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Chad Dawson Nominated As A Paper Champion

Posted on 10/08/2009

Greenwich, Connecticut – Boxing fan organization the Paper Champions Society has nominated IBO light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson as a paper champion. The chairman of the board for the Paper Champions Society, John Wexler, announced by a unanimous vote that Chad Dawson effectively displays the characteristics associated with being a paper champion.

“Chad Dawson doesn’t deserve the prestige of being called a champion, Chad Dawson is a whining baby who is being coddled by his promoter Gary Shaw. Chad Dawson has been praised by many in the boxing industry as being a great champion. I don’t understand the praise since Chad Dawson looked rather unimpressive in his last two ring performances against Antonio Tarver. ” John Wexler explained.

“After beating Tarver, Chad Dawson was asked about fighting Glen Johnson in a rematch, Chad Dawson said he didn’t want to fight Johnson instead he wanted to move down to 168lbs. Chad Dawson reminds me of the “Tin Man” he has no heart. Chad Dawson and Gary Shaw are scared to death of a rematch with Glen Johnson. The only reason this fight was made was due to the pressure put on by HBO.” John Wexler explained.

“The judging in the first meeting between Dawson and Johnson was very controversial. Gary Shaw and Chad Dawson are desperate men who want to win this rematch by hook or crook. Gary Shaw & Chad Dawson are so desperate they traveled down to Mexico and begged the WBC to sanction this rematch for the WBC interim light heavyweight championship. Now that the WBC has sanctioned this fight they have influence on the selection of the judges for this fight.” John Wexler explained.

The Paper Champions Society would like to thank the boxing fans worldwide and its members who have voiced their opinions concerning the unnecessary politics involved in the sport of boxing. We are all tired of the controversial situations that have plagued boxing in recent years. The Paper Champions Society is dedicated towards making a difference and improving the playing field in the sport of boxing.

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