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Mayweather-McGregor: It’s All Silliness

Posted on 03/15/2017

Mayweather-McGregor: It’s All Silliness
By: Sean Crose

UFC star Michael Bisping says Floyd Mayweather has been snookered out of some serious cash and therefore needs to fight MMA warrior Conor McGregor. Maybe Bisping’s telling the truth. Maybe not. Regardless. The simple fact is Mayweather may fight McGregor. In a boxing ring. And millions upon millions of people will be thrilled to watch it all unfold live. That’s just how it is, folks, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

As much as I hate the insane PC culture that’s driving society towards a state of secular scrupulosity, I have to admit that McGregor’s skin color has a lot to do with all the attention being shown towards this potential matchup. Popular white fighters have been pitted against sublimely talented black fighters for well over a century and the whole McGregor as boxer chic seems, at least to some degree, to be just another bend on that particular highway. It’s unpleasant, but it is what it is.

With all that in mind, though, there’s no reason for boxing fans – at least those of us uninterested in all the Mayweather-McGregor nonsense – to get into a tizzy about this circus we’re witnessing. Boxing is in a good place right now. Believe it. Quality fights are starting to be made on a regular basis. At the rate it’s going, the sport is going to regain some popularity with or without a mouthy mixed martial artist trying to fulfill his dreams (whatever they are) by lacing up a pair of gloves.

There’s no taking the novelty out of a novelty act, but there’s no reason to get burned up over the novelty act, either. If people want to see two swaggering dudes get it on in a less than serious fight, let them. It’s impact on boxing will be minimal, save for the gobs of cash that will be made and the millions of casual fans that will tune in. That cash won’t be there forever, though, for the casuals will be watching because it’s Conor Floyd’s fighting. And unless those casuals see something they really like, they won’t be coming back until the next “must see” event takes place in a boxing ring.

So, the next time people ask me what I think of Mayweather-McGregor, I’ll just tell them it’s all cool with me. It’s not something I take seriously as a fan or as a writer, but it’s fine with me. In fact, it won’t have much to do with me. For this fight, should it happen, will be geared largely towards those who avoid boxing. For boxing fans know better, for the most part. That doesn’t mean we should resent others for not knowing better, though. Let them have fun while the whole thing lasts.

There’s no reason, after all, for boxing connoisseurs to get mad when UFC figure Michael Bisping says Floyd wants to fight Conor because Floyd needs money, or for Floyd to say he’s only interested in Conor rather than a fighter who’s a legitimate threat, or for Conor to perhaps say Floyd is begging him for a fight because only through the Irishman can Floyd get the kind of money he wants. It’s all silliness. The fact that it’s the kind of silliness countless people might crave shouldn’t be all that troubling to the rest of us.

So long as there’s some real boxing to focus on, of course.

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