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Jackie Kallen On Boxing: Michelle Rosado – A New Face in Boxing

By Jackie Kallen

There’s a new face on the boxing front and it’s a pretty, feminine one. Michelle Rosado has tossed her hat into the ring (pun intended) to become part of a heavily male-dominated sport. Since I am known as “The First Lady of Boxing” I am always intrigued when another woman gets involved in this business–especially in the role of boxing promoter.

Rosado successfully promoted a sold-out pro/am show at the Madison Event Center in Phoenix in early April. It was an impressive debut as a promoter, with a hundreds of people being turned away at the door and some really top-notch matches.

“ I can’t say I made any money this first time out, but I did OK. I came close to breaking even and it was a great event. Over all, I was very happy with the results. People in boxing can now see that I know what I’m doing and I am serious about it.”

Originally from Philadelphia, Rosado grew up watching boxing with her father.

“My dad was a huge boxing fan and watching fights on TV was a big thing in our family. I always enjoyed boxing, and although I do not consider myself an expert, I do know a lot about the sport.”

Rosado moved to the Phoenix area in 2005 for a job. She is a mechanical engineer with a company called Climatec and is used to being surrounded by men all day. The move into promoting fights was not a huge stretch for her.

“I started dating a boxer and I helped him with his career. I can’t say I managed him, but I tried to advise him. I am not afraid to get on the phone and call people. I have a sales background, which helps.”

“I soon realized that working with a boxer is a lot of work. They are demanding at times and want to be treated like a champion, even if they are a four-rounder fighter. As much as I love the sport, I started to think that I’d do better as a promoter. There are so many young boxers in the Phoenix area who need the exposure and activity.”

“The boxing scene in Phoenix has been really flat these past few years. I felt I could change all that.”

The 31-year old single Rosado is learning that being a female in a man’s world is not always easy.

“I don’t know how you’ve done it for over thirty years,” she laughed. “Men always tend to sell women short. I know that there are plenty of people out there (male and female) who are actually rooting for me to fail. I plan to prove them wrong.”

Rosado is going to promote two more shows this year and hopes to double that in 2012. Her next scheduled show is July 22 at the Madison Event Center in downtown Phoenix.

“I want to make a difference. I want to revive boxing in Phoenix and give MMA a run for their money. There are so many fighters here who just need a fair chance.”

I am pulling for you, Michelle!

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