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Philip H Anselmo Debates Johnny Walker & Scoop: Helenius/Klitschko/ & Fury

SCOOP SAYS: (On a Wlad/Vitali-Helenius future fight)

“Wlad is going to have to fight Thompson again for his IBF mandatory. Could be Vitali but I thought he was targeting Valuev. Someone told me Helenius is the WBO mandatory, but not sure about that.”

J. WALKER SAYS: (On Helenius getting a shot at one of the K-brothers)

“Tyson Fury says he smashed Helenius in sparring! And what about WACH?????”


I’ll tell you both what I know:

1. Wlad will HAVE to fight Helenius for hype’s sake (and the WBO’s sake). He’s already beaten Thompson=no interest… and now, believe me, the FACT that he’s fighting a cruiserweight (Jean Marc Mormeck) ain’t gonna win him any fans… put him in w/a 6-6″ PUNCHER and the public will be interested….

2. Fury told me over a year ago he’d beat-up Helenius in sparring… he said he thought it was a “Mental thing”…. like he had him bullied…. Like Robert was already a beaten man.

My thinking has always been that a REAL LIVE fight would be a different story. I know Helenius is tentative, but there’s something scary about his hard-faced, quiet demeanor. And he KO’s motherfuckers… I’ve kinda come to expect it…. when Robert fights, it’s like, “When is the KO coming????”…….

If Fury fought his usual super-offensive fight, Helenius’ pin-point shots could find a home on the big gypsy’s chin. I think Fury has a decent beard, but Robert has shown devastating lights-fucking-out power. IMO, if either guy wants to be the TRUE top contender to the Klitschko Throne, they can’t/shouldn’t avoid each other. Fury-Helenius would be a fucking insane fight. And it WOULD be dramatic… big punches and big hearts. I never predict BRAWLS, because it’s easier to predict dull fights, but I’m 100% confident that if this fight ever happens, it’ll be worth every penny to watch. THEN the winner should challenge either brother.

But does the winner beat either Klitschko?


No fucking way… and people can say, “Well, maybe not yet, they’re still young…”, but I call bullshit. No doubt these exciting young prospects have shown very good-to-excellent potential, but the Klitschko brothers are at an entire different level.

Remember the K-brothers when they were up-and-coming youngsters? Forget Wlad’s loss to Ross Puritty, and Vitali’s weird quit-job vs. the thoroughly beaten Chris Byrd. There was no denying at the time, their destruction was dominant, highlight reel shit, awesome. And now they are even debatably better, of course. And does Vitali or Wlad look like they’re getting old to any of you?


Me either.

They look as fresh as ever. And I predict they will not be dethroned in the ring. Only retirement will end their reign(s). Will one of those killer alphabet scum strip one of the brothers? You damn-well know it’s possible. We shall see…

3. Mariusz Wach is a darkhorse…. he’s like the Henry Akinwande of our time… and for those who don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, Akinwande was a 6′-6″ guy with every asset a fighter needed to be successful, especially for a tall cat. When he was mentally IN a fight, he could box an opponent to death, then put them to sleep out of nowhere. He’d look like a dominant-but-feather-fisted guy, then BOOM, his opponent would drop, and the crowd would awaken. But alas, his mental strength died-out down the stretch, and his body of work in boxing is a mere WBO footnote.

Wach is similar to Akinwande, but so far, all signs are of the positive sort for the up-and-comer.. He’s a big guy, with a lanky-but-muscular frame. He uses his size well, he boxes well, and he’s fundamentally sound. It’s obvious he’s still a work in progress, but he’s passed all of his tests impressively.

Wach is a cat to watch… (I couldn’t resist…!!!)… and if he continues to fight at higher levels progressively vs. progressively better competition, he would be an absolutely killer opponent vs. Fury or Helenius.

And maybe one day, he’ll earn his right to fight either Klitschko brother.


I’m outta here in the morning… heading to South America!!!

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