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Monica Sears: Underappreciated? Maybe. Underrated? Definitely!

Posted on 12/07/2009

The next time Golden Boy Promotions has a fight card on television, pay close attention to the people in the squared circle. Sure, you’ll see Oscar. You’ll also see BHop. You’ll even see Shane on a given night. However, if you keep looking I guarantee you’ll see someone else. A striking, sharply dressed, vigorous blond woman. A Queen Bee that certainly could be mistaken for a worker bee. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Monica Sears. Jimmy Lennon, Jr. couldn’t have put it any better.

As fighters make their ring entrances, Monica can be doing anything from keeping overanxious folks from crossing barriers and harming fighters- to making sure the media are properly credentialed. She’ll often be seen directing a fan or boxer who seeks guidance. Next you may see her in the ring talking to a fighter and taking some sort of shorthand notes. This woman is all over the place!

During a recent event, I’ve witnessed her escorting a celebrity to his seat. A minute later, she’s worked her way to the media room. Next she’s seen asking a little girl if she’s enjoying the fights. I turn my head and she’s advising a camera person on how to manage a better shot. Immediately thereafter she’s locking a pertinent number of a business contact into her mobile phone. Finally, she can be seen declining what appears to be an offer of bottled water from a Golden Boy associate. Before I continue, let me make it known that I witnessed all of these events take place between rounds 1 and 3 of a fight. If she covers this much territory within two rounds of one fight, how much ground do you think she covers during an 8 fight card? Now, multiply her efforts by the hundreds of shows Golden Boy puts on per year. Its just like I told you- she is everywhere!

Now, for those reading this piece, please stop for a second. I’ll pose the following question to you. How many of you have heard of Monica Sears prior to today? I’d wager there aren’t many who claim to recognize the name. Shame on you! For those of you who do know her……. Congrats!

Underappreciated? Well, I’m sure Golden Boy doesn’t take her for granted. For example, you know the old saying about west coast folks not being too keen on traveling east (especially in December). Well, there she was recently in Philadelphia. Bernard Hopkins fought possibly his last fight in Philly and Monica was front and center doing her thing. As I arrived at Temple University’s Liacourous Center, she was on the upper level handling media related issues. Then she went to work during the under card fights, ensuring everyone was taken care of in the process.

Underrated? I’d say so. Baseball fans under 40, when you think of Monica, think Jermaine Dye or Torii Hunter. Baseball fans over 40- think Frank Robinson. Football fans under 40- think Curtis Martin or Fred Taylor. Football fans over 40- think John Taylor or Jim Plunkett. Basketball fans under 40- how about Gerald Wallace? Basketball fans over 40- ever heard of Joe Dumars? Boxing fans under 40- think of a prime Winky Wright. Boxing fans over 40- think Walcott or Joe Gans. USFL fans under 40….. uhh…. never mind. You get my point. Monica Sears belongs on this list. Definitely underrated in the boxing world.

As the sport of boxing is broadcast on various networks, boxing fans get to see the finished product. We see a fight (good or bad), between two boxers. What we don’t see is the groundwork laid down by good folks like Monica Sears. It takes a hell of an effort to capture the finished product of a boxing program on television. It also takes a hell of a person to do the thankless work that goes on behind the scenes.

Boxing can sometimes be a dirty sport. Not exactly what you’d associate with a young woman decorated in such regalia. However, as I learned in a recent press conference at Mandalay Bay, there may be more to working at Golden Boy than originally thought. The Mosley vs. Berto presser is where a colleague of mine received what we’ll now refer to as the “Sears Shear”. It’s an elbow folks. If you get in Monica’s way while she’s working, you just may wind up a victim. Looks like all the hours of hanging with Oscar and BHop have paid off for her. My friend definitely received a lesson learned about messing with Monica when she’s working. Stay ‘outta’ the way, bucko!

Let’s jump back to Philly. As the post fight press conference ended, I thought Monica‚Äôs job was done for the evening. Far from it my friends. Monica made sure that every fighter was taken care of in dynamic fashion. She scheduled a ride to the hotel for the 5-0 kid from Florida who left the arena 5-1. All he wanted to do was go home as he struggled to absorb his first pro defeat. Over an hour later she arranged a ride home for Nasim Richardson and family. She also asked multiple fighters if they needed a lift to the after party. Some took her up on the offer. At this point in the evening rain had caused flooding all throughout the nation’s sixth largest city. It was a nasty night, but weather played no part in stopping Monica. She went in and out of the building making sure boxers and their teams were settled.

As the last group of folks was taken care of, I assumed Monica could FINALLY go to her hotel room to get some rest. Yet something tells me she took a detour and went to the after party. To celebrate another successful Golden Boy event? Yes. However, if she did attend the party, I’m sure a big reason was to verify safety of those involved in the fight card. I get the impression she isn’t happy until everyone is home for the evening. Then (and only then) can she rest.

In closing, please be aware that Monica also holds down publicist (public relations) duties when she’s in the office. The show never seems to stop for Monica. One can only imagine what a weekly reading would yield if she had a stepometer attached to her hip. Readers, the next time you watch a ‘finished product’ on television, make sure you remember people like Monica. Please appreciate what they do. If you attend a live event and see Monica, track her down and thank her…… if you can keep up.

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