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Scoop Mailbox: Floyd humiliated & embarrased by Pac Fan

Posted on 01/04/2011

This article is a complete joke! Mayweather’s manufactured career? Genaro Hernandez, Angel Manfredy, Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo? Manufactured opponents? When has Pacquiao ever taken on a prime undefeated fighter & dominated them? Better yet, when has Pacquiao ever taken on a fighter that wasn’t coming off a career defining loss or KO, and dominated them? Pacquiao has the most manufactured career in the history of the sport, fighting everyone from the Loser column…-Ken Thomas Sr.

Scoop Reply: If Pacquiao was a manufactured fraud Floyd would have stepped up a LONG time ago and cashed that $40 million check. To the contrary my friend, Pacquiao is Floyd’s absolute worst nightmare.


When Mayweather was scheduled to fight then Champion Carlos Baldomir for 10 million, Arum offered Mayweather 8 million to fight Margarito. Translation: They didn’t wan the fight. -Ken Thomas Sr.

Scoop Reply: Ken you are wrong. Arum tried to make Floyd fight Margarito for $8 million plus PPV upside THREE times in early 2006 for April, then August. Floyd and Haymon wouldn’t do it. Haymon told a colleague of mine he would never make that fight because Margarito is “too big too strong and just keeps coming.” Floyd had an open schedule for most of 2006 and then after Baldomir defended the title vs. Gatti in the summer, Floyd took $8,000,001 to fight Baldomir in Nov. (which Floyd later lied and said the amount was $10 million). But Floyd had to pay six figures to buy out of Top Rank. SO he would have made more to fight Margarito actually. Ken you are blinded by the lies and deceptions of Floyd and just refuse to see the cowardice and shame of his ducking and dodging. Watch the video at the mall with the Pacquiao fan, Floyd is clearly humiliated.


scoop, floyd was embarrassed and humiliated by the manny pacquaio fans verbal assault on floyd in youtube to make the fight happen! all floyd could do now is bow his head but we knew in that particular moment floyd was boiling down with shame due to his cowardness. he would take that embarrassment yesterday than fight pacquaio and be brutally knockout! indeed floyd is the king of ducking and cowardness in the boxing world! Ryan Arguelles

Scoop Reply: Well said.


Great article Scoop! Mayweather will never fight an Optimus Prime Manny Pacquiao! -Ronald Bacalso

Scoop Reply: He clearly doesn’t want to step in the ring with Pacquiao. It may be up to HBO to force it, just like they forced Williams to fight Martinez in the rematch and Bradley to fight Alexander. But Floyd’s cowardice is built of some strong stuff, as evidenced by the You Tube video of the humiliation he endured at the mall from the Pacquiao fan.


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