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With Maidana Occupied, What does Adrien Broner Do?

By Kirk Jackson

Adrien Broner 27-1 (22 KO’s) had his heart set on a rematch with Marcos Maidana 35-3 (31 KO’s). But with Maidana taking on Broner’s mentor Floyd Mayweather 45-0 (26 KO’s) this May, Broner’s plans have been temporarily postponed.

So what is Adrien to do while he waits for his chance to exact revenge against the Argentinian that delivered Broner his first professional defeat?

Whatever the move may be, the best suited step for Adrien may be to take his time in regards to his return, and improve on his craft. Work on his fundamentals, work on defining his own style and making adjustments to the adversities he could face.

We know he is good, he knows he’s good. But there’s a difference between good and great and there is questions that have to be answered following a potentially great fighter’s response to adversity.

With that said, whenever he does get that figured out, the second thing he should do is try to secure a fight with a legitimate fighter that at least has a viable name, so that he could potentially fight on the Mayweather-Maidana undercard.

Amir Khan is without an opponent, as he was hoping he would land the fight with Mayweather this upcoming May. Khan would be a good opponent to target for Broner.

Although style wise, this isn’t an optimum match-up for Broner because of Khan’s lightening hand speed, long reach and higher punch volume in comparison; this is a good match-up for Broner for other reasons.

Khan does have a solid fan-base in Great Britain, he is still a top fighter in regards to ability and name recognition if not a top draw.

Khan has been struggling the past few years in his mission to ascend towards the top spot at junior welterweight and welterweight, with his plans being deterred suffering defeats in December 2011 against Lamont Peterson and again the following year against Danny Garcia.

The fight against Peterson was controversial and highly competitive, with Peterson testing positive from a banned substance leading up their scheduled rematch in 2012.

The performance Garcia displayed against Khan was wonderful, as he was able to knock out the Olympic Silver medalist in four rounds. In defeat however, Khan did display a tremendous amount of courage, making several attempts to continue fighting despite being severely hurt.

Khan did rebound with victories over Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz respectively, although there were a few frightening moments with Khan’s chin problems still showing to be a prevalent weakness against Diaz.

That chin weakness could be something Broner capitalizes on if he decides to remain at 147 and takes on Khan. That’s if Broner can make adjustments to his own style and increases his punch output. Khan also hasn’t fought since April of last year and the inactivity of Khan could work in the favor of Broner.

Some other options for Broner at welterweight would be Robert Guerrero 31-2-1 (18 KOs), who has literally been a ghost from the ring since his fight against Floyd Mayweather in May of 2013.
That would be a tough fight for Broner; Guerrero’s potent jab and ever-evolving smothering style could be problematic for Broner.

Another option for Broner is Luis Collazo 35-5 (18 KO’s). The 32-year-old south-paw is coming off an impressive two round stoppage of Victor Ortiz and displayed he still a top fighter at the world-class level. His accurate, slick style can be troublesome, so there is definitely a risk for Broner if this bout were to take place.

Also at welterweight, a rematch would Paulie Malignaggi could be an option, as well as a fight against the recently dethroned former welterweight champion Devon Alexander. With Alexander, he and Broner are from the Midwest and they both suffered defeat the same night. They both need a victory to get back into championship and big fight contention.

Broner may have some unfinished business at the lightweight and junior welterweight divisions respectively. He could go back down and face Ricky Burns at lightweight or face some of the top guys at junior welterweight.

His mentor Mayweather, hinted at Broner could potentially make a move down to junior welterweight. Guys that come to mind, Lucas Matthysse and Danny Garcia. All tough fights and they may be moving up to welterweight within the upcoming year, so Broner may be better suited waiting at welterweight for these potential clashes anyways. Most of the big money fights are at welterweight.

Many things to consider for Broner, he’s accomplished a lot at the young age of 24 and aims to accomplish more before he hangs the gloves up.

His next bout will likely be against Amir Khan, to take place on the undercard of Mayweather vs. Maidana, this upcoming May. It’s a big time fight, I believe the steady boxing audience will appreciate this match-up and it certainly looks to have a promising, exciting finish if it ever does materialize.

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