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Scoop Mailbox: What Would Howard Cosell Say?

Posted on 01/12/2010

Scoop! After reading your mail stuff and replies, it would seem that a lot of people can’t still get a life after the Pacquiao-Mayweather fiasco. Mayweather and his fans are so used to seeing Floyd Jr mouth and steal his way, that they forget how easy it is take control away from him, and how much easier it is to unmask a fool-pretending-to-be-a-genius like him. The Mayweathers and GBP can hurt Pacquiao, but in no uncertain terms can the Pacman hurt them even more.

As for the accusations on the use of PEDs, all Americans can be assured that Pacquiao won’t survive the personal humiliation he will receive from Filipinos if he ever used such kind of drugs. Filipinos are very tolerant of very corrupt politicians, but that tolerance rarely extends to sports heroes. He will be forced to live out the rest of his days in the United States if the Filipino public finds out that he is a real drug cheat. Filipinos will not disrespect any one who offers solid proof that the Pacman is a drug cheat.

In the meantime, us Filipinos will continue to have our fun with caricatures of Floydie the Chicken for a very long time. This guy has been a fascinating study for us, as no local politician or criminal can even approximate the gall of this boxer. Where else in the Philippines can you find a proven drug user and opponent-cheating guy like Mayweather getting away with accusing everybody else who do not like him to be a hater or unclean?

It is just unfortunate that, unlike in the Philippines, a person like Mayweather can be given an offer he can’t refuse and therefore be forced to fight Pacquiao. Americans are too kind to cads and cowards.

Pacquiao actually needed the March fight with Joshua a bit more at this stage. First, it feeds his expensive politician’s dreams for May 2010. He’ll get no less than ten million dollars, and that should cover a costly campaign. He won’t make much of a politician, but we still wish him good luck nonetheless; there are extremely few street kids like him who deservedly got exceptional fame and fortune at his age.

The Ghanaian, who seems more to be a natural and an even more powerful and impressive middleweight at that than Yuri Foreman, would also be an excellent, dangerous test for the Pacman. Another fight after the May election with another respectable welterweight or super welterweight, and he can retire happily with nothing else to prove. -Dante Fernando

Scoop Reply: You make very interesting points, thank you for that insightful educational note, presumably written so eloquently in your second language. Floyd is a fascinating character in a freakish way. Don’t you find it interesting that Floyd does not want to come out and state his case, like a boss? Floyd is content to stay in hiding and letting his bosses speak for him. The puppet masters better not let the puppet out just yet because everyone knows how he falls apart when posed with difficult questions. Translation: Liars and frauds can’t handle the truth.
I agree you have a hate thing going on with FMJ. Like him or loath him
FMJ is talented and has the skills to outbox many if not most of the
boxers around today so how can you use sparring sessions as a reason
to judge him in a poor light. You talk like you have had a part in
Floyd’s inner circle and can judge whether FMJ sparring sessions were
up to par! Were you there for the years when FMJ retired then? Were
you there when he was training for his come back fight? Have you seen
all his training ? I doubt very much you were scoop and every single
fighter has a different type of camp, sparring sessions etc. It is not
a reflection on who they are as a man, FMJ has sharp skills just as
Manny does but how they got or keep them is individual.. And as for
taking liars to task that would mean disrupting the whole of the
boxing game. We all understand it is a business, people involved not
only fighters do and say things to hype up upcoming fights or rattle
someones cage. As a fan we are lied to all the time, Mosley, Toney for
It does seem that it is you that is on the inevitable band wagon on
blame FMJ for all that is wrong in the sport. Yes he is loud and likes
the sound of his own voice but don’t others? Hopkins, Froch,
Maligaggi, Zudah can hardly be described as soft spoken and humble!
You even go as far as to use the sweeping statement that Manny has no
history of telling lies and cheating. That’s surprising considering
the man you have practically put a halo on was caught cheating on his
wife! This saint of a man lied to the closet people in his life and
you are trying to tell everybody that he is not capable of lieing to
the sporting public. His private life is of course his own business
but part of him as a person has the ability to deceive and lie just
like any other person on this planet.
This fight will happen down the line I’m sure but for now we will see
the fans reaction to each boxer. But i really do think that as a
journalist you should be neutral in your comments. We all know you
don’t like FMJ but some of your comments seem like that like Flloyd,
you get carried away and forget to be subjective on the topic about
I hope that as this message is not in favor of your comments it will
still be posted. Thank you.
S, Ogden
Folks, here we go again!
While Manny Pacquaio will engage a former welterweight IBF champion in the name of Joshua Clottey, a bigger, stronger and very dangerous fighter who few considered as the winner of his clashed with Miguel Cotto. On the other hand, Goden Boy Promotion and the Mayweather Camp is trying to negotiate a fight with a smaller and older fighter to the undisputed fraud and the undefeated cheat of boxing which is Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Golden Boy and the Mayweather Camp are not ashamed to exposed once again how they are a inutile and abnormal thinkers on how to have an exciting match in boxing. We’ve seen these people on how they manuevered the negotiation to avoid fighting Manny Pacquaio though they try their best to point the finger to the other party. Without a proof these people can directly and indirectly point accusation and allegation to assasinate a persons character and integrity.
Today, they are still trying to fool the fight fans to land an almost a fix fight with Nate Campbell so their undisputed fraud and undefeated cheat boxer will stay as the king of fraud and prince of cheat. They are not affected with all the replies and thought of the fans from all over the world in every boxing sites.
It seems that Schaefer and Dela Hoya are immuned to the insults and harsh words from the fans all over the world. They continue to pretend that this is what the fans want, another smaller and older fighter to be feed on the cheat and the fraud.
Then on March 13, once again the fraud and cheat will fight another smaller and older fighter in Las Vegas, Navada in a boring fight, while the real, the truth and the hero will fight an exciting one on the same night with another bigger fighter than him in Dallas, Texas with the former President of the United States in attendance.
Take your pick!
Ryan A
Scoop Reply: Full Credit to Pacquiao for taking on a monster like Clottey. That’s how great fighters become great, by taking on the best and overcoming them. I believe Floyd, with all his easy handpicks, has actually stopped improving long ago. It’s the same in tennis, you don’t improve your game beating players you know you can beat. You only improve by taking risks and playing top players and figuring out ways to beat them and make yourself better. Floyd stopped doing this years ago and stagnated physically and mentally. Just the fact they are picking Campbell shows how far Mayweather’s confidence has fallen. I believe the spectacular performances of Pacquiao have destroyed Floyd mentally. He knows Pac is everything he wishes he could be. Floyd was able to slide by Cotto, Mosley and Margarito with his artful dodging, but this time the whole entire world saw the truth. His inner cowardice was exposed. The end is near.
Scoop Reply: Thanks for a fair ande well written note. “Sparring sessions” was a metaphor for his fights with Oscar, Baldomir, Marquez, which all looked like spar sessions. Froch Toney Mosley Hopkins all back up what they say. If/when they get challenged, they don’t make excuses and reasons to duck. I have been covering Floyd for a long time, and he simply won’t fight anyone that can beat him up or knock him out. Here’s my beef. Gatti and Oscar didn’t have to fight him the big shot when he was a non attraction, but they did, because the evolution of the sport called for it. Everyone knew Gatti had no chance, he did too presumably, yet he didn’t duck or dodge or vacate or fake retire, he took the loss. When Floyd got on top, he wouldn’t give the shots to Cotto, Margarito or Williams, like he himself got. Even worse, Floyd discredited each. Now when it was time to fight Pacquiao, he found another way to cost the sport it’s Super Bowl, because he knew he has as much chance against Pac as Gatti had against him.
Floyd is screwing the sport out of a golden era by ducking all these incredible events. If he had the balls of Sugar Ray Leonard, boxing could be huger than huge again. So I blame Floyd for screwing the entire sport. Mayweather vs. Campbell…what do you think the late, great Howard Cosell would say?
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