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Opinion: Floyd & His Zero Becoming Synonymous

By Ryan Arguelles

The number ZERO is the most unpopular or weird thing to gain as a tennis player. Club players and professional tennis players don’t want it in their records.

It is the worst part of being a tennis player if you lose by 6-0, 6-0 in a tennis game, whispers around the club is everywhere if you got ZERO. Somebody will remember that five years later among club members, when you erased that a long time ago in your head, you will be surprised somebody will remember on the fateful day you got ZERO!

In tennis lingo, you are “bagled,” you got a “donut” or “siopao” among Filipino tennis players! That’s a big embarrassment as a tennis player, even in other sports, but not Floyd Mayweather Jr.

ZERO to Floyd Jr. is the most important thing in his life! Even sacrificing his chance to make 40-50 million dollars in 36 minutes, he will not exchange the number ZERO for 40-50 million dollars because it is the most important thing for him, his pride and for his “ego”. If he will fight Manny Pacquaio, he knew 100% that he’ll lose it. Floyd Jr’s ego is more than 50 million dollars!

Floyd Jr. fell in love with the number ZERO, even retiring for two years and earned nothing just to preserved that ZERO of his. He likes to talk about his ZERO wherever he goes, media and TV appearances, pre and post fight interviews, telephone and satellite talk, you name it, you got it! You hear it all the time in Floyd Jr’s big mouth, the word “ZERO.”

As much as he loved the word ZERO, Floyd’s world became a world of ZERO, it becomes his religion, his ideology, his principle, his passion, his beloved. He wants to be remembered as the boxer who has the ZERO, like Floyd Jr equals ZERO and ZERO equals Floyd Jr.

But to define ZERO in Webster dictionary, it is defined as insignificant person, a symbol denoting absence of magnitude or quantity, the lowest point.

Webster dictionary just defined the whole persona of Floyd and his ZERO! Floyd Jr’s record as a boxer is insignificant until now, because he never fought the best in his division and he ducks the good fighters in their prime!

The second definition just defined Floyd fairly accurately, because when you listen to Floyd Jr., their is no magnitude, quantity or any substance in his words. His argument is at the lowest point!

Nothing to be learned, his arguments have no value at all, ZERO implication!

Aside from all of these, Floyd contributed ZERO to the sport of boxing and to all of its fans! In fact, he wants to kill the sport of boxing and reduce it for nothing “ZERO.”

The author Ryan Arguelles is a champion tennis player and long-time boxing observer who witnessed Manny Pacquiao’s first professional fights in The Philippines. He is based in Brooklyn, New York.

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