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Philip H. Anselmo on Nonito Donaire’s Deadly Left Hook

Posted on 12/06/2010
Philip H. Anselmo is best known as a world-renowned musician and lead vocalist for super group’s like Pantera and Down, but he is also a boxing historian, expert and strategist. So respected is Anselmo for his pugilistic acumen that he is often consulted by the team of one of the best world champions in the sport today, Wladimir Klitschko, about his tactical opinions and ideas.
Anselmo has studied and trained boxing for many years, even hiring a boxing coach to travel with him on Pantera world tours, so he could work on his skills and knowledge while globetrotting.
One of Anselmo’s favorite punches is the left hook and the New Orleans-based recording artist had some high praise for the left hand work by Nonito Donaire this past weekend.
“Donaire has an EXCELLENT left hook, but he doesn’t use it as a lead punch like Felix,” said Anselmo on Monday night. “Felix (Trinidad)’s left hook came out like liquid out of a glass… smooth and with devastating power… whoever was on the receiving end of that got wet! ┬áNo one’s left hook is better than Tito’s. No one. Donaire is a very, very good fighter who needs to stay motivated with bigger fights.”
Donaire improved to 25-1 with 17 KO’s with his fourth-round KO over Wladimir Sidorenko. Anselmo and the members of Pantera recently re-released their hugely popular 1990 “Cowboys From Hell” album.

Photo Credit: Kate Richardson

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