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Scoop Mailbox: Is he a gorilla, a dog, a duck, a chicken, a liar, a coward or a fraud?

Dear Scoop: “Tijuana tornado margarito versus the pacific typhoon pacman, who r u picking?” -Voltaire Amogues

Scoop Reply: “Well, it’s a disappointment to settle for this fight. This is not what the world wants to pay to see. But it is a match between two fighters who Floyd ducked – though they were able to cover up the fact that Floyd ducked Margarito in 2006. I like Pacquiao to win but this will not be an easy fight. Margarito is strong enough to take something out of the Pacman fuel tank. And if Pac is just a little bit under-motivated or under-inspired, you never know. “Greats fighters have trouble getting up for mediocre fights.” Could this be Lewis vs. McCall or Lewis vs. Rahman or Oscar vs. Sturm? You never know.
ross greenburg is the head of hbo sports and its president, if he was really telling the truth, then he can sue ellerbe, dela hoya, schaefer, floyd and golden boy for making him look stupid afterall in the whole boxing world. he is the president and head of the biggest tv company/corporation in the whole world and maligning him as a liar is not good for the whole paying subscriber of hbo in the whole world that we are consuming and paying a non-dignified company whose reputation and integrity tarnished by lying in deals with the operational system of the company. so as a paying customer, are we also lied on the price and services by hbo as what the ceo of the company did through in his statement regarding the pacquaio/mayweather negotiation. if ross is not lying scoop, then hbo company and ross greenburg should prepare a legal action to protect their interest throughout the whole world which is providing good tv services. ross greenburg and hbo integrity is tainted by accusation of ellerbe, dela hoya, schaefer and mayweather. its time for hbo to junk mayweather, and where is mayweather without hbo. they ruin the reputation of hbo and hbo and ross greenburg should sue them for their lies. SUE THEM!

Scoop Reply: He really should do it. It’s UNBELIEVABLE that this clan of slimeballs will continue to say or do anything to perpetuate the fraud that is Phloyd Mayweather. Last time they slandered and defamed Manny Pacquiao with baseless drug accusation, this time they have thrown the President of HBO Sports under the bus. You really have to wonder, just who the hell will Oscar, Schaefer, Ellerbe, Haymon, Floyd Sr. and Floyd throw mud at next? Now if HBO rewards these people and pays Mayweather millions for his next fight, you have to wonder what Ross Greenburg is really up against here. I mean, Mayweather should have to pay out of his own pocket to be on HBO now after he has so clearly shown himself to be a coward and a fraud.
Scoop; hbo ross greenburg finally made a statement that ended there was negotiation but golden boy, dela hoya and shaeffer choose to lie and changed their statements. richard shaeffer was upset at ross greenburg that he told the truth and the media. richard shaeffer was upset that ross greenburgh made a statement this week when the marquez vs diaz is coming up and it will affect the pay per view buys coz it seems that golden boy is lying after all in the pacquiao/mayweather negotiation. ross greenburg refused to tell a lie to the media and to the whole boxing world while golden boy and dela hoya has been suspended here in new york and continued to lie to the whole boxing public. we we’re lied before by golden boy about the weight of mayweather vs marquez fight and so on and so forth. scoop, these people are the culprits on why we dont have pacquaio vs mayweather coz there are people who are willing to lie and lie more to the king of all lies and cowardice that is floyd mayweather. we dont need history to exposed all these liers as what ellerbe statement that let history judge who’s lying. today ross greenburg spoke and it seems that floyd mayweather, floyd sr., kevin iole, ellerbe, dela hoya, shaeffer and golden boy are all liers. scoop, exposed them more!

Scoop Reply: I think there are unique ways to settle this situation. Such as for Manny Pacquiao to do a live Q&A on the next big HBO show via satellite from The Philippines with Larry Merchant. Where Manny can state in living TV color that he wants to fight Mayweather and explain why he thinks Mayweather keeps ducking him. Call him a coward, call him whatever he has to, tell it like it is. People will appreciate to see and hear the truth amidst all these lies and deceptions from the Floyd side. Get the truth out there from the mouth of Manny Pacquiao who will say I want to fight Floyd now, or May 2011. Put the ball in Floyd’s court again. Ross Greenburg can also order his staff to compile a short promo documentary about the fraud of Mayweather, like the 24/7 where he calls himself a gorilla and a dog but then hides from negotiations like a chicken and a duck. HBO has the power to really expose the hypocracy and deception of the other side. Ross Greenburg can have the last laugh – if he wants to.
Scoop have you heard any rumors that Michael Grant will pull out and Povetkin is going to replace him on August 21?

Scoop Reply: No. But it does make some sense if you’re Povetkin who has taken a major PR hit by dropping out of a second shot at the world heavyweight championship. Remember his other excuse to pull out of facing Wlad over a year ago – he supposedly tripped over a tree root and hurt his leg while jogging? Povetkin has to be in need of a payday. Would Grant play Cedric Boswell in the Vitali-Lewis show? We’ll see.

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