Philip H. Anselmo: Emanuel Steward Talks Wladimir Klitschko vs Thompson


I speak with Emanuel Steward, Kronk guru and trainer of heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko before the champ’s every fight. It has become a strange-but-killer sort of ritual. We discuss tactics and mindsets of both Wladimir and his opponent(s). And to get to the point, Emanuel is pretty candid when it comes to discussing the tactical problems challenger Tony Thompson presents. And even though Wlad knocked Thompson as cold as a corpse in the 11th round of their first scrap, the rematch this Saturday July the 6th has the Klitschko camp’s paramount attention.

Steward said of Thompson: “(Tony) always presents a problem because first of all, he’s awkward, second he is a true heavyweight, with heavyweight power. As they say, it only takes one punch.”

But Emanuel wasn’t at a loss for words when discussing Klitschko’s excellent preparation, conditioning and more importantly, his train of thought going into this particular re-fight.

“I have never seen Wladimir this fast before. His speed is just incredible. His attitude is that of a champion. Sometimes it takes a while to actually feel like a champion… to understand the meaning of being a champion. That is where Wladimir is at right now. He knows this is his time.”

As for predictions, this one was obvious: “I feel like Wladimir will go in and his speed will dictate the pace. It will be a fast pace. And honestly, the way he’s fighting right now, I don’t see this fight going five rounds.”

Gotta admit, and this is the truth, although Emanuel said that he felt a little nervous, I haven’t heard him this upbeat and confident in a long time.

I’m predicting, if Wladimir is tactically sound (as usual) yet aggressive like he was verses Jean Marc Mormeck (please!), he can get Thompson outta there sometime around the seventh round. I like Tony, but he’s once again outmatched here.

Enjoy the fight!

– Philip H. Anselmo is the singer and song writer for multiple Heavy Metal acts (Pantera/Down/SJR/Arson Anthem) and the new Down EP will be out this Fall 2012. And watch for Philip’s solo record, “Philip H. Anselmo: ‘Walk Through Exits Only’, out later this year, or early next. Also keep up with Anselmo’s record label, housecore records at

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