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Scoop Mailbox: Is HBO Ignoring Eastern Europeans?

the only chance of chisora is to land a very big wild punch in the early rounds to win against wladimir, even if he would land a few, the question is will it hurt the more experienced wladimir? however in heavyweight boxing it always could happen scoop. tyson, lewis, ali had their moments, will chisora have the chance? did wladimir train hard or underestimating chisora? still i dont see wladimir losing this one. is their anyone close to the klitscko brothers? haye is not one, im sure!
Scoop Reply: I was impressed by video of Chisora. He looks powerful, has good punch output, speed and appears to be capable of giving anyone problems. But Wladimir is at the top of his game now, and is much better than the media portrays him. Klitschko’s hand and foot speed are amazing, as are his relfexes and athletic coordination. There’s a reason why Haye and Valuev and their controllers are scared to death to put them in the ring with Wladimir. It will be another Klitschko destruction. But Chisora shows promise and he could have a future, regardless of what happens to him in this fight.
scoop, did you cover the judah-lucas fight at prudential center a month ago? who you think won the fight? i think lucas won this fight and was rob coz he was the aggressive fighter and judah was running in the later rounds and was knockdown. lucas also landed 163 punch all over the body and head while judah landed 149 total in head and body. lucas should still be undefeated and won that fight! my scorecard is 115-113 lucas.
Scoop Reply: Matthysse edged it. He was busier and landed more punches. Judah showed toughness and determination to survive big trouble late in the fight but Matthysse wont he fight.
Considering the punch numbers and the fight itself, do you think the American would get the decision over the Argentine had the fight been in Buenos Aires? Uh-uh.
scoop, i am a big fan of adamek, i always respected the courage of adamek facing big opponents just like manny pacquaio! they have also one common faith that binds them humility and they share same catholic faith and they are not afraid to tell people even here in america.
Scoop Reply: Adamek is a special warrior who will fight anyone regardless of how dangerous or formidable. Every one of Adamek’s fights have been exciting and he is, to the surprise of all expert pundits, now one of the premier heavyweight title challengers today. Yet HBO and Showtime are ignoring this Arturo Gatti-esque superstar. HBO paid almost a million to show Andre Berto beat an Al Haymon handpick named Freddie Hernandez. Go figure. It’s strange that HBO is ignoring top Eastern Europeans like the Klitschkos, Adamek, Dzinziruk, Pirog considering that a huge demographic of boxing fans are white males. Andrew Golota became a household name and a huge star in America so it’s nonsense to try to reason that American fans won’t tune in to see the Klitschkos, Pirog, Dzinziruk and Adamek. American boxing fans want to see the best fighters, not manufactured and protected frauds.
this turkish aydin is a fast and good fighter! in fact he fights like pacquaio and with the similarities of movement, style and straight punch. he is also fast and aydin is a real threat to anybody in the junior welterweight. i saw his fight in you tube and he looks very promising as a fighter!
Scoop Reply: You better believe he is a threat. A MAJOR threat. And the handlers of Berto know it, that’s why they bypassed him to handpick Freddy Hernandez. But Aydin is the mandatory challenger for Berto and they now have to fight him, or be stripped of the WBC title. It’s finally time for Berto to fight someone who presents a considerable threat and NOT someone his team handpicked. Selcuk Aydin has the abilities, attitude and ambition to give Berto one helluva battle.

Photo credit: Carlos Suarez, Boricua Boxing.

..I don’t like the Pacquiao-Mosley fight but what can I do I’m just a fan…..I’ll watch it anyway to support Pacquiao….thanks, Michael Canja

Scoop Reply: I don’t like it either. Nobody does. Since Mayweather is being a duck, I’d prefer to see Berto or a Rocky Balboa type unknown get the shot at PacMan.


floyd and his bossom buddy curtis jackson. floyd ruined boxing. 50cent ruined music. i’ve worked with africans (cameroonians). oct2007 to march2008 when i was assigned onboard a boring ass oil tanker plying the african waters…they are nice,meek,down to earth people.they are very opposite to floyd mayweather and 50 cent. -Voltaire Amogues

Scoop Reply: I believe the skills Floyd showed in his career were some of the best we have seen during the previous decade. But the personality, ducking and un-champion-like behavior of Floyd unfortunately make him one of the most repulsive, disgusting figures to ever disgrace the noble sport of prizefighting. The sooner he gets knocked out by Pac and leaves the sport once and for all, the better off boxing will be.

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