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Jackie Kallen: Canelo/Trout Weigh In Was a Party!

By Jackie Kallen, Live in San Antonio

Weigh In Results: Canelo Alvarez 153.5 lbs vs Austin Trout 153 1/4 lbs

I can’t imagine how the fight tomorrow night will be more fun or more exciting than today’s outdoor weigh-in. Weigh-ins can be long and boring but this one was neither.


In the center of Market Square in downtown San Antonio, a stage was set up with huge Alvarez and Trout banners hung up. The entire Showtime crew was on hand and fighters like Miguel Corro and Paulie M were up onstage. So was Golden Boy head honcho Oscar de La Hoya.

There were people as far as you could see in every direction. It’s Fiesta here in SA so the streets were lined with food stands, jewelry tables,and a Mariachi band on every corner.

The Canelo fans outnumbered the Trout fans ten-to-one. There were babies with “Canelo” headbands across their foreheads and bunches of Alvarez groupies wearing minimal clothing and yelling their heads off. It was a happy, sun-soaked event.

Both fighters looked amazing. Relaxed, ripped, and smiling. Canelo continuously touched his heart and then waved to his fans. Trout walked from side to side, waving to the crowds on both sides. Neither seemed tense or worried. Trout looked noticeably taller, but they both made weight effortlessly.

Their face-off was non-combative and both seemed excited and not too nervous that someone’s 0 must go. Both have predicted victory and Trout promised New Mexio that he won’t come home without the belt.

Junior-middleweight Jimmy Lange called while I was at the weigh-in and told me to “bet the house” on Trout. He believes that Trout will give Alvarez more than he can handle and will outbox and out-hustle him. He picks Trout without hesitation.

As for me–I like both guys and will be satisfied with a good fight no matter who wins. I have been a Canelo fan since I first saw him fight. If he wins this one, he will earn legendary status. But something tells me an upset is in the air. We’ll see tomorrow night.

Jackie Kallen is a boxing manager who has been in the business for over three decades. Her life inspired the Meg Ryan film “Against the Ropes” and she was a part of the NBC series “The Contender.”,

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