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Cotto vs Mayweather – Better Late the Never

Posted on 02/06/2012

By Michelle Rosado

Obviously, this fight between Miguel Cotto and Flord Mayweather should have happened 4 years ago, but better late than never. It is a best match up that could have went down today. Obviously, everyone from fight freaks to the casual boxing fans wanted to see Mayweather-Paquiao, but I think they’re over it. The excitement for that fight has fizzled.

Miguel Cotto stepped up to the challenge without hesitation and he seems more focused and confident than ever. He has been considered damaged goods, but continues to prove that he is still one of the best out there. He is the comeback fighter with a heart of a champion and that is what boxing fans really respect the most. They know he will put up a fight and he won’t go down easy. This fight is good for boxing!

At 154, it is a legit fight and I expect to see a lot of action. Cotto proved that he still has some gusto in him. He has never ducked an opponent and he is a warrior. I respect that he rose to the occasion and took the fight with Floyd. And I respect that Floyd is not taking Cotto for granted and stepped up in weight, which is a challenge for him too because Cotto is stronger at 154.

Cotto is a world-class fighter, but I?d like to see this be his last hurrah. A lot of boxers call out ‘Money May’ for a check and it is just silly. Not the case with Cotto. He earned this opportunity, paid his dues, and got the payday he deserves. Cotto is very business savvy and I?d like to see what he does as an entrepreneur next.

Miguel Cotto has a better chance of beating Floyd than anyone else out there right now. He is aggressive, powerful, and he looked really good with his new trainer at his last fight. However, Mayweather is the best technical fighter and in a class all by himself in this era. I don’t believe that we?ll see a knockout by either fighter, but it will be an interesting fight that will go the distance. It will be a much closer fight than you think. Cotto has to stay disciplined mentally and conditioned physically like never before.

Mayweather SD12.

As far as Mayweather-Paquiao? I’m over it. I’m done drinking the kool-aid. There are too many excuses for this fight not getting made. I?m just glad that Cotto is a free agent, was able to make his own decisions, and inked the deal with Mayweather. The end.

Michelle Rosado
“The Raging Babe”
CEO/President of Face II Face Events

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