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Bert Sugar Tribute Poem: Mr. Hat & Cigar

Posted on 03/26/2012

By Dr.M.Lee(Doc)Stanley Sr.

He always had the hat,
most time it was straw.
And let me add another fact,
in his mouth a cigar he’d gnaw.

His entrance always grandeur,
His smile warm and genuine.
Can’t say this any plainer,
I’ll miss this friend of mine.

He’d always find time for me,
And always for me had a cigar.
He was so special to me,
now Bert has gone off a far.

He was the historian,
knew and seen it all.
But too always a gentlemen.
with time for one and all.

Bert Sugar was a legend,
a living one at that.
Long will live his legend,
and that is a simple fact.

Bert Randolph Sugar,
man with the cigar and hat.
You could always count on Sugar,
the answer man in the hat.

The smile, the voice, the attire.
Him with cigar and hat.
Talking about boxing he’d never tire,
knew all the answers and the exact fact.

Bert Randolph Sugar,
the historian, cigar and hat.
Going to miss you Mr. Sugar,
We all will and that’s a fact.

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