Goodbye Joe – A Poem

By Doc Stanley

Goodbye Joe,

you were truly an all time great.

Very few Joe,

in your class can they ever rate.

And Joe,

not just only in the ring.

A true champion you were Joe,

Outside the ring, and in life and everything.

We all will remember Joe,

that night that was the greatest of the great.

Back on March 8,1971, Joe

When you showed the universe that you were truly great.

Your style and hats Joe,
and that smile you always wore.

How it bothers us Joe,

that you we’ll see no more.

Well go on and rest Joe,

your time here is no more.

But this is true Joe,

your likes in this life we’ll never see any more.

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Melvin “Doc” Stanley is a New York City based journalist and radio personality.

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