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It makes sense for Floyd Mayweather choose Marcos Maidana

Posted on 03/03/2014

By Kirk Jackson

As Floyd “Money” Mayweather 45-0 (26 KO’s) celebrated his 37th birthday earlier this week, he also announced who his next opponent would be in a bout to take place later this year in May.
To no one’s surprise, or at least to what I predicted, that opponent is Marcos “El Chino” Maidana 35-3 (31 KO’s).

This fight makes plenty of sense for Mayweather, as he is looking to score another large pay day and also capture another welterweight trinket.

The fight with Maidana will be for Maidana’s newly acquired WBA welterweight strap and Mayweather’s coveted WBC welterweight belt.

Maidana is coming off his biggest win to date, scoring the upset over one of boxing’s youngest and brightest stars Adrien Broner.

“El Chino” dominated the heavily favored Broner over 12 rounds; battering the young champ across the ring like a pinball and scoring vicious knock downs in round two and round eight respectively that left Broner with noodle-leg syndrome.

And with his recent triumph he now has four victories under the tutelage of boxing trainer Robert Garcia. We now see a more patient, but still menacing Maidana, who happens to have developed a really good left jab.

This showdown in May with Floyd works out perfect for Maidana because he gets to showcase his ability on boxing’s brightest stage while earning his biggest pay day to date. If he wins, it’s the biggest upset in history. If he loses, the critics and fans will say he was supposed to lose and aside from that, Maidana will at least be compensated financially.

This fight works for Mayweather, because aside from WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, who has bout scheduled with Manny Pacquiao in April, Maidana is the most credible opponent Mayweather can fight in the welterweight division.

There is a decent storyline behind the billing. Mayweather seeks to exact revenge against the man (Maidana) who destroyed his young disciple (Broner), while Maidana, also aims to silence the master and proverbial loud-mouth once and for all Mayweather.

Many fans would love to see that happen. Even if it doesn’t happen, with the style mesh of these two fighters, someone is more than likely going to be the recipient of a lot of punches.

Maidana is a man who loves to engage, has power and a ton of heart. Mayweather is a sharp, skilled, accurate assassin. The clash of styles will be interesting.

Also think of this.

“Floyd can fight Pacquiao now or…
Deny ever having any intention to fight Pacquiao, yet continue to disrespect him and cause a legion of fans to become irritated. Bring attention by causing controversy, as he does not care if the fans do not like him anyways and fans are manipulated by certain media outlets regardless.

Create an outcry, continue with the case of cause or demand for the fight, build up the hype machine and in September 2014, if Mayweather presumably has gotten past whoever his opponent will be in May (preferably Marcos Maidana) and if Pacquiao has defeated whoever his slated opponent is in April (preferably Timothy Bradley), then that would make the fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather that much more greater and meaningful.

It would also be a crazy curve-ball no one would see coming.”

Pacquiao is fighting Bradley in April. Mayweather is fighting Maidana in May.

If Pacquiao beats Bradley, he will be WBO champ and will certainly will be seeking a large fight not only to satisfy his wallet, but to also add another feather to his cap to finish the year. If Mayweather beats Maidana, he will be the unified WBC and WBA champ.

This sets up a unification bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Manny with a win over Bradley, will have achieved his measure of revenge and would be heading into the latter part of the year with a head of steam.

Floyd Mayweather may be taking this fight against Marcos Maidana with a foot on the future in mind.

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