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Let’s Figure Out Floyd Mayweather’s Next Move

Everybody knows Floyd Mayweather is faking retirement or vacation or whatever he calls it. Everybody knows Floyd will not officially retire from the ring, he is just biding his time waiting for Manny Pacquiao to lose, slow down or retire from the sport to busy himself with politics full time.

Everybody knows Mayweather is itching to get back into the spotlight, to re-start his cash flows, and be the arrogant braggart he likes to role play. But the awesomely frightening presence of Manny Pacquiao has frozen Floyd, and intimidated him from attempting any activities in the boxing realm.

Having just turned 34, you can be certain Floyd is plotting a way to regain his lost status as a boxing icon. He and his team of advisors want back into the money making business, however it appears HBO is adamantly against televising Floyd against any more of disadvantaged handpicked opponents.

So what to do? Let’s theorize…

Knowing Floyd and his team, they will  try to concoct a new scam to sell to HBO and the public. Though America has likely had enough of Floyd’s scheming, it’s possible another naive country could be suckered by Floyd’s bulljive.

There was a recent report that Floyd could take his act to South Africa and put on an exhibition or “fight” (term used loosely) as something to do with a Nelson Mandela celebration. If it were to happen, this would be a bonanza for Floyd as it would help raise his global popularity, though not to the phenomenal levels of Pacquiaomania.  However, in my view, don’t expect Mandela to be tricked by Floyd here. Mandela is a serious and knowledgeable boxing follower, and it’s highly unlikely he would embrace or link himself to a ducking dodger who has been involved in the recent ugly out of ring episodes.

Floyd and his team have expressed interest to box in England several times, he has performed a free boxing workout in England and given British TV media open access and exclusive interviews in the past. Some time ago, Boxing News reported that Floyd advisor Al Haymon contacted Ricky Hatton’s father to set up a rematch with Ricky but the elder Hatton had to decline Haymon as he said Team Hatton was already deeply involved in negotiations to box Manny Pacquiao (which Pacquiao subsequently won by knockout). With Ricky Hatton retired now there is not a worthy opponent that British boxing fans would pay top pound to see Floyd compete against. Matthew Hatton, a widely rumored opponent that Team Mayweather has reportedly targeted in the past, is an unacceptable option. There is no demand to see Floyd with Amir Khan either.

Leonard Ellerbe, another advisor of Mayweather, has stated on several occasions that he had entertained substantial interest from outfits in Dubai who supposedly were open to the idea of  staging a Mayweather “fight.” However nothing ever resulted from those discussion(s), leading one to suspect they could have been smokescreens or publicity stunts to exaggerate demand for Floyd and his global market value. Or perhaps, the Dubai organizers concluded Floyd, as a marketable attraction, was a major risk and just not worth the investment.

With Pacquiao expected to defeat the 39 year old Mosley later his year, Mayweather could be out of options – which do not include Pacquiao.

From my educated perspective, it appears HBO, which is now under major pressure to stage more competitive and compelling fights (unlike Andre Berto against Ortiz or Hernandez or Mayweather vs. Marquez) could likely be absolutely inflexible to Haymon or Mayweather’s preferences to fight safe, no-risk opponents.

If HBO shows weakness and bows to Haymon and Maywweather by permitting Floyd to participate in a meaningless, irrelevant “tune-up” against a Malignaggi or Spadafora, they should consider to use this tactic as a safeguard: Force Floyd to accept a small purse of about six figures (for what would basically be a sparring session) while also agreeing to sign the Pacquiao contract, as a guaranteed promise that he will fight the Filipino superstar next.

If Mayweather refuses this option, HBO should ignore Mayweather and Haymon altogether, as this would be proof he has zero intention of ever fighting Pacquiao, which as we all know will be the biggest money making fight in boxing history.

Then Mayweather and his team could be left to officially retire — or to search on their own for an uninformed, naive, deep-pocketed sponsor who is foolishly willing to finance another Mayweather handpicked “fight” anywhere around the globe.

If you have any ideas what you think Mayweather should do next besides boxing Manny Pacquiao, please submit them to [email protected]

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