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Scoop Mailbox: Accomplices Of The Fraud

scoop, schaefer is trying to fool us once again by promising us that fraud will fight pacquaio in the future. is this the same schaefer who twisted the truth about greenburg that there was an ongoing negotiation between greenburg, schaefer and fraud camp? now, schaefer wants to fool top rank and the boxing world about pacquaio-mayweather in the future coz he wants to milk some money out of manny pacquaio by pitting marquaez on pacquaio? most filipino boxing fans dont want pacquaio-marquez coz marquez is a sour loser and can’t deal losing on pacquaio in those two fight and still crying like a baby and as well his golden boy cohorts. marquez should get out of golden boy first if he wants to fight pacquaio for the third time! as of now they dont deserve to make money out of manny pacquaio, especially golden boy and schaefer who also protect the lies of the fraud! this swiss banker is not good for the sport of boxing!

Scoop Reply: Only a fool would trust Schaefer to deliver Floyd to Pacquiao. It isn’t gonna happen because Floyd knows he will be knocked out brutally. Schaefer sure as hell knows it too. Everyone knows it. Even Hopkins knows it though he’d never ever admit it. Hopkins is the master of intimidation, he knows Floyd is intimidated. My guess is Bob Arum won’t be tricked by Schaefer into rewarding Golden Boy and Marquez. I believe Arum should tell Schaefer, We will make Pacquiao-Marquez after you deliver us Mayweather first as the next opponent for Manny. Arum knows how to handle a novice like Schaefer.

wasssup scoop; first of all i want to greet every one there a happy holiday. scoop i want to thank you for your courage and fairness in exposing cherry picker,coward boxer who is afraid to lose and cheat the boxing fans , i been a boxing fans since ali trash liston in the late 60 and dethroned foreman in early 70 those where the time when great boxer doesn’t duck nobody but since leonard came and shift the boxing to what supposed to be to cherry picking business i am not saying leonard is not a great fighter he is but in my opinion leonard handler started this kind of dirty trick when they duck hagler in his prime, as a boxing fan i lost interest in sport that i love since that incident but i still watching it because i love this sport. i have watch dela hoya , floyd jr, hopkins and more of this kind of boxer they dont have the intensity that pacquiao has pacquiao is like duran but not arrohgant when they were winning i truly believe that this old dirty trick of dodging and cherry picking is back in boxing again and as a boxing fan like me i lost the taste of watching the sport and then you guys came and exposed this dirty trick and the people involve in it my interest in the sport is suddenly awaken but not to watch every fight like i used to but waiting for scoop article to show up in the pacland site this excite me more than watching the fight but of course not pacquiao fight this kid is so explosive watching this kid fight reminds me of the great fighter in the old days, scoop i am happy to have someone like you to be on our side and exposed all of the dirty tricks the sport of boxing has and the people involve in it i salute you guys, keep up the good work.
thank you

Scoop Reply: Wow, very honored to receive such a nice compliment like that. One of the best I’ve ever gotten in 18 years in the journalist business. It’s somewhat shocking to read that a true boxing fan would rather read my articles than some of the garbage fights the powers that be are producing these days. That should be a wake up call to the powers that be. THANK YOU. Rest assured, I will continue to do the best I can to expose the truth and the dirtiest element of boxing which is happening so frequently today in American boxing with Mayweather and his band of protectors and fraudsters and their games of ducking and dodging. Mayweather, until he steps up and fights Pacquiao, is the greatest fraud/coward in boxing history. And anyone who supports him is an accomplice in this massive fraud.
hey scoop, golden boy, dela hoya and schaefer are all joke! for the whole week richard schaefer is promising us that there will be eventually a floyd pacquaio fight! schaefer is defending floyd again and he is defending the lies and the arrogancy of the mayweather camp in fact trying to twist and make HBO greenburg the lier the last time! this week again marquez was telling the media that he is ready to fight pacquaio at 147 lbs but after his won on katsidis he now just want to fight at pacquaio at 140 lbs through the advice i believed by golden boy. why pacquaio would go down to them where pacquaio is the number pound for pound champion. pacquaio beat margarito while marquez beat class b- fighter katsidis, also beaten by juan diaz and joel casamayor.
golden boy also made a very terrible match-ups on HBO last night pitting berto against hernandez a #10 rank wbc fighter and marquez against katsidis who lost to juan diaz and casamayor. golden promotes a cherry pick fights for its promoted fighters. how can golden boy deserves HBO scheaduling with these kind of fights? is golden boy taking over boxing? HBO should not be part of any golden boy promoted fights anymore coz its just garbage same time golden boy is still trying to protect the garbage fraud floyd!

Scoop Reply: It’s very disappointing. SO many fans I know of have walked away from the sport and just can’t take the nonsense anymore. Everyone knows what’s going on but Golden Boy thinks they are smarter than everyone, and that most of the fans are idiots who will keep tuning in to watch the set-ups like Berto- Hernandez. Their methods of manufacturing stars is not working. And trying to set up even safer handpicked exhibitions in the future is only going to make it worse. Boxing is in a very important transitional stage. If Golden Boy fails to deliver Floyd to produce the Pacquiao superbowl fight, I see major troubles ahead.

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