as a “champion” and will protect him from the Klitschkos.

They will discredit and diminish the Klitschkos as boring and robotic, while selling Haye as the reincarnation, so to speak, of Muhammad Ali and Roy Jones Jr., the Anti-Klitschko if you will.

The controllers of Haye and Haye himself know full well that they can’t compete with the Klitschkos who are superior in every dimension.

With the charisma, personality and good looks of Haye, the controllers believe they can manufacture the Hayemaker into a new age Ali, just so long as they protect their puppet from high-risk fights (Solis, Adamek, Boytsov, Helenius, Chagaev). There is a ton of money at stake in this staged production of Haye as the future “Heavyweight champion.”

Everyone knows the Klitschkos are killer beasts and would savage Haye to the point he would be finished in the sport permanently if they ever got their hands on him. So a deception must be schemed to cover the truth. The scheme is to pretend to want to fight the Klitschkos but find a way out and cancel the fight – every time.

Haye may not have the talent and chin and size to be the true champion, but if he’s protected and choreographed properly, he can be installed and sold to the public as the champion. Frauds have been created and installed before in big time boxing, just look at Primo Carnera and Floyd Mayweather at 147.

The controllers of Haye can see the jackpot at the end of the rainbow. Just avoid the Klitschkos and they can tiptoe their merry way way down the yellowbrick road against Valuev rematch, Rahman, Holyfield, Povetkin, Chisora, Toney, Tarver, and/or a few others like Harrison.

The controllers can make a fortune with Haye, so they believe. Boxing is business not sport, for the new contollers.

There is a problem. There are signs that the public has grown tired of Haye’s lies and deceits about refusing to fight a Klitschko. The public is starting to realize Haye is just a big mouth liar who talks and yells louder than Klitschko but what he says is mostly all bullshit, and the quiet, reserved class of gentleman Klitschko is actually the truth.

I am certain, just like I guaranteed three times that Mayweather would duck Pacquiao, that Haye has no intention of fighting a Klitschko. This is clearly obvious from the deceptions, fakes and hypocracies we have seen from Haye over the last two years.

There is nothing Klitschko can do to Haye to get him into the ring, he can call him a “piece of shit” (or worse) again a hundred times, but it won’t work. Nothing will work.

Haye and his controllers know what they must do – and that’s avoid fighting a Klitschko, by any and all means necessary.


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