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The Richard Pierson Boxing Blog: Insights From A Pro Fighter

By Richard Pierson

Scoop you’re so right about protected fighters, I believe if boxing gets over the ‘I’m undefeated’ hump and just let fighters showcase their skills like the MMA, then we will start having great match ups and some serious competition at the top levels. I have two losses on my record but I fought lion, tigers and bears, and I believe with just my 11 fights I have learned more then any of the protected fighters that’s getting all the hype. It’s simple math to me, my mindset is this: I don’t care if the man across the ring has numerous amounts of amateur fights and been boxing since he was a child because so have I, the only difference is he was fighting in a square ring under bright lights with banners hanging from them and screaming fans just to get a trophy and hug from mommy, while my squared circle was the streets intersection. My advertisement banners was the grocery and liquor store. My lights was the dull street lights my fans were innocent bystanders and witnesses. My reward was respect in the streets for me and my family.

I say who cares how many KO’s you have. I fought men in the streets that had bodies that means they were known for killing men. So for me to respect any fighter that’s being protected or have any fear of another man because hes known for destroying a fighters is a joke. Boxing isn’t about skills, it’s about ticket sales.

Whats more shocking, James Kirkland being arrested for a gun, or Kirkland gets stopped in the first by Nobuhiro Ishida? Thats a no- brainer, Kirkland gets stopped by Police and gets arrested for a weapons possession. Honestly after seeing this fight live on H.B.O. the only thing I might get arrested for is (H)uman (B)ody (Odor) because I’m rushing to get back to my kids!

I only saw Kirkland fight one time and that was against a scared Joel Julio and that fight showed that Kirkland could get put down easy. Besides seeing the fight I also heard about Kirkland from Ossie Duran, a very under-rated fighter who has been and still is being screwed in the sport. From what I was told Kirkland can punch and Duran was not in shape. I believe Duran could beat Kirkland, I know I can’t get the fight with Kirkland so just call me to the camp I will do it with 16 ounce gloves on. Kirkland is easy work with or without the Wolfe (Ann).

” I’m a prizefighter, I fight for money” is what Money Mayweather said to Mosley and the world on H.B.O  24/7 but yet he is running like Forest Gump and not for some Bubba Gump Shrimp. He’s running from a $50 million payday. No, not 50 million screaming fans, he’s running from a $50 million payday. Thats like a prostitute running from a one night stand with Bill Gates. I can’t believe I just gave Scaredy Boy Floyd press, shame on me.

Thats like me talking about the American heavyweight division. Hold on, is there an American heavyweights that is worth talking about? Yes there is, its unbelievable how “Iron” Mike Tyson loves them pigeons.

American Boxing is taking a back slide nose dive, in recent times we had the Tyson, Pryor, Holmes, Hagler, Leonard, Holmes, and Holyfields but in this day and age my wife (Boxing) doesn’t care about skills or how you drive your boat in the her ocean, my wife is all about ticket sales she has become a Gold Digger only showing love to sugar daddies creating boring nights of boxing and sad memories of wasted time in front of our TV or in front of a screaming fan that are yelling for nothing. Yell for Bute vs. Martinez,  Ward vs. Johnson or I get treated right and not offers to fight 10 rounds for $2,500, well, $250 a round (laughs)… I can do more than fight, I can also read write and add.

Richard Pierson is a middleweight boxer who has served as a sparring partner for former world champions Kelly Pavlik and Tomasz Adamek.  Pavlik stated on the record that Pierson is a future world middleweight champion. Richard Pierson’s Boxing Blog appears regularly on this site.


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