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Vitali Klitschko dominance continues

Posted on 09/13/2011

By Kirk Jackson

Once again the Klitschkos, this time with Vitali entering the ring, showcased his brilliance with a completely one sided pummeling of former two division champion Tomasz Adamek.

The champion traveled to the challenger’s hometown of Wroclaw, Poland and fought in front of a stadium packed with Adamek supporters in attendance.

Many consider Tomasz Adamek the third best fighter in the heavyweight division behind the Klitschko brothers.

And while Adamek’s position amongst the current heavyweight contenders may be up for debate, but one thing is certain.

The Klitschkos brothers are clear cut and above the best heavyweights in the world right now and of their respective era.

Either brother hasn’t had a competitive fight in years and their knockout ratio is historically high. In fact Vitali has a knockout ratio of 88.89%, while Wladimir sports a modest knockout ratio of 83.05%.

There seems to not be any fighters in sight capable of dethroning either one of them.

Over this past weekend, Vitali showed the world once again how dominant of a fighter he is.

Seemingly toying with Adamek fighting most of the fight with his hands below his waist, Vitali controlled the pace, spacing and distance the entire fight.

Landing his jab at will, and many other punches at a high frequency, Adamek endured all kinds of punishment until the referee stopped the fight in the tenth round.

A typical performance from a Klitschko in recent years.

Controlling their opponent, systematically breaking them down, and dealing the final blow but also doing so without rarely losing rounds.

They’ve virtually cleaned out the entire division, with only Alexander Povetkin from Russia, and Robert Helenius from Germany on the horizon.

With all due respect to both fighters, they probably do not stand a chance against either Klitschko.

The main problem when dealing with the Klitschkos is their combination of size, skill and power. Although the brothers share many common traits, there are differences with their fighting style and even their mentality in the ring.

They are both gigantic physical specimens, and cerebral in the way they break down their opponents. The jab is their main weapon of choice and have shown the ability to control the pace with ring generalship.

The differences are Vitali, the older of the two is more willing to mix it in with his opponent. He has the stronger chin out of the two.

Wladimir is more protective of his chin, more so fighting like a traditional tall boxer, relying on keeping his opponents at a certain distance and rarely likes to mix it in like his brother Vitali.

But either way, their respective styles work for one another and compliment their mentalities.

The only competitive fight we will see in the heavyweight division is between the brothers, which unfortunately may never happen.

Looks like the Klitschkos will continue to rule with iron fists.

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