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Pacquiao – Floyd Midnight Mailbox

In chess every move is always to gain advantage and pressure the opponent to make a weaker stance so you can attack until opponent resign or checkmate.

When Manny Pacquaio issued a statement in the Philippines to file a lawsuit against the Mayweathers, Schaefer et all, it put enormous pressure to Golden Boy and Schaefer, that I think phone traffic to Haymon to Floyd Jr. to Ellerbe to Schaefer and vice versa were at fast rate, talking about their last moved that boomerang on them!

They regrouped, that using a strategy of the crazy and prick Floyd Sr, (the steroids card and blood testing) was a wrong moved and must counteract with a defensive move this time as the moved of Pacquaio just put them in a defensive move.

However, Arum on the other hand made a wrong moved yesterday by suggesting that Manny might fight Paulie Malignaggi instead, which is not counter productive to the moved of Manny Pacquaio in the Philippines, which is to sue the devils advocate Schaefer, the devils son Floyd Jr and the devil itself Floyd Sr.

The mistake of Arum was to enter the name of Paulie Malignaggi as the next opponent of Manny, where instead back in the Philippines through a source, that Manny in fact wants to include Paulie in the lawsuit and maybe Cintron because they also accused Manny of Steroids use, and there’s a lot of evidence through print and media on it.

In poker game, Arum’s hand now is weak and the problem is he blink showing that it is weak, instead of just showing a poker face. The Mayweathers and Golden Boy camp smelled it as weak, and began a press released today that I expected it to happen, and I predicted on what Schaefer would say today! Suggesting that ” Why fight Paulie where in fact Paulie is much more vocal on his steroids accusation through print media than Floyd Jr?”

Manny Pacquaio camp Im sure didn’t know what”s Arum statement in the U.S. but was surprised because initially, Paulie and Cintron are in their plans to also sue them, while Arum though wants some good gesture to Lou di Bella as the promoter of Paulie, just make a terrible moved!

Instead of just mentioning the name of Yuri Foreman as the next opponent of Manny Pacquaio, or to make the Schaefer and Mayweather camp rattled more, should have suggested Paul Williams as the next opponent of Manny! If Arum did this, it will put Schaefer no breathing room and be check mate in 3 more moves and the only way to save his King (Oscar’s Golden Boy Promotion) is to make concessions, which might save the fight.

Instead Golden Boy as of today is alive and kicking as they make defensive moved to make the chess game unto an end game and might do the pressure through time and clock element! Chess players would understand what I mean.

Arum is 78 years old and just run out of good calculatory move, if he is to protect Manny he better protect him seriously, because behind Manny is 90 million of Filipino’s, that a downfall of Manny’s legacy is the downfall of the whole Philippine nation.

Ryan Arguelles

Scoop’s Reply: If you play chess as well as you analyze and write about mental warfare in your second language, hat’s off to you champ. Helluva lot of strong points you make. Team Pacman may need a sharpie like you. I think Arum has been fairly strong so far, a little slow sometimes with the counterattacks but strong enough to regain the upperhand when he lost it. But he must be exhausted with all the nonsense, having to deal with all the trickerations of team Floyd. Totally agree, Arum picking Malignaggi makes ZERO sense – unless he has an idea we just can’t read yet. Arum and Pac absolutely had Golden Boy and Ellerbe running scared and backpedaling about the lawsuit threat but, like you say, lost the edge with the picking Paulie in the next move. Yes Arum is 78 and might be losing his sharpness in such matters. Funny though how Floyd says he’s his own boss and CEO yet he seems to be in hiding and has not said anything in the last week. Nor has Swanson Communications released any statements from Floyd who until Pac came along, used to love to talk. Makes you wonder if the allegedly money short Floyd is lamenting and worrying the reality that maybe there will be no more free passes or Matt Hattons – and he has become nothing but a whore for the House of Golden Boy who just might be sacrificed to the Manny Monster on March 13.

Hi Scoop, I’m happy you replied and I respect your opinion of Mayweather like I stated before. My issue is this. By writing predominately negative Mayweather articles, aren’t you just bringing extra attention to his antics and getting away from what we both love about boxing? Why is Mayweather being a fraud the most important thing about boxing in the last decade? What about Trinidad Hopkins, Delahoya Mosley, Lewis Tyson, Pac Morales, Corrales Castillo, Gatti Ward, etc? The list of great and important boxing moments just goes on and on, why is Mayweather’s lack of elite opposition a bigger story than any one of those? As a fan, I can make my own choices about a fighter’s greatness. Why not just inform and move on? Why harp on the negative? And what if you are wrong about Mayweather? What if this fight gets made, or one with Mosley down the line? Then you’ve spent all this time and energy on nothing. Why not talk about more about the fighters you mentioned above(why wont HBO accept Adamek as an opponent for Hopkins? Something like that.)and bring more attention to the them and all the great fights we able to enjoy. Being obsessed with Mayweather in the way you are is not a very far cry from being a Mayweather nuthugger, in that one’s time is being spent only on Mayweather’s contributions to boxing when there are a plethora of interesting angles in boxing worth discussion but are not being mentioned, simply because Mayweather exists. Don’t you see how you are actually giving him more power? I think the correct attitude to have about Mayweather is to ignore him until he fights someone worthwhile. I had to see his fight with Marquez, it was playing in Imax near my house, but if he doesn’t fight Pac, Mosely, Pwill, Martinez, Berto, or Clottey, I won’t buy another one(free t.v. is another story, I’ll watch any fight if it’s free). I’m curious about something else. If the fight does indeed come off would you flat out pick Pac? I think if you’d do so without hesisitating your Mayweather hatred has surely erred your thinking proccess.

Scoop’s Reply: I don’t hate any boxer, not even James Butler. But I do hold in disdain the recent ducking and character assassination actions by Floyd on Pac. The light of truth must be shined on the fraudulent actions of Floyd. I took a similar hard stance on Roy Jones-Antonio Tarver rematch, wrote hard truths which, I was later told by Tarver’s lawyer Charles Muniz, that he believed my “articles helped force Roy to take the rematch.” So I feel just as strongly now, perhaps even more certain that Floyd is trying to duck Pac as Roy tried to duck the Tarver rematch. I feel I can see through Floyd’s deceptions and smokescreens and all the protection from Golden Boy and Ellerbe and am convinced he is a coward regarding Pacquiao and looking for a way out. Floyd doesn’t want to fight him. Floyd wants four more easy safe fights to fulfill his contract with GB, he does not want to be knocked out on March 13 and see his value plummet. He does not want to put his fading skills and psuedo confidence on the line against a superhuman buzzsaw wrecking machine. And hopefully, by writing forcefully about what I strongly sense is the truth will help persuade others and amass even more pressure on Floyd and Golden Boy to make this damn fight, just as it did on Roy to take the Tarver rematch. Also, factoring is that our site visit #s are expanding massively from all the hits from The Philippines. Who will win? I have no doubt Pacquiao will annihilate Floyd who has made it abundantly clear IMO he does not truly want the fight and he actually has fear for Pac’s amazing confidence, fearlessness, speed, power and ferocity. Like a dog I smell fear. If Floyd had shown self belief and eagerness for this fight I’d call it 50-50 but I have seen far too much reluctance from Floyd and reluctant warriors never win superfights. NEVER. Agree that other boxers deserve media attention and I have recently done interviews with Tavoris Cloud, Eddie Chambers, Carl Froch, Chris Arreola, Tony Thompson, Ali Funeka, Danny Green, Paul Vaden, Frank Cappucino and others to be presented soon on
But this is the biggest fight of all time. In a key stage of the process. Two of the most colorful and contrasting personalities you could ask for. This is as good as it gets for a journalist of boxing.

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