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Mayweather versus Pacquiao – What Can a Fan Do to Make it Happen?

Posted on 12/24/2013

by Matt Gerovac

For going on five years, boxing writers, fans, fighters, enthusiasts, aficionados and celebrities have talked about a Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao mega-fight. But, for an abundance of reasons which we may never really know, it still hasn’t materialized. So, what can a fan do to make this showdown finally take place?

Social media may be the only answer. It gives the everyday Joes a voice, a place to voice opinions, and really let the world know where they’re coming from. Today, this photo was posted on Floyd Mayweather’s Facebook page, so I urge you to comment. Let Mayweather know that he has everything to gain by making this fight finally happen.

Photo credit: Floyd Mayweather Facebook page

As you can see, by posting this photo, Mayweather’s camp has acknowledged the value of social media and, of course, the incredibly lucrative potential this fight has.

So, be creative with your Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Youtube and blog postings. There’s nothing better than a hilarious, or controversial video that goes viral and picks up enough steam to really get noticed. Look at Elie Seckbach. This guy went from boxing fan boy to lightweight celebrity on the strength of some clever, controversial video posts. Now, he probably even collects ad revenue from Youtube based on the traffic he generates for the site.

Also, don’t be afraid to talk smack. Sometimes that’s exactly the type of rhetoric that gets noticed by fighters, promoters, writers, and fans. We need to kick up the rumor mill even more so Mayweather, Pacquiao, and their camps have no other recourse than to make this fight happen. Now, please don’t be ignorant, racist, or disrespectful like a lot of boxing fans. But, if you’re imaginative, clever, and have a unique voice, you too may see some ad revenue.

Now, before we start posting, let’s be reasonable. What do these two guys have to loose? If and when this fight finally happens, it will break every pay per view revenue record. Imagine the merchandise sales alone. With all that money, Pacquiao could finally answer his wife Jinky’s pleas to retire and Mayweather could finish out his 6 fight mega deal with Showtime and retire. Then he could buy all the cars, houses, boats, shoes, shades, gold chains, and chewing gum he could ever desire. Besides, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Getting knocked out is always the looming risk, but as a fighter, you take that risk every time you step into the ring even to spar. If I had any drawing power, I would gladly take $1 million dollars to get knocked out. Where can I sign up for that?

So, when you’re done reading this article, get to work! Post something clever about why this fight hasn’t happened. There’s no denying a fighter’s ego, so call these guys out. Call out their camps, the federations, the promoters, and the networks. All they’re losing is millions upon millions of dollars. Social media may not be the only answer, but it’s certainly puts at least a little more power into the hands of the fans.

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