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“Brotherly Love” A Poem For Smokin Joe By Tarvis Simms

Posted on 11/08/2011

Written By Tarvis Simms

My Brother has fallen and everyone knows his name
We don’t have the same parents, but our families are still the same

He lived in the city of Philadelphia, I live in another,
it doesn’t really matter because this man was my Brother

My Brother I call him, yet we’d never met face to face,
I have Brothers and Sisters all over the place

You see we are both fighters and our families are one,
around the world it’s a brotherhood that’s second to none

His family’s my family, your family, or theirs,
we’re part of one big family where everyone cares

I’ll look after your kids, please look in on my wife,
should that day finally come I can no longer fight for my life

We dedicate our lives helping our fellow man,
living day after day, doing all that we can

Wherever we’re needed whether nighttime or day,
to fight for the life of another we’ll step in harm’s way

My Brother has fallen after doing what he loved best,
and among the honored, he now stands with the rest

For one more round in the ring, here everyone stands
For my Brother has fallen, God into your hands

Rest In Peace Smokin’ Joe Frazier

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