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Mayweather vs McGregor : Who takes the knockout when it comes to bragging?

Posted on 08/14/2017

By Atiqah Khamurudin

It’s a well acknowledged fact that you need a bit of a competitive streak when it comes to combat sports. Without this demolish and conquer mentality, where will that drive to win come from? Put in this sense, who would even be interested to watch the fight? There’s no rage, passion to show whose better. Fact over matter is if professional fighters didn’t have a competitive bone at all, they’d settle for pretty much anything. A mediocre opponent. Less than average prizes. Practically anything and everything that you would never expect to see in a professional boxing match.

When you think about boxing, the first thing that comes to mind apart from the ring and a good knockout is the high life. Benjamin Franklins flying around. Jet setter lifestyles. Luxury cars. Adorned head to toe in premium brands.

No surprise that the two contenders in the fight of the year – Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor- literally embody everyone’s general perception of boxing.

So while we sit and wait to see how two of the most massive egos in the fight scene- Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will play out this August 26th at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, let’s take a hypothetical trip and look beyond who would win this fight in terms of pro fight rules.

I mean we have the basics pretty much set. With a 21 year span professional career, Mayweather is practically the defensive boxing god with zero losses going against UFC and Dana White’s money making pet McGregor. Moving beyond the fact that this would count as an easy win in Mayweather’s favour or not, look at it from a different perspective. What if this fight was measured against something that these two actually have in common? What if this fight was measured based on bragging points?

From the second this fight was cast in stone, Mayweather and McGregor have been going at each other, trash talking like delinquents in a detention class. When they’re not having critics suck it all in during the press conferences, these two are taking the very definition of egomaniac to the next level across social media platforms.

So while we stalk about both Mayweather and McGregor’s official Instagram accounts to see them battle it out over glove sizes, we also took note of how these two were also showing off excessively the endless luxury items they’ve accumulated over years of lucrative fight payouts. Of all things, why the high life? According to a data study conducted by e-commerce platform, CupoNation, Floyd Mayweather’s net worth stirred more interest in curious Google searches with over 201,000 searches compared to Conor McGregor. The standard benchmark determiner for the rich and wealthy, Forbes has even acknowledged Mayweather’s highly interesting net value as of 2016 at USD 340 million.

With all the interest surrounding everyone’s favourite topic – money – we couldn’t help it but were dying to figure out who exactly wins if it was a contest of showing off the high life?

From luxury cars to premium watches, for two men who barely have anything nice to say about one another (then again what fight would this be if they were to be perfect gentlemen in the ring?) both undeniably have a penchant for brands like Rolls Royces, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Cadillac and Bentley. However the better boxer might be the humbler one too in this sense. McGregor practically takes the cake when it comes to excessive sharing on Instagram about his personal collection of Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces. Then again it you know what they say, over sharing on social media shows tendencies of inferiority complex. You need to make up for your own psychological insecurities by portraying an image of luxurious bliss. It’s the good life or no life.

But that does not leave Mayweather completely off the hook. Just because he loses out on Instagram posts of Lamborghinis and Royces doesn’t mean he’s as humble as a slice of pie. Mayweather was too busy posting Benjamins in their actual form instead of the result of spending it. Look through Mayweather’s official Instagram account and it is no surprise how he achieved his nickname Money. The only sight you will be greeted with is of him counting dollar bills on jet rides to exotic destinations to throwing cash on strippers. We get it, Mayweather, you’re rich.

So is it a tie? Well no match is worth watching if it is so we took the next observation based on luxury watches from both fighters.

Mayweather and Hublot have had the longest relationship – presumably outstanding his actual relationships with women. So it comes as a surprise that he does not exactly flaunt his love for Hublot on the ‘gram the way most blissful couples would? McGregor on the other hand, a devoted luxury watch lover shares his love for watches shamelessly for the world to see. From Rolex to Patek Philippe, Conor isn’t shy about letting the world (and premium brands on the hunt for the next brand ambassador should this fight now work in his favour) that he is up for business.

While one of them obviously takes the knockout win for bragging on social media, we can only wait for August 26 to see if Mayweather will end his career on a high note as undefeated boxing champion or take the ultimate humiliation of losing out to Conor McGregor.

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