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Facebook Updates on your Favorite Fighters!

Posted on 02/26/2009

You gotta love this Facebook phenomenon which has become a culture within a culture. As a journalist covering boxing and MMA and interviewing so many of the athletes, I’ve been fortunate enough to become Facebook “friends” with people like Frank Mir, Terry Norris, Vernon Forrest, Jeremy Horn, Michael “The Count” Bisping, etc. In case you might want to know what’s the latest with these fighters and more, in the wonderful world of Facebook, just continue to read…

Michael Bisping: “Been watching a lot of tributes to fighters (on YouTube).”

Frank Mir: “Is deactivating his account for a few weeks so he has no distractions and the Facebook addiction does not take over.”

Jeremy Horn: “Is entertaining friends.”

Vernon Forrest: “Great people discuss ideas, Smart people discuss other peoples ideas, and Stupid people discuss other people.”

Lennox Lewis: “Is done chatting. Sorry if I didn’t get to you all. Next time. Bless!”

Wayne McCullough: “Is back in the US. Getting ready for his March 16 fight.

Dmitri Salita: ” Is asking his friends to check out and consider making it one of your charities this month.”

John Scully “Sparred twelve rounds tonight at The Lion’s Den in Middletown.”

Steve U.S.S. Cunningham “Is about to go train.” He is also friends with Morgan Freeman.

Terry Norris is friends with former tennis star Anna Kournikova.

Stuart Duncan: “Is looking for a fight anywhere for WBF Heavy champ Francois Botha.”

Keith Jardine (or possibly an imposter posing as The Dean of Mean): “Is Wishing I had some beef crunchies 🙁 ”

Frank Mir also became a fan of Chuck Liddell (The Ice Man has 27,676 Facebook fans). And was appointed “God (with power of create & destroy) of Jiu-Jitsu” in the group “We want UFC in Italy.”

Shannon Briggs: “Is mad at the polls being posted on my crackbook wall!”

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