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Jackie Kallen on Boxing: Mia St John, Still Smokin Hot!

By Jackie Kallen

Still gorgeous and fit at 44 years-old, Mia St. John is hoping for one more fight before hanging up her gloves. After 59 bouts, she still has that old urge to get in the ring and whip someone’s ass. In this case, the “someone'” is Christy Martin.

“I met with Bob Arum and Bruce Trampler recently to discuss the fight. Christy is just being unreasonable about money. I know and understand the state of women’s boxing and I am willing to be fair about the purses. But Christy thinks it is still the early 1990s. She needs to face facts.”

Originally it was hoped that the match could be on the undercard of the Pacquaio fight in November. I have known Mia for years and I can tell you that she is 100% serious about this fight.

“I really want this. I am not giving up hope. I like to think that there still a chance,” Mia sighed, “but I’m not holding my breath.”

With the biological clock ticking, Mia wants to get this fight done before they both turn 45.

“We are the same age and it is a good match-up. She wants to get her 50th win. Come get me, Christy!”

Mia has been very busy lately. Besides her charitable organization “El Saber Es Poder,” she and Ron Artest have been fighting for a bill called the Mental Health in Schools Act. They spoke in front of congress earlier this summer to drop the bill and were in DC again last week for the Hispanic Caucus Summit.

“Ron and I have both had problems with mental health. I was an alcoholic who spent time in a mental hospital. I was diagnosed with Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as well as Panic Disorder. I have been sober for 23 years now, but believe me–I know how debilitating mental disease can be.”

The mother of 19-year old Paris and 21-year old Julian, Mia is proud of her book “Knockout Workout.” It incorporates physical health and mental health.

“They go hand in hand,” she explains. “If a child is obese, there is a reason. Losing weight alone does not solve the root problem. You have to take care of the mind first–and then the body. One is connected to the other.”

I have always enjoyed having Mia St.John as a friend. She is a beautiful woman with a good heart. I hope she gets her wish and steps back into the ring with Christy after 9 years. Martin won the first fight and Mia wants a chance to even the score.

I like Christy a lot, too, so hopefully we will get to see these two pioneers face off one last time. Unless Mia wins. And then I guess there’d be a chance for a rubber match. Right, girls?

Jackie Kallen is a boxing manager who has been in the business for over three decades. Her life inspired the Meg Ryan film “Against the Ropes” and she was a part of the NBC series “The Contender.”,

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