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Scoop Mailbox: Manny Pacquiao vs. “Rocky Balboa” Idea

I like this idea. Manny should leave Golden Boy and Schaefer nothing. After all, they intimated that Manny is on PEDs so why are they now putting Marquez in front of Manny? Plus, Dela Hoya’s statement regarding Golden Boy letting Top Rank handle all promotions for the fight seemed to me that they know Marquez won’t be able to pull people to watch the fight. After the fight, they will blame Top Rank for the dismal gate attendance and PPV. -Elvin Ventucillo

Scoop Reply: Exactly Elvin. Let Golden Boy serve up Floyd first, and then Marquez can have his chance later. It’s Pacquiao’s priorities that should be served first, not Golden Boy.
scoop – i agree 100%… screw them till they bring PBF out… there is nothing for pacman to prove to anyone anyway…-Rey Ilotti

Scoop Reply: Amen. Even if Schaefer and Marquez get down on their knees and beg for the fight, they must realize – Floyd is the #1 target priority.
scoop, schaefer is trying to fool us once again by promising us that fraud will fight pacquaio in the future. is this the same schaefer who twisted the truth about greenburg that there was an ongoing negotiation between greenburg, schaefer and fraud camp? now, schaefer wants to fool top rank and the boxing world about pacquaio-mayweather in the future coz he wants to milk some money out of manny pacquaio by pitting marquaez on pacquaio? most filipino boxing fans dont want pacquaio-marquez coz marquez is a sour loser and can’t deal losing on pacquaio in those two fight and still crying like a baby and as well his golden boy cohorts. marquez should get out of golden boy first if he wants to fight pacquaio for the third time! as of now they dont deserve to make money out of manny pacquaio, especially golden boy and schaefer who also protect the lies of the fraud! this swiss banker is not good for the sport of boxing!

Scoop Reply: Agree with you 500%. I’m quite sure Bob Arum does too.

Hi Scoop, First it was suggested that Manny fight one of the Klitscho brothers. When I read the title (How About Manny Pacquiao vs. Rocky Balboa), I was not sure if i was going to laugh or cry. 🙂 Don’t get me worng, I am a Filipino and I appreciate what you wrote about Manny. It’s just that the guy is already 32 years old, he has done enough and I want him to rest. I want him to fight his last fight and I want that last fight to be with Mayweather. I want everyting to be over with. People still put Manny down because there is still this question of “IF” he can defeat Mayweather. I want to read what these same people will say after he defeat Mayweather. I am just curious. –Roger Cadag

Scoop Reply: Pac may continue to box for three more years, that’s the latest I read. That may be a message to Floyd – to say don’t think I will retire to congress before I get my hands on you floyd. I agree, there is nothing to prove now except to physically annihilate Mayweather for the whole world to see. Manny has already outsmarted and destroyed Mayweather psychologically and outside the ring, but it must now be accomplished in the ring for the world to see. It’s sort of like how Lewis kept going until he finally got the Tyson fight and then slayed the dragon of Tyson. That’s the fight where he finally got the big recognition and respect and it was a perfect final chapter to his career. Pacquiao’s final chapter – I completely agree with you – should be when he brutally slaughters and knocks out the dragon of Mayweather.
Yo Scoop I like your idea.

There is no other fight that Pac needs to fight other than a fight with Mayweather. Everyone knows that. With that being said; I wish that Pac gives some a long shot to an unheralded but deserving fighter. Maybe do it for a worthy cause perhaps, cuz any Pacquiao fight with a no name will result the purse being too one sided. But I would hate to see a long shot fighter go in just for a payday like Clottey did with Pac. Sugar Shane and Marquez are done; it’s a lose-lose situation for Pac. For example, if he loses to Marquez, however unlikely, they will say he lost 3 fights from JMM. But let say he wins over either fighter, people will say he was picking on old fighters.

I wish Lopez or Gamboa were closer to the welterweight. I would like to see how their skills stand up to a world class fighter like Manny.Maidana would be another exciting test for Manny. Perhaps he should give Khan a “Larry Holmes” shot. I’ve been hearing that Khan is giving Manny a run for his money during workout. Let see that without head gear and 12 rounds.

Even as one of his many fans; at this point we are just waiting for Pacquiao to lose. He has achieved everything in boxing. He is like an experiment where you are just throwing things in to test if that will cause any reaction. Give me someone who will make me believe that he will lose and dont give me someone bigger than him. I want to know who and what will make Pacquiao buckle. I want to know that he is human. Aside from Mayweather everyone else is a long shot.

Thanks, keep writing Scoop, I like your work.
James Flores “aka” Basilio

Scoop Reply: Thanks for reading and supporting our site James. Agree with you, beating Mosley and Marquez proves and accomplishes very little. Instead of recycling these same old names, I believe it’s time to pull out a new face, a new name, some new blood. Give a new guy his opportunity of a lifetime. I’m tired of watching Mosley, Marquez, Clottey. Throughout history, great fighters have given unknowns their Rocky Balboa moments many times – Larry Holmes vs. Scott Frank, Ali vs. Wepner, Evangelista, Dempsey vs. Firpo, Gatti vs. Wilson Rodriguez, Danny Lopez vs. Salvador Sanchez. Manny Pacquiao vs. a Rocky Balboa type contender will offer a fresh new dynamic to the welterweight boxing scene which needs new faces to replace the fading old names and especially that one coward who has gone into deep hiding. Yeah, Mayweather.

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