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Floyd Mayweather Gets To Be The “Undisputed”

by Charles Jay

There will not be additional jail time for Floyd Mayweather for that incident a year ago when he had an altercation with a couple of rent-a-cops in his ritzy Las Vegas neighborhood.

Mayweather was able to plead the thing down to a $1000 fine and avoid any further incarceration.

What a shame.

More time added to Mayweather’s 90-day sentence on another assault case, which begins January 6, could have given producers additional time to finish their remake of “Undisputed.”

If you recall, in the original, world champion fighter George “Iceman” Chambers (played by Ving Rhames) comes to prison, where he is eventually matched with the prison champ, Monroe Hutchen (played by Wesley Snipes), The prison champ wins by knockout, and a lot of stuff happens in between.

In this version, Mayweather is the first one in jail, and then Manny Pacquiao is picked up for going 200 miles an hour in a 35 mph zone in his new Ferrari, enough to land him in the county jail. There he runs into Mayweather, and their fellow inmates, sensing the moment, tell them that unless they fight each other, they’re never making it out of the can alive.

Reportedly, Mayweather doesn’t squawk over drug tests this time.

There were two more “Undisputed” movies after the original, both of which went straight to video, but the producers did not want to call this “Undisputed IV.” Instead, they’re tentatively calling it “Undisputed II: Not on Pay-Per-View.”

No director has yet been named, and that has been a point of consternation. There is no truth to the rumor that Woody Allen was slated to direct; although this sounds a lot like a Michael Bay project, the name of Michael Cimino, who’s been looking for a comeback, has been circulated.

The cast is star-studded and highly decorated.

Don Cheadle, Oscar-nominated for “Hotel Rwanda” well-known for his role in the “Ocean’s” franchise and the star of a new Showtime series called “House of Lies,” has signed to play Floyd.

Samuel L. Jackson, another Oscar nominee from “Pulp Fiction,” has tentatively agreed to play Roger Mayweather.

Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. (“Jerry Maguire”) portrays Mayweather advisor Leonard Ellerbee.

Bob Arum has signed on to play The Warden.

Oscar nominee Robert Loggia (“The Jagged Edge”), who also played Feech LaManna in “The Sopranos,” is in discussions to play Bob Arum, who barks about “promotional rights” for Pacquiao but is “persuaded” to drop the issue by the assertive inmates. .

Antonio Banderas has been talking to the producers about playing Oscar De La Hoya, who comes to jail to visit Mayweather.

Joe Cooper, who officiated the Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson fight, has signed to play the referee, so you know that anything can happen.

Rhames will voice over the role of Al Haymon, Mayweather’s de facto manager, but will only be shot from the back.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. will play himself, only because he insisted that he was “the greatest Floyd Mayweather Sr. in the world.”

Recent Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz, who played Nazi Hans Landa in “Inglorious Basterds,” portrays Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions, who doesn’t have any promotional rights to Mayweather, which is just as well.

Dennis Haysbert (well-known from Allstate commercials and as the president from “24”) will play former heavyweight contender Ike Ibeabuchi, who Mayweather befriends in the county jail,

Ryan Phillipe (best known as Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband) plays “White Boy Inmate Who Gets Beat Up.”

Danny Trejo will play “Angry Mexican-American Inmate.” He is best known for playing other angry Mexican-American inmates.

Flavor Flav will play The Timekeeper. He was determined to be “right for the part.”

Kim Kardashian will play a woman who is Mayweather’s prison pen pal, and would like to meet him when he gets out.

Rick Glaser plays a sodomy victim who Floyd finally saves, and who then becomes Floyd’s errand boy. He goes around the prison yard and tells everyone he’s Mayweather’s “promoter and advisor.” Finally, one inmate who’s sick of hearing it nails him with a shiv.

The part of Pacquiao has not yet been cast. Producers had been contemplating various Filipino actors, or even Robert Downey Jr., who is considered very versatile, and in fact, was Oscar-nominated for playing an African-American, so we’re told. Rumors persisted that Pacquiao, who wants to be part of show business, may want to play himself.

He’s been heard to say, “I’d rather fight a fake Mayweather than no Mayweather at all.”

Other casting suggestions are welcome.

Yeah, I’m kidding….I guess I had to say that.

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