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The Protection of Andre Berto Continues

Andre Berto is the WBC welterweight beltholder that does not have to fight his mandatory challenger, the very dangerous, undefeated but little-known Selcuk Aydin of Turkey. Heck, he doesn’t even have to defend his title against real welterweights anymore, next up Berto will take on 140-pounder Victor Oritz. This is what happens when you have the right connections who have influence over HBO and the WBC.

When a fighter is as protected and coddled to the degree that Andre Berto has been, you know he has to be a fraud.

For a couple of years now, Berto has been fed a series of handpicked B and C level opposition, as HBO and the WBC curiously allow this charade to continue.

Not many people are buying it though, Berto has a minimal fan base, he probably couldn’t sell out a basketball gymnasium in his hometown. He even ran away from an interesting confrontation with Kermit Cintron, who would have likely knocked Berto out cold. Berto is the epitome of the modern-age manufactured titleholder, being pushed onto a public that really doesn’t want him. Sure, Berto’s a good guy, a warrior, he trains hard and shows heart when he has to, he’s looked good in the ring against stiffs, he does good deeds for othe people of Haiti. But Andre Berto doesn’t deserve to take all these HBO dates and HBO paydays from the far more deserving and legitimate fighters out there like Tavoris Cloud, Tomasz Adamek, Robert Helenius, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Erislandy Lara, Golovkin, Pirog, to name a few.

Until Andre Berto fights a quality welterweight, he’s a fraud. And don’t think Berto doesn’t realize it himself. If he had any confidence in his abilities, he might tell his people, “Okay, that’s enough, let me fight a real proven welterweight fight now, I can do it.” Cintron’s speed, power, height and long arms, and drive for redemption, would have been an interesting test. But Berto totally ducked it.

And another thing. Berto does not deserve to share a ring with Manny Pacquiao. Manufactured fighters like Berto should not be rewarded by getting the chance to fight the greatest warrior in the sport today and perhaps all-time – Manny Pacquiao. But don’t worry, I highly doubt Bob Arum will give Berto the chance any time soon – it’s Floyd Mayweather’s turn next anyway.

Andre Berto brings nothing to the table to Pacquiao or Arum. Like a controlled puppet, he has minimal charisma or personality. No one talks about his performances because they haven’t proven anything except that he can beat up overmatched opposition.

Let Berto earn his shot at the king of the throne Manny Pacquiao, that’s the way sport is supposed to be. Isn’t it? Or is it turning into pro wrestling?

As of now, Andre Berto is nothing but a pro wrestling sideshow act, who has been manufactured and built up like a welterweight Primo Carnera thanks to a group of people who want to create and control a boxing star, and enjoy the profits and feeling of being a big shot advisor or manager.

We’ll watch Berto box and spar with Ortiz, even though we know it’s just another set up to pad the record and further market Berto to an audience who, to this point, has shown indifference.

Keep it up, HBO and WBC, just remember two things: Primo Carnera. Graciano Rocchigiani.

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