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“Super” Sage Northcutt’s Career in Question after Devastating ONE Championship Loss

Posted on 05/31/2019

By: Jesse Donathan

The fallout from Sage Northcutt getting the brakes beat off him by Cosmo Alexandre still hasn’t subsided. “Northcutt’s ONE FC debut at ONE Championship: Enter the Dragon didn’t exactly go as planned,” writes author Lewis Mckeever in his May 25, 2019 bloodyelbow.com article titled, “Brendan Schaub questions Sage Northcutt’s future after ‘life-changing knockout’ loss in ONE FC debut.”

“It was a mistake for Sage Northcutt to sign with ONE Championship,” said the former UFC heavyweight Schaub. “You (expletive) the trajectory of his career,” according to Schaub of ONE Championships decision to match Northcutt up with Alexandre, a vastly more experienced kickboxer who shattered Northcutt’s face with just one punch.

Bloodyelbow.com would go on to write that according to Schaub, “I hate to say this because ONE Championship has been good to us, good to Mighty Mouse, and it’s obviously on the fighter and it’s up to him to navigate his way through the rankings of fighting, but you (expletive) him, ONE Championship.”

As BoxingInsider.com previously reported, Northcutt found success in the UFC’s 155-pound lightweight division, while having a less than perfect run in the UFC’s 170-pound welterweight division. So, Northcutt’s decision to fight in ONE Championship at 185-pounds was a perplexing one, especially against a veteran kickboxer like Cosmo Alexandre who laid waste to the young mixed martial arts prospect in just under 30-seconds without even breaking a sweat.

It was an ill-advised, ill-fated decision from Northcutt’s camp which could very well end up haunting the young star for years to come. And one, according to Northcutt’s coach Urijah Faber that wasn’t completely unforeseen.

“Against some advice, the fight was taken,” Faber told “The MMA Hour” host Luke Thomas. As MMAFighting.com’s Alexander K. Lee reported, Faber would tell Thomas that, “In retrospect, there were some warning signs maybe not to take this fight and like you said, it’s not like you go into a fight thinking you’re gonna get your face smashed.”

Lost in the sea of Monday morning quarterbacking, hindsight being 20/20 and the controversy surrounding ONE Championships lack of transparency in their weigh-in model is Cosmo Alexandre himself. On the tail end of a career that has the kickboxer thinking about retirement and the means to do so comfortably, Alexandre is now universally known as the guy who smashed “Super” Sage Northcutt’s face into a million pieces.

“When they brought a stretcher, I knew something serious had happened,” said Alexandre in a May 24, 2019 bloodyelbow.com article titled, “Cosmo Alexandre ‘sad’ about Sage Northcutt’s multiple fractures after KO win.”

According to bloodyelbow.com’s Lucas Rezende, Alexandre would recall the immediate aftermath of the fight with Northcutt stating, “When the fight was over and he got back up his face was already swollen, and that’s something unusual. I had a feeling that it wasn’t 100 percent.”

Alexandre went on to be quoted by Rezende as stating, “The next day I heard that he had a long surgery. I hate that, man.” Northcutt reportedly underwent a nine-hour surgery in the wake of the 29-second KO loss in the Singapore based promotion. According to the Brazilian stand-up specialist, “I’m doing my job there, to go in there and win. I know we can get hurt, but nothing that serious. I was sad because that’s his job and I don’t wish that to anyone.”

“I’ve fought everyone and won everything I could win in Muay Thai,” reflected Alexandre. “The major titles, I’ve fought and won them all.” Which underscores the curious nature of the matchup ONE Championship put together in pitting Northcutt, a talented but green striker just starting his journey in mixed martial arts against a crafty and seasoned veteran like Alexandre with over 85 professional kickboxing matches to his credit.

Northcutt not only found himself outmatched, but he was also outgunned, reportedly giving up some size to his Brazilian opponent according to coach Urijah Faber. The UFC hall of famer would go on to tell host Luke Thomas that fighters are still cutting weight in ONE Championship despite the promotions attempts to eliminate the practice by introducing a new weigh-in model and system, redefining the conventional weight classes under the umbrella of safety.

Interestingly, ONE Championship’s new, redefined welterweight division model alone spans 170.2 pounds thru 184.9 pounds. For comparison, the conventional 170-pound welterweight model most fight fans are accustomed to is widely used by the sports premiere mixed martial arts organization in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and is common throughout much of the mixed martial arts world.

ONE Championships welterweight division is approximately the equivalent of spanning the UFC’s welterweight and middleweight divisions, coincidentally exactly what we are talking about in the controversy surrounding Northcutt being led through the gates of the slaughter house to meet the executioner Cosmo Alexandre.

With ONE Championship enjoying the reputation as an exciting promotion delivering violent fights that the fans want to see, they are ultimately the clear winner here when former UFC stars like Northcutt and others are blasted into the upper stratosphere under the ONE Championship banner.

But with the promotions lack of transparency during the weigh-in process, yet justifying their redefining of the conventional weigh-in model and system under the guise of safety there is growing concern ONE Championship may need to return some of their safety merit badges.

Sage Northcutt is looking at a lengthy layoff after disturbing the bull and getting the horns. Having your face smashed into 30-pieces is no laughing matter. With even Northcutt’s own camp expressing regret over having taken the Alexandre fight it is hard to believe the matchmakers at ONE Championship didn’t see the ultimate end result coming from a mile away themselves. An organization advised and lead by knowledgeable and former mixed martial arts greats, ONE Championship isn’t blindly stumbling through the dark house in the middle of the night. They know exactly what they are doing.

Northcutt was sent to slaughter in order to help put ONE Championship on the map. A better UFC 155-pound lightweight than a UFC 170-pound welterweight, Northcutt had no business meeting a fighter like Cosmo Alexandre at 185-pounds at this stage in his career and he was predictably scalped as a result for his efforts.

Now, instead of being praised for their new weigh-in model and system, ONE is increasingly under scrutiny for stacking the deck in their favor. With Northcutt’s sacrifice to “The Just Bleed God” highlighting the fact that smaller, less experienced former UFC fighters are being toe tagged and bagged against larger, top tier ONE Championship based competition and the promotions lack of transparency surrounding its weigh-in results; more questions than answers are beginning to surface. We are talking about squash matches here for all intents and purposes.

In short, if you’re a big name signing to ONE Championship you can now consider yourself marked for death. Northcutt’s career may very well have been cut short by a variety of unfortunate circumstances to include ONE Championships match makers and Northcutt’s failure in taking sage advice from his own camp and team.

One can only hope Northcutt was compensated handsomely to agree to take a trip behind Cosmo Alexandre’s woodshed, because the only thing he discovered were the wonders of modern facial reconstructive surgery. Northcutt was fed to the wolves in a promotional war where ONE Championship sent a loud and clear message to the UFC that their former stars will be laid to waste in ONE Championship in a bid to show the world that there is a new sheriff in town.

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Former UFC Fighter Sage Northcutt Flatlined at ONE Championship 96: Enter the Dragon

Posted on 05/20/2019

By: Jesse Donathan

Former UFC prospect “Super” Sage Northcutt was knocked out cold in his ONE Championship debut Friday, May 17th, 2019 against Cosmo Alexandre. A fighter who started his career in the UFC’s 155-pound lightweight division in 2015, Northcutt finished his tenure with the world’s premiere mixed martial arts promotion at 170 pounds in the UFC’s welterweight division. Northcutt competed against Alexander in ONE Championships welterweight division, which according to the promotion’s website is contested at 77.2 kilograms to 83.9 kilograms.

Dusting off the trusty calculator, that’s 170.226 pounds to 184.9995 when using a rounded up 2.205 pounds to 1-kilogram calculation. Let that information sink in for a moment; ONE Championship’s welterweight division is not the same welterweight division mixed martial arts fans are accustomed to dealing with in the UFC. According to MMAFighting.com’s Guilherme Cruz, the bout between Sage Northcutt and Cosmo Alexandre was contested at 185 pounds.

“Take one glance at Sage Northcutt’s record and an obvious trend jumps out about his UFC run,” writes MMAfighting.com’s Shaun Al-Shatti in his July 13, 2018 article titled, “After ‘constantly under-eating’ and fighting ‘cloudy’ at 155, Sage Northcutt begins new welterweight journey at UFC Boise.” According to Al-Shatti, “Over the course of three years in the promotion, the exceedingly polite Texan has racked a perfect 5-0 fighting at lightweight, but a less-than-stellar 0-2 resume competing at 170 pounds.”

With Northcutt fairing worse during his run in the UFC’s 170-pound welterweight division than his tenure at lightweight, one might wonder why anyone thought it was a good idea for Northcutt to compete at 185-pounds?

According to a May 17, 2019 social media posting from MMA analyst Luke Thomas, “Some are arguing there’s a size discrepancy. I have no idea if that’s true because there’s virtually no transparency in ONE’s weigh-in system.”

So here is what we do know, according to the promotion’s website onefc.com, “ONE Championship’s weight classes are unlike any other martial arts organization in the world.”

A fact any potential fighters looking to sign with ONE Championship need to fully understand before signing on the dotted line. According to ONE Championship, “The new program, which is the first of its kind for combat sports, is focused on athlete safety by introducing “walking-weight” competition via multiple weigh-ins and tests before and during fight week, including three hours before an event begins.”

According to a July 31, 2014 bleacherreport.com article titled, “The Beaten Path: Cosmo Alexandre Moves Away from Blackzilians, Up to 170 Pounds,” author Scott Harris writes, “Alexandre said he walks around at about 180, so a cut to 170 instead of 155 makes sense.” And Northcutt’s walking-weight? According to a June 24, 2018 mymmanews.com article titled, “Sage Northcutt Explains Decision to Return to Welterweight,” Northcutt walks around at 185-190.

As far as height is concerned, Northcutt is listed at an even 6-feet and Alexandre at 6’2”. The idea that there was a significant size discrepancy doesn’t seem to hold up to analysis once the numbers begin to be put into perspective. Though it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume both Northcutt and Alexandre have put on weight since these numbers were initially reported. So, what went wrong for Northcutt?

According to the bleacherreport.com, Alexandre is a, “Muay Thai Miyagi, with multiple world titles and 19 knockouts on his 42-14 resume.” According to Harris, Alexandre has trained among some of the best in the business, including a tenure with the well-known Blackzillians in Florida, a training camp which has counted the likes of former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, the titan Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, Alistair Overeem and others among its ranks.

So, it should come to nobody as a surprise that Sage Northcutt, at just 23 years old, with an 11-3 mixed martial arts record against mid-tier competition at best in the UFC was knocked unconscious by the veteran professional fighter. Though Alexandre himself only has an 8-1 professional mixed martial arts record, he is the vastly more experienced fighter and the outcome was not unforeseeable to those who looked at page two of the fighter scouting report.

On May 18, 2019 ESPN MMA analyst Ariel Helwani reported on Twitter that, “Sage Northcutt just posted on IG that he came out of a nine-hour surgery. Suffered 8 fractures in his face as a result of that KO loss yesterday.”

Sage Northcutt was fed to the lions in short, the young mixed martial arts prospect faced the toughest opponent of his career thus far and he got knocked unconscious as a result. In a sport where there are generally only two outcomes, victory or defeat, one must be prepared for the even worst. Unfortunately for Northcutt, having his face fractured is an outcome that must be taken into consideration before entering the arena and these kinds of losses only serve as learning tools for the future. The good news is Northcutt can learn a lot from this fight and go back to the drawing board in learning how to deal with fighters walking him down, looking for the one-shot kill, sniper like finish.

With ONE Championship redefining todays conventional weight class system, we can fully expect more big-name fighters to fall in ONE Championship as the new, unconventional weight classes all but guarantee more interesting matchup’s and defeats in the future. A fact exemplified by former UFC 155-pound lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez getting starched in his ONE Championship debut as well.
According to an April 2, 2019 bloodyelbow.com article titled, “Eddie Alvarez: Timofey Nastyukhin’s punch ‘instantly blinded me and split both eyelids in half’,” author Zane Simon writes that within minutes of Alvarez’s debut in the promotion he, “was being picked up off the canvas, having been handed one of the worst losses of his career, against the relatively unheralded Russian, Timofey Nastyukhin.”

ONE Championship is in the business of promotion, and as such any high-profile signings to the Singapore based promotion can expect the company to make the most of their investment. ONE Championship is proving they are here to give the fans what they want, and god bless them, that is exactly what they are doing. In a market dominated by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the worlds premiere mixed martial arts organization, its going to take something special to compete and thus far it looks like ONE Championship is here to win.

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Mikey Garcia’s Bid for Pound-for-pound No. 1

Posted on 07/31/2018

By: Kirk Jackson

Mikey Garcia emerged victorious over the weekend improving his record to 39-0 (30 KO’s) and capturing his fifth world title in a lightweight unification bout against Robert Easter 21-1 (14 KO’s).

After another dominant performance, Garcia’s star continues to shine brighter and it’s time for the boxing public to seriously consider Garcia as the top pound-for-pound fighter.

Surveying various pound-for-pound lists, they’re likely framed to feature the likes of Terence Crawford, Vasyl Lomachenko, Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence.

Undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk is a fighter who should be considered in the running as one of boxing’s best fighters and is slept on by a vast majority of the mainstream boxing community.

Making a case for Garcia, he has five world titles across four weight classes in seven championship fights. Traveling from weight class to weight class displays the will and desires to be great.

Among his pound-for-pound contemporaries, Garcia faced and defeated a larger tally of world champion fighters. As of now, Garcia defeated 10 world champions, six by knockout.

By comparison, Crawford and Lomachenko defeated six world champions each, Golovkin defeated five, Usyk defeated four and Spence defeated three.

This statistic is not the end-all argument especially considering the multitude of variables at play, but this statistic looks good on paper in favor of Garcia.

Accolades, accomplishments, world titles or records set factor in towards a fighter’s pound-for-pound status. The resume is a crucial factor.

Another measure is the skill-set of pound-for-pound elite fighters and the ability to display these talents against the highest level of opposition.

Garcia displays a certain skill-set required to transcend across several weight divisions. Although not flashy, the subtle adept techniques and overall consistency is what establishes Garcia amongst the greatest fighters of today.

Because Garcia isn’t ostentatious with his lateral movement, punches and overall style, his skills tend to get overlooked.

In the sport of basketball, Tim Duncan for example is considered one of the greatest players of all-time, but his style of play for many observes is bland in comparison to flamboyant players such as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

Lomachenko and Crawford are so skillful and flashy with what they can do, it’s somewhat easier for the common viewer to acknowledge and visualize what makes them great and transcendent as fighters.

As he showcased against Easter, Garcia measures his distance well and can find the right angles to land a variety of well-placed accurate punches.

Not recognized for blazing hand speed, Garcia contends with excellent timing and possessing excellent foot work he can move in and out of range; avoiding danger at pivotal times.

Easter can even attest. “He was just a better man tonight,” Easter said. “I take my hat off to Mikey. He’s a true warrior. … I just couldn’t find the timing and I just couldn’t let my right hand go.”

Another measure establishing and separating the pound-for-pound best from other great fighters worthy of the crown is the risks and challenges that fighter is willing to take to prove his weight in gold so-to-speak.

This year alone, Garcia moved up in weight capturing the vacant IBF junior welterweight title against Sergey Lipinets.

This past weekend he added another world title to his collection defeating undefeated Easter and unifying the light weight division.

As far as seeking greater challenges, Garcia intends to face one of boxing’s most avoided fighters and current IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence.

“There’s no one else that excites me enough, that motivates me and that can challenge me other than Errol Spence, and I’m willing to take that challenge, all the way up, because that’s the fight that will motivate me the most,” said Garcia at the post-fight press conference.

”I’m here to challenge myself. He is the best. He might feel that it’s an easy fight for him, that I’m too small, and that’s fine. Let’s get in the ring and let’s go to work.”

That is the biggest challenge possible. Forgoing further lightweight unification with Lomachenko, if this proposed dream bout against Spence manifests into fruition, this would be the third weight division and third championship bout of the year for Garcia.

“I’m not going to wait around for Lomachenko. I want Errol Spence, bigger threat but bigger reward,” said Garcia. “No one has beat 3 undefeated champions in 3 divisions within 9 months that excites me.”

Not only is this pound-for-pound territory, Garcia would be entering Henry Armstrong like territory.

If Garcia is able to pull of the monumental upset and slay the proverbial monster and one of boxing’s top avoided boogeymen, Garcia without question establishes himself as the best fighter pound-for-pound.

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The Difficulty of Holding the Pound for Pound No. 1 Position

Posted on 05/15/2018

By: Ken Hissner

This writer remembers doing an article about my favorite boxer today WBA, WBC, IBF & IBO Middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, of KAZ, living in L.A., along with Vasyl “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko, of UKR, living in Oxnard, CA, and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez from Managua, Nicaragua.

Shortly thereafter Gonzalez was 46-0 at the time holding the WBC World Super Flyweight title and then lost twice to Thailand’s Wisaksil Wangek, then 42-4-1, in 2017.

Golovkin then has what I consider his toughest fight defeating Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs who skipped the second weigh-in and if Golovkin came in at 170 the following day after making 160 what do you think Jacobs weighed? 185? On top of that he fought southpaw to my surprise. Then in his other 2017 title fight he only gets a draw against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. This a decision many including me thought was highway robbery after chasing Alvarez the last seven rounds.

Lomachenko over the week-end had it come off the canvas in the sixth round and possibly saved by the bell, only to come back and stop Jorge Linares, for his WBA Super World Lightweight title in the tenth round.

In looking at what this writer considers some of the best ten P4P boxers today I still consider Golovkin and Lomachenko as the best two. Others are Mikey Garcia, 38-0 (30), WBO Featherweight, WBO Junior Lightweight champion, WBC World Lightweight champion and IBF Light Welterweight champion.

Then there is Terence “Bud” Crawford, 32-0 (23), of Omaha, NEB, the former WBO Lightweight, WBO, WBC, WBA and IBF Light Welterweight champion now a welterweight who on June 9th will be challenging WBO Welterweight champion Jeff Horn. Crawford will be a heavy favorite in that one.

There’s the Charlo brothers from Houston, Texas, Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo, 30-0 (15), holder of the WBC World Super Welterweight title. His twin brother is the former IBF World Super Welterweight champion Jermall Charlo, 27-0 (21), currently the interim WBC World Middleweight title.

There’s Keith “One Time” Thurman, 28-0 (22), from Clearwater, FL, holder of the WBA & WBC Welterweight titles that he unified back in March of 2017 and due to injury hasn’t fought since.

There’s Chayaphon Moonsri, 50-0 (18), the WBC Minimum World Champion from Bangkok, Thailand. As long as he keeps winning I have a feeling Floyd “Money” Mayweather is going to keep fighting to stay one win ahead of him.

Finally the two heavyweight champions Anthony “AJ” Joshua, 21-0 (20), who holds the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles, from Watford, UK. Then the WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder, 40-0 (39), from Tuscaloosa, AL.

Garcia and Lomachenko may be a future unification bout. Joshua and Wilder may be a future unification bout. Crawford winning the WBO title could meet Thurman in a unification bout. Golovkin and Charlo could be in a unification bout. So as you can see if those bouts happen my top ten P4P list four of them would be eliminated.

It’s not like “back in the day” where most of us knew there was only one P4P best and that was “Sugar” Ray Robinson!

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The 100 Loss Club

Posted on 07/25/2017

By: Ken Hissner

Ken Hissner’s 100 Club July 2017

Reggie Strickland US 66-276-17 LKO 25
Peter Buckley UK 32-256-12 LKO 10
Kristian Laight UK 12-248-8 LKO 5 (still active)
Jason Nesbitt UK 10-195-4 LKO 18 (still active)
Tiger Bert Ison UK 114-179-41 LKO 46
Arnold Sheppard UK 95-169-38 LKO 14
Donnie Penelton US 13-166-6 LKO 33
Simmie Black US 35-165-4 LKO 97
Delroy Spencer UK 14-156-3 LKO 16
Kevin McCauley HUN/CZ 13-148-11 LKO 11 (still active)
Matt Seawright UK 5-146-5 LKO 22 (still active)
Billy Smith UK 13-145-2 LKO 8
Ernie Smith UK 13-142-5 LKO 19
Karl Taylor UK 16-142-7 LKO 34
Brian Coleman UK 24-141-7 LKO 21
Seamus Casey UK 30-129-5 LKO 33
Sid Razak UK 9-128 LKO 5
Ibrar Riyaz UK 5-124-4 LKO 3 (still active)
Jerry Strickland US 13-122 LKO 78
Ibar Rivas ALB/UK 34-121-4 LKO 3 (still active)
Frankie Hines US 17-120-5 LKO 78
Lew Perez US 64-118-19 LKO 34
Lee Cargle US 36-117-1 LKO 30
William Warburton UK 23-118-9 LKO 2 (still active)
Carl Allen UK 19-114-7 LKO 17
Daniel Thorpe UK 23-113-3 LKO 26
Gabor Balagh HUN 3-112-5 LKO 40
Yousef Al Hamidi UK 14-110-3 LKO 3 (still active)
Jozef Kubovsky SLO 13-109-14 LKO 36 (still active)
Benji Singleton US 26-107-5 LKO 18
Elemir Rafael SLO 34-106-4 LKO 34 (still active)
Dean Bramhald UK 42-106-15 LKO 27
Tony Booth UK 52-105-9 LKO 38
Peter Dunn UK 12-105-4 LKO 12
Paul Bonson UK 21-105-8 LKO 3
Danny Wofford US 17-102-2 LKO 23
Walter Cowans US 26-102-1 LKO31
Wild Bill McDowell US 155-100-26 LKO 29

Tommy Abobo PH/US 29-99-23 LKO 3
Bill Beynon UK 60-99-29 LKO 32
Winston Burnett UK 20-98-3 LKO 14
Anthony Hanna UK 22-97-9 LKO 5
Johnny Greaves UK 4-96 LKO 12
Jose Pagan Rivera US 31-95-9 LKO 41
Rocky Bentley US 12-94-1 LKO 31
Long Sing Que NY 5-94-5 LKO 18
CsabaOlah HUN 5-93-3 LKO 42
Keith Jones UK 9-91-7 LKO 12
Matt Scriven UK 14-91-1 LKO 20 (still active)
Manuel Baptista US 28-90 LKO 24
Josef Holub CZ 5-89-1 LKO 50 (still active)
Danny Donchev BULG/UK 6-88-1 LKO 14 (still active)
Des Gargano UK 32-87-3 LKO 9
Joe DeJesus US 37-87-5 LKO 29
BouadjamiMokhfi ALG/FR 18-87-7 LKO 4
Janos Petrovics HUN 25-87-2 LKO 21 (still active)
Johnny Cockfield US 10-87-9 LKO 19
BelaSandor HUN 13-86-5 LKO 27 (still active)
Barry Yates US 13-86-3 LKO 24
Graham McGrath UK 21-86-5 LKO 18
Suleyman Dag TUR/GER 10-86 LKO 60 (still active)
VladmirFeco CZ 10-85-3 LKO 39 (still active)
Dan Carr UK 3-85-2 LKO 1 (still active)
Arv Mittoo UK 10-85-5 LKO 9
Jim Kaczmark US 22-85-4 LKO 10
Abu Arrow SP 7-85-7 LKO 5
Billy Marsh US 53-85-16 LKO 36
Miguel Matthews WAL 15-84-11 LKO 8
Mazen Girke GER 15-84-4 LKO 28 (still active)
Duncan Cottier UK 3-83-3 LKO 6
Mugarele Sebe ROM 18-83-4 LKO 8 (still active)
Jevgenijs Andrejevs LAT 10-82-3 LKO 7 (still active)
Jose Aponte Torres PR 34-81-14 LKO 11
Jose Luis Ribeiro IT 9-81-11 LKO 11
Rudolf Murko CZ 3-80-2 LKO 40 (still active)
Anton Glofak SLO 2-80-8 LKO 41
Al Duarte US 15-80-4 LKO 21
Paul Murray UK 19-80-9 LKO 21

Bheki Moyo RSA/UK 0-73-2 LKO 6
AlexandruManea ROM 0-54 LKO 14
Carlos Rocha Tomar PORT 0-48-1 LKO 18
Rafael Piotrowski POL 0-46-1 LKO 7
Kalman Vagyocki HUN 0-45 LKO 34 (still active)
Szabolcs Gergely HUN 0-43 LKO 29
Dionisio Rodriguez DR 0-42 LKO 29 (still active)
Marius Sorin ROM 0-42-2 LKO 27 (still active)

Chris Gargano UK 0-39-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Marion Banciu ROM 0-38-2 LKO 33
Klaus Hein GER 0-36-4 LKO 14
Alexis Castillo DR 0-35 LKO 31 (still active)
George Estevez DR 0-34 LKO 18 (still active)
Aminu Turkson GH 0-33 LKO 25 (still active)
Miguel Tavarez DR 0-32 LKO 25 (still active)
Walter Alba Melgar BRZ 0-32-5 LKO 16
Fidel Julio COL 0-32 LKO 22
Raul Ruiz MEX 0-32 LKO 26
Robert Borok SLO 0-31-2 LKO 24
Eric Crumble US 0-31 LKO 31
Ed Strickland US 0-31 LKO 31
JozefGabris SLO 0-30-2 LKO 21
Jesse Clark US 0-30 LKO 27
Ariel Conde MEX/US 0-30-1 LKO 21

DmitrijsAvsijenkovs LAT 0-29 LKO 29 (still active)
Carlos Guerrero COL 0-29 LKO 23 (still active)
Juan Guzman DR 0-28 LKO 22 (still active)
Manuel Castro MEX 0-28 LKO 19
Servando Solis MEX 0-27 LKO 16 (still active)
Alec Bazza IRE 0-27-2 LKO 3 (still active)
Petr Jasukievic CZ 0-27 LKO 25
Marius Radaru ROM 0-26 LKO 9 (still active)
Andre Smiley US 0-26-1 LKO 20
Zolt Horvath (Julius) HUN 0-26 LKO 22
Jackie White US 0-26 LKO 20

Kamon Singram TH 0-25 LKO 13 (still active)
Nelson Diaz DR 0-25 LKO 25
Viktor Gelien SLO 0-25 LKO 17 (still active)
Milciades Mosquea DR 0-25 LKO 17 (still active)
Saichon Or Ounsuwon TH 0-25 LKO 13 (still active)
Roman Horvath CZ 0-25 LKO 21 (still active)
Zdenk Siroky CZ 0-25 LKO 20
Zsolt Nemet HUN 0-25 LKO 8
Doug Davis US 0-25 LKO 25
Julio Cesar Acosta MEX 0-25 LKO 24
Vernice Christon US 0-25-1 LKO 12

Nelson Gil ARG 0-24-2 LKO 12 (still active)
Anthony Woods US 0-24-1 LKO 17 (still active)
Yohangel Romero VZ 0-24 LKO 21 (still active)
Chuck Spicer US 0-24 LKO 16
Alaoui Aziz MOR/LUX 0-24-1 LKO 12
Lonzie Pembleton US 0-24 LKO 21
Geokhan Ucar GER 0-23 LKO 18 (still active)
Jair Cortes ECU/SP 0-23-3 LKO 3 (still active)
Paul O’Brien UK 0-23 LKO 3 (still active)
GeokhanUcar GER 0-23 LKO 18 (still active)
Robert Ochung KEN 0-23 LKO 20 (still active)
Albert Ulrich SP/CAM 0-23 LKO 5 (still active)
Daniel Adan Gonzalez ARG 0-23-1 LKO 12
Rushid Sevin GER 0-23 LKO 18
Valentin Marinel ROM 0-23 LKO 14
Marek Kvocka EUR 0-23 LKO 16
Nelson Gil ARG 0-23-2 LKO 12
Bobby Guy IT 0-23-1 LKO 5

Ernesto Aboyte MEX 0-22-2 LKO 8
Juan Gomez MEX 0-22 LKO 11 (still active)
David Solano MEX 0-22 LKO 16 (still active)
Krzysztof Chochel POL 0-22 LKO 21 (still active)
Albert Ulrich SP/CAM 0-22 LKO 15 (still active)
Deivis Narvaez COL 0-22 LKO 15
George Balan ROM 0-22 LKO 9
Csaba Bajczik HUN 0-22-1 LKO 9
Jason Harrison US 0-22 LKO 13
Enzo Iannozzi US 0-22-1 LKO 14

Carlos Lopez MEX 0-21 LKO 7 (still active)
Johnny De Horta COL 0-21 LKO 17 (still active)
Raymondo Verdugo MEX 0-21 LKO 12 (still active)
Victor Moya DR 0-21 LKO 16 (still active)
Rafael Martinez DR 0-21 LKO 18 (still active)
Miguel Urdaneta VZ 0-21-1 LKO 13 (still active)
Andry Sierra COL 0-21 LKO 12
Marival Sobral Sobrinho BRZ 0-21 LKO 15 (still active)
Lazar Rostas HUN 0-21 LKO 18
Miroslav Kubik SLO 0-21-1 LKO 3
Patrick Baumann GER 0-21-1 LKO 6
Joel Yocupicio MEX 0-21 LKO 15
Jose G Castillo VZ 0-21-1 LKO 12
Manuel Lira Amaral URG/SP 0-21 LKO 8
Mokran Aziz MOR 0-21 LKO 14
Cesar Coto MEX 0-21 LKO 18

Adam Csipak HUN 0-20-1 LKO 8 (still active)
Josef Kuricaj SLO 0-20 LKO 17 (still active)
Miguel Romero COL 0-20 LKO 20 (still active)
Juan Chabelas MEX 0-20 LKO 13 (still active)
Raymundo Verdugo MEX 0-20 LKO 12 (still active)
Jesus Sandoval MEX 0-20 LKO 17 (still active)
Bobby Jones US 0-20 LKO 19
Marcel Salgado GER 0-20 LKO 17
Marek Svoren SLO/GER 0-20 LKO 17
Perfecto Gonzalez DR 0-20 LKO 15
Mario Hereford US 0-20 LKO 17
Vaclav Fiala CZ 0-20 LKO 19
Jesus Moreno SP 0-20 LKO 1 (still active)

Mikho Sakashivili GEO 0-19 LKO 5 (still active)
Rogelio Armenta MEX 0-19 LKO 13 (still active)
Vitaliy Charkin UKR 0-19 LKO 17 (still active)
Junior Rodriguez DR 0-19 LKO 12
Scott Hillman UK 0-19 LKO 2 (still active)
Ladislav Martinek CZ 0-19-1 LKO 17

Cristian Spataru ROM 0-18 LKO 14
Juan Ramon Santos DR 0-18 LKO 17 (still active)
Denis Matungulu FR 0-18-2 LKO 1 (still active)
Willie Miller US 0-18-1 LKO 5 (still active)
George Armenta MEX 0-18 LKO 12 (still active)
Marwan Chehade GER 0-18 LKO 18 (still active)
Daniel Sanchez US 0-18 LKO 11 (still active)
Modesto Felix DR 0-18-2 LKO 11 (still active)
Marcos Martinez DR 0-18 LKO 15 (still active)
Zuleidiy Diaz Meja DR 0-18 LKO 17 (still active)
Salvatore Gonzalez MEX 0-18 LKO 10 (still active)
Slawomir Latopolski POL 0-18 LKO 17 (still active)
Jose Moreno SP 0-18 LKO 1 (still active)
Claudio Villegas MEX 0-18 LKO 8 (still active)
Victor Edagha IT/UK 0-18 LKO 1 (still active)

Louis Trejo COL 0-17-1 LKO 6 (still active)
Harjinder Gill UK 0-17-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Yusif Salifu GH 0-17 LKO 15 (still active)
Robert Tallosi HUN 0-17 LKO 9 (still active)
Raidy Martinez DR 0-17 LKO 12 (still active)
Situ Mayamba CONG 0-17 LKO 4 (still active)
Vicente Hernandez MEX 0-17-1 LKO 11 (still active)
Antonio Torres MEX 0-17 LKO 15 (still active)
Radovan Petrovic SERB 0-17 LKO 15 (still active)

Felipe Polo COL 0-16 LKO 15 (still active)
Victor Moya DR 0-16-1 LKO 12 (still active)
Ramon Bueno DR 0-16 LKO 14 (still active)
Fausto Corrales COL 0-16 LKO 16 (still active)
Jesus Pascual DR 0-16 LKO 15 (still active)
Bryn Wain UK 0-16 LKO 4 (still active)
Mario Melvin Martinez DR 0-16 LKO 12 (still active)
Jesus Montenegro MEX 0-16 LKO 11 (still active)
Jose Felix DR 0-16-1 LKO 15 (still active)
Ramon Palma MEX 0-16 LKO 12 (still active)
Bob Crutison US 0-16 LKO 9

Gabriel Filot COL 0-15 LKO 14 (still active)
Brian Raglin US 0-15 LKO 15 (still active)
Mirna Batista DR 0-15 LKO 15 (still active)
Alan Beeman US 0-15 LKO 13 (still active)
Ray Medrano DR 0-15 LKO 13 (still active)
Oscar Leon DR 0-15 LKO 10 (still active)
Jenifer Perez COL 0-15 LKO 13 (still active)
Carlos Rodriguez DR 0-15 LKO 15 (still active)
Loanny Then DR 0-15-1 LKO 12 (still active)
Liam Wright UK 0-15 LKO 0 (still active)
Eduardo Juan DR 0-15 LKO 13 (still active)

Jose Amaral BRZ 1-69 LKO 41(still active)
Jorge Ortiz SP/COL 1-59-4 LKO 8
LajosOrsos HUN 1-54-2 LKO 21 (still active)
Robert Woods US 1-49 LKO 43
Jerome Hill US 1-48 LKO 30
Milan Ruso CZ 1-47 LKO 42 (still active)
Ambiorix Ciriaco DR 1-44 LKO 16 (still active)
Francisco Herrera COL 1-42-2 LKO 39 (still active)
Dionel Reynoso DR 1-41 LKO 16 (still active)
Rick Boulter US 1-41-3 LKO 5
Victor Peralta BRZ 1-39-2 LKO 30
John Cox US 1-37-2 LKO 10
Aaron Sepulveda MEX 1-36-2 LKO 27 (still active)
Les McFadden US 1-36-1 LKO 31
Alexandru Petrica ROM 1-35 LKO 6 (still active)
Nathan Petty US 1-35-1 LKO 11 (still active)
Ben Tafari US 1-35 LKO 10
Gerry Ocampo US 1-35-2 LKO 18
Jake Riley US 1-35-2 LKO 9
Pramool Boonpok TH 1-34-1 LKO 6 (still active)
Matthew Ashmole WAL 1-34-1 LKO 5 (still active)
Pramool Boonpok TH 1-34-1 LKO 6 (still active)
Francis Croes UK 1-34 LKO 4
Igor Krbusik SOL 1-34-1 LKO 15
Adam Aviles US 1-34-1 LKO 21

Sedrak Agagulyan ARM/RUS 1-33-1 LKO 23 (still active)
Pramool Boonpok TH 1-33-1 LKO 5 (still active)
Ambroz Horvath SLO 1-33-2 LKO 19 (still active)
Caleb Amianda KEN 1-32 LKO 18
Valery Makaev RUS 1-32 LKO 20
Ted Hamilton US 1-32 LKO 27
Yarali Yaraliev RUS 1-32 LKO 8

Koeksal Orduhan GER 1-31-2 LKO 12 (still active)
Victor Hugo Acosta MEX 1-31 LKO 26
Darren Neal US 1-31-1 LKO 8
Renato Pedro BRZ 1-31 LKO 17
Evaristo Tordecilla COL 1-31-1 LKO 16 (still active)
Michael Davis COL 1-30 LKO 13 (still active)
Rocky Muscas ISR/GR 1-30 LKO 3
Pedro Hermogenes Guevara ARG 1-30-2 LKO 20

Antonio Torres MEX 1-29-1 LKO 11 (still active)
Agapito Ontiveros MEX 1-29 LKO 27 (still active)
Safwan Lombok IND 1-29 LKO 10 (still active)
Leonardo Espinal DR 1-29-1 LKO 20
Abel Sepulveda MEX 1-29 LKO 21
John Simmons US 1-29 LKO 28
Renato Pedro BRZ 1-28 LKO 16 (still active)
Suzana Radovanoic ROM 1-28 LKO 3 (still active)
Jose Luis Mendoza MEX 1-28 LKO 26 (still active)
Juan Ramon Perez MEX 1-28 LKO 18
Julio Alberto Barsena ARG/SP 1-28-1 LKO 11
Omaira Suarez COL 1-27-1 LKO 19 (still active)
Juan Hipolito Helmann PAR 1-27 LKO 23
Sylvester Petrovic SLO 1-27 LKO 19
Daniel Beato DR 1-27 LKO 26
Trib Perry US 1-27 LKO 20
Ernie Dunbar US 1-27-1 LKO
Al Kerner US 1-27-3 LKO 19
Ruben Porras MEX 1-27-2 LKO 18 (still active)
Richard Pittman US 1-27-2 LKO 22
Evelina Diaz US 1-26-1 LKO 15 (still active)
Mihai Stan ROM 1-26-2 LKO 9
Jose Rivera MEX 1-26 LKO 16
Michal Szebestik POL 1-26-1 LKO 8 (still active)
Suzana Radovanoic ROM 1-25 LKO 3 (still active)
Zoltan Janos Horvath HUN 1-25 LKO 13 (still active)
Richar Capellan DR 1-25 LKO 22 (still active)
Miguel Romero COL 1-25 LKO 25 (still active)
Juan Encarnacion DR 1-25 LKO 19 (still active)
Jose Luis Arreola MEX 1-25 LKO 14 (still active)
Mayala Mbungi CON/GER 1-25-4 LKO 9
Alejandro Brito DR 1-24 LKO 16 (still active)
Ramon Mendez MEX 1-24 LKO 14
Gilberto Ramirez Vasquez PER 1-24 LKO 11
Jack Jackson US 1-24 LKO 21
Bill Evans US 1-24-1 LKO 21
Julio Cesar Paniagua DR 1-24-1 LKO 10
Kalolo Faatua NZ 1-23-1 LKO 14 (still active)
Odair Jose Theodoro BRZ 1-23 LKO 20 (still active)
Mihajilo Fincsur SER 1-23-1 LKO 16 (still active)
Hector Rivera MEX 1-23-1 LKO 18 (still active)
Augusto Custodiode Melo BRZ 1-23 LKO 23 (still active)
Goran Rustic TB&H 1-23 LKO 20 (still active)
Anthony Hill US 1-23 LKO 4 (still active)
Bernard Grant, US 1-23 LKO 5
Gilberto Mena COL 1-23 LKO 16
Juan Francisco Benitez ARG 1-23-3 LKO 11
Adrian Sandu ROM 1-23 LKO 10 (still active)
Joan Manuel Polanco DR 1-23 LKO 10 (still active)
Akaki Chargeishvili GEO 1-22 LKO 10 (still active)
Revaz Kereselidze GEO 1-22 LKO 6 (still active)
Giorgi Abduladze GEO 1-22 LKO 11 (still active)
Daniel Mercado COL 1-22 LKO 20 (still active)
Ivan Sakic B&H 1-22 LKO 12 (still active)
Melvin Hosey US 1-22 LKO 13
Kirill Artemiev RUS 1-22 LKO 4
Phil Batie US 1-22 LKO 21
Ignacio Monzon Zarza PAR 1-22 LKO 13
Frank Pflegel GER 1-22 LKO 14

Johannes Musa JAM/US 1-21 LKO 8
Vladimir Chuklin RUS 1-21-1 LKO 7
Victor Valencia MEX 1-21-2 LKO 9
Edgard Ariel Soto ARG 1-21 LKO 7
Aurelien Lecog FR 1-21-1 LKO 2 (still active)
William Bokart US 1-21 LKO 21 (still active)
Stefan Kusnier SLO 1-21-1 LKO 18 (still active)
Raul Barrios COL 1-21 LKO 9
Chuck Harnasi MOR/GER 1-20 LKO 11 (still active)
Piotr Romaszek POL 1-20 LKO 1 (still active)
David Kahnishvili GEO 1-20 LKO 12 (still active)
Rocio De Leon DR 1-20-1 LKO 7 (still active)
Luis Noe PERU 1-20-1 LKO 10
Conley Person US 1-20 LKO 16
Gil Ramirez MEX 1-20 LKO 9
Danny Machado SP 1-20 LKO 14
Johnny Rofrano US 1-20-1 LKO 8
Andres Garcia NIC 1-20 LKO 20 (still active)
Fernando Suarez SP 1-20 LKO 4 (still active)
Alan Jamison US 1-20 LKO 17
Bohuslav Jano CZ 1-20 LKO 20 (still active)
Ivan Sakic B&H 1-20 LKO 11 (still active)
Fernando Suarez SP 1-20 LKO 4 (still active)

Aivaras Balsys LITH 1-19 LKO 4
Carlos Mendoza MEX 1-19-1 LKO 14 (still active)
Andrei Ciubotaru ROM 1-19 LKO 9
Temur Sabashvili GEO 1-19 LKO 3 (still active)
Toma Vlaovic SERB 1-19 LKO 18 (still active)
Marty Kayes GEO 1-19 LKO 3 (still active)
Antonio Villa MEX 1-19 LKO 3 (still active)
Horacio Sanchez MEX 1-19 LKO 16 (still active)
Jose Alberto Mendoza MEX 1-19 LKO 12

Derek Walker US 1-18 LKO 12 (still active)
James Child UK 1-18 LKO 6
Mario Adalberto Fanco Vera PARA 1-18 LKO 14 (still active)
Daniel Valdez MEX 1-18 LKO 12 (still active)
Arnon Yuchareon TH/AUST 1-18-2 LKO 3 (still active)
Siarhei Afonin BEL 1-18-2 LKO 3 (still active)
Robert Montilla DR 1-18 LKO 5 (still active)
Arthur Parker US 1-18-2 LKO 4 (still active)
Juan Zuniga MEX 1-18-1 LKO 11 (still active)
Derek Walker US 1-18 LKO 12 (still active)

Vaclav Skromach CZ/UK 1-17 LKO 5 (still active)
Eric Mansira PH 1-17 LKO 9 (still active)
Anthony Dave US 1-17-1 LKO 12 (still active)
David Albert Ramos MEX 1-17 LKO 12 (still active)
Juan Carlos Santos DR 1-17-1 LKO 14 (still active)
Carlos Hernandez MEX 1-17-1 LKO 9 (still active)
Maik Taeubig GER 1-17 LKO 14 (still active)
Anthony Dave US 1-17-1 LKO 12 (still active)
Hurtado DR 1-16-1 LKO 12
Traian Dimitrov BULG 1-16 LKO 10
Ludvik Gina CZ 1-16 LKO 15 (still active)
Maik Taeubig GER 1-16 LKO 13 (still active)
Carlos Lopez MEX 1-16-1 LKO 9 (still active)
Zakro Kereselidze GEO 1-16 LKO 4 (still active)
Manuel Ibarra MEX 1-16 LKO 8 (still active)
Cemal Gulsen GER 1-16 LKO 15 (still active)
Enrique Sanchez Garcia MEX 1-16 LKO 14 (still active)
Amedeo Maurrizio IT 1-16-1 LKO 2 (still active)
Alex Barrios COL 1-16 LKO 12 (still active)
Hrvoje Bozinovic CRO 1-16 LKO 8 (still active)
Juan Carlos Santos DR 1-16 LKO 13 (still active)
Laszlo Nemesapatai, Jr. HUN 1-16 LKO 7 (still active)
Misael Chacon US 1-16-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Russ Midgley UK 1-16-2 LKO 6 (still active)
Marco Delmestro IT 1-16 LKO 1 (still active)
Gela Tabidze GEO 1-16 LKO 11 (still active)
Jonathan Morton GH 1-16 LKO 14 (still active)
Alex Barrios COL 1-16 LKO 12 (still active)
Alex Carr US 1-16-1 LKO 16

Yessica Perez COL 1-15-1 LKO 12 (still active)
Oscar Rodriguez DR 1-15 LKO 10 (still active)
Fred Thomas US 1-15-2 LKO 10 (still active)
David Akopov GEO 1-15 LKO 9 (still active)
Javier Castro MEX 1-15 LKO 14 (still active)
Oleksiy Shteplyuk UKR 1-15-1 LKO 8 (still active)
James Conroy UK 1-15 LKO 5 (still active)
Juan Carlos Moreno MEX 1-15-2 LKO 9 (still active)
Leonardo Lemos ARG 1-15-1 LKO 2 (still active)
Misael Chacon US 1-15-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Nongdear Sor Bangkharu TH 1-15 LKO 13 (still active)
Leonardo Julio COL 1-15 LKO 12 (still active)
Luis De la Hoz COL 1-15 LKO 12 (still active)
Patrick Amote KEN 1-15-1 LKO 5 (still active)
Yessica Perez COL 1-15-1 LKO 12 (still active)
Oleksiy Shteplyuk UKR 1-15-1 LKO 8 (still active)

Jonathan Fry UK 1-14-1 LKO 0 (still active)
Michael Gallegos US 1-14-1 LKO 2 (still active)
Nestor Narvaez COL 1-14-1 LKO 7 (still active)
Mustafa Mongolia UG 1-14 LKO 1 (still active)
Edielson Batista Santos BRZ 1-14 LKO 13 (still active)
Jonathan Moran COL 1-14 LKO 14 (still active)
Leonardo Julio COL 1-14 LKO 11 (still active)
Jonathan Moran COL 1-14 LKO 14 (still active)
Andriy Danichkin UKR 1-14-1 LKO 6 (still active)
Jesus Lopez MEX 1-14-2 LKO 10 (still active)
Hamze Masemani GER 1-14 LKO 14 (still active)
Alexis Diaz PR 1-14-1 LKO 8 (still active)
Cesar Gil DR 1-14 LKO 12 (still active)
Sula Katumbe UG 1-14 LKO 7 (still active)
Krisztian Lakatos HUN 1-14 LKO 10 (still active)
Ziya Goekaip GER 1-14 LKO 11 (still active)
Dean Purdon AUST 1-14 LKO 6 (still active)
Andriy Danichkin UKR 1-14-1 LKO 6 (still active)
Lonnie Kornegay US 1-14-3 LKO 1 (still active)
Fadil Pasalic BOS 1-14 LKO 8 (still active)
Elidon Gaba ALB/IT 1-14 LKO 8 (still active)
Csaba Stir BOS 1-14-3 LKO 4 (still active)
Miguel Acosta VZ 1-14-1 LKO 7 (still active)

Yanko Yanev BULG 1-13 LKO 9 (still active)
Valere Essomba Ngono CAM/RUS 1-13 LKO 4 (still active)
Albert Harkins US 1-13 LKO 12 (still active)
Valere Essomba Ngono CAM/RUS 1-13 LKO 4 (still active)
Lavale Wilson US 1-13 LKO 3 (still active)
Delvery Wofford US 1-13 LKO 6 (still active)
Hector Rodriguez DR 1-13 LKO 10 (still active)
Wander Guerrero DR 1-13 LKO 12 (still active)
Joe Coffie GH 1-13 LKO 12 (still active)
Juan Carlos Pitalua COL 1-13 LKO 13 (still active)
Benjamin Olinga US 1-13 LKO 4 (still active)
Csaba Stir BOS 1-13-3 LKO 4 (still alive)
Jhon Jhon Faminiano PH 1-13-4 LKO 2 (still active)
Diorer Mangaygay PH 1-13-1 LKO 5 (still active)
Isaias Orizco MEX 1-13 LKO 8 (still active)
Fuad Muradov RUS 1-13-3 LKO 4 (still active)
Vicente Mirabal VZ 1-13 LKO 7 (still active)

Michael Pickett US 1-12 LKO 10 (still active)
Phillip Townley UK 1-12 LKO 3 (still active)
Gustavo Herman Rios ARG 1-12-4 LKO 2 (still active)
Yessika Flavia Munoz ARG 1-12-2 LKO 2 (still active)
Jhonny Belo PH 1-12-1 LKO 8 (still active)
Lagos Bimbo HUN 1-12-2 LKO 5 (still active)
Mateusz Dyller POL 1-12 LKO 11 (still active)
Kiattisak Kuarwan TH/AUST 1-12 LKO 7 (still active)
Gustav Meza MEX 1-12-1 LKO 7 (still active)
James Uoka NZ 1-12-1 LKO 11 (still active)
Jonathan Pedrosa PH 1-12-2 LKO 11 (still active)
Goran Olcan SERB 1-12-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Teodor Boyadjiev BULG 1-12-2 LKO 2 (still active)
Victor Martinez MEX 1-12 LKO 9 (still active)
Gary Reeve UK 1-12 LKO 2 (still active)

Cristian Nicolae ROM 2-76 LKO 16
Imrich Parlagi SLO 2-67-3 LKO 27
Anwar Alfadli KU/UK 2-67-5 LKO 4 (still active)
Lourival Da Silva BZ 2-65 LKO 38
Joseph Sovijus SLO 2-63-2 LKO 29 (still active)
Luigi Mantegna IT 2-62-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Nelson Hernandez PR/US 2-55-1 LKO 35
Robin Deaken UK 2-53 LKO 14 (still active)
Andrey Tylilyuk RUS 2-49-3 LKO 16
Manuel Fatima Dias PORT/SP 2-49-2 LKO 23
Juan Carlos Contreras DR 2-48-3 LKO 18 (still active)
Joe Beeden UK 2-47-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Imrich Borka SLO 2-47 LKO 35
George Reedy US 2-43-1 LKO 27
Ramon Cedeno DR 2-42 LKO 20 (still active)
Marty Stensky CZ 2-39 LKO 38 (still active)
David Kereselidze GEO 2-39 LKO 22 (still active)
Adam Cale UK 2-38-1 LKO 11
Zolt Horvath HUN 2-38-1 LKO 5 (still active)
Marian Cazacu ROM 2-38-1 LKO 2 (still active)
George Harris US 2-37 LKO 35
John Cox US 2-37-2 LKO 10
Richard Remen SLO 2-36 LKO 22
Ramon Jimenez DR 2-34 LKO 27 (still active)
Stephon McIntyre US 2-34-3 LKO 6 (still active)
Andy Thiel GER 2-33-2 LKO 20 (still active)
Cliff McPherson GH 2-33-1 LKO 24 (still active)
Marvin O’Brien UK 2-33-2 LKO 13
Diego Jair Ramirez COL/SP 2-33-2 LKO 5 (still active)
Giuseppe Rauseo IT 2-32-3 LKO 2 (still active)
Joseph Odhiambo KEN 2-32-1 LKO 17 (still active)
Diego Enrique Flores MEX 2-31-1 LKO 19 (still active)
Alejandro Alonso MEX 2-31-2 LKO 20 (still active)
Alfred Quaye GH 2-30 LKO 23 (still active)
Johnny Frazier US 2-30-4 LKO 8 (still active)
Jose Ramon Estrada CR/NIC 2-30-2 LKO 23 (still active)
Milos Dovedan SERB 2-30 LKO 27 (still active)
Enrique Flores MEX 2-29 LKO 17 (still active)
Jorge Burgos DR 2-29 LKO 22 (still active)
Rumen Kostov BULG 2-28-2 LKO 9 (still active)
Humberto Conceicao BRZ 2-28-1 LKO 25 (still active)
George Zuroshivili GEO 2-28 LKO 14 (still active)
Tammy Franks US 2-28-1 LKO 5 (still active)
Kakhaber Bedianidze GEO 2-27 LKO 13 (still active)
Joe Chiquillo COL 2-27 LKO 21 (still active)
Dodoy Alapormina PH 2-27-2 LKO 2 (still active)
Andrew Hartley US 2-27 LKO 26 (still active)
Hoyhannes Kishmiryan BELG 2-27 LKO 1 (still active)
Peter Tovi’o SAM/NZ 2-27-1 LKO 23 (still active)
Luke Fash UK 2-27-1 LKO 3 (still active)
Edgar Pedraza MEX 2-26-3 LKO 10 (still active)
Eldar Berkatsadivili GEO 2-25 LKO 14 (still active)
Charley Soto MEX 2-25-1 LKO 19 (still active)
Pavel Herman CZ 2-25-1 LKO 18 (still active)
Aleksandrs Tomadze LAT 2-24-1 LKO 23 (still active)
Nukri Gabitashvili GEO 2-24 LKO 12 (still active)
Kuma Doe GH 2-23 LKO 18 (still active)
Alexander Farkas HUN 2-22 LKO 13 (still active)
Francois Russell US 2-22 LKO 14 (still active)
Dimitri Guliashvili GEO 2-22-1 LKO 12 (still active)
Nedeljko Cvorovic SERB 2-22 LKO 22 (still active)
Manuel Rubalcava MEX 2-22 LKO 5 (still active)
Mykola Korenev UKR 2-22 LKO 2 (still active)
Yoseidy Zarzuela DR 2-22 LKO 6 (still active)
Richard Harrison UK 2-22 LKO 2 (still active)
Cudjoe Darah GH 2-22 LKO 20 (still active)
Nukri Gabitashvili GEO 2-21 LKO 9 (still active)
Imeda Kveliashvili GEO 2-21 LKO 12 (still active)
Mareks Kovalevskis LAT 2-21-2 LKO 11 (still active)
Andy Neylon UK 2-21-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Srecko Janjic SERB 2-21-3 LKO 4 (still active)
William Armstead US 2-21 LKO 18 (still active)
Jody Allen NZ 2-20 LKO 13 (still active)
Konstantins Jurkovs LAT 2-20 LKO 20 (still active)

Joselito del Rosario DR 3-73 LKO 35
Frank Whestenberghs BELG 3-67-1 LKO 16
Rafael De la Cruz DR 3-66 LKO 35
Eduardo Gutierrez MEX 3-65-1 LKO 49
FaicalNaifer TUN 3-55-3 LKO 14
Tommy Jeans US 3-54 LKO 32
Jordon Keepers US 3-53-2 LKO 27
James Wilder US 3-53-1 LKO 18
Chris Brophy WAL 3-51-3 LKO 17
Slavomir Dendis SLO 3-49-2 LKO 37
Peter Balaz SLO 3-48-2 LKO 34 (still active)
Aaron Anderson US 3-48 LKO 7 (still active)
Carlton Brown US 3-48 LKO 30
Andy Harris UK 3-48-1 LKO 8 (still active)
Larry Givens US 3-46 LKO 29
Florians Strupits LAT 3-46 LKO 17 (still active)
Donald Tucker US 3-45 LKO 35
Attila Benkovics HUN 3-44 LKO 18 (still active)
Mauricio Fernandes da Cruz IT 3-44-5 LKO 5 (still active)
Jacques Pettibon US 3-44-8 LKO 9
Joe Maye US 3-43-2 LKO 15
Marnix Heytens BELG 3-42-2 LKO 21
Jamie Quinn UK 3-40-2 LKO 2 (still active)
Tyrone Bledsoe US 3-40 LKO 34
Gabriel Botos SLO/CZ 3-40-3 LKO 18
Atilla Szladek HUN 3-38 LKO 9 (still active)
Gela Khizanishvili GEO 3-37 LKO 12 (still active)
Pascal Bouchez BELG 3-36 LKO 7
Arnaldo Elias Romero PAR 3-35-3 LKO 16 (still active)
Robert Studzinski POL/UK 3-35 LKO 5 (still active)
Julio Gomez COL 3-34 LKO 32 (still active)
Herman Hemsley UK 3-34-1 LKO 4 (still active)
Allan Moore US 3-34 LKO 30 (still active)
John Willoughby US 3-34 LKO 8 (still active)
Daniel Shull US 3-33-1 LKO 7 (still active)
Levan Jirkerelishvili GEO 3-32 LKO 12
Kakha Kerezelidze GEO 3-32 LKO 20 (still active)
Mirza Ganic GER 3-33 LKO 30 (still active)
Laszlo Czene HUN 3-31 LKO 30 (still active)
Ramon Rafael SLO 3-30-3 LKO 16 (still active)
Ken Oyolo KEN 3-30-3 LKO 19 (still active)

Qasim Hussain UK 4-76-2 LKO 1 (still active)
John Basil Jackson US 4-75-2 LKO 13
Michael Pinnock UK 4-74-9 LKO 7
GiampaoloPiras IT/GER 4-68-9 LKO 17
Pavels Senkovs LAT/UK 4-68-5 LKO 2
Sandor Fekete HUN 4-65-4 LKO 9
Zolt Guyalog HUN 4-60-2 LKO 53 (still active)
Alejandro Lebron DR 4-57-4 LKO 12
Gary Thomas US 4-51-1 LKO 12
Terrance Wright US 4-51-2 LKO 31
Moses Ioelu NZ 4-49 LKO 22
Jose Vidal Sanchez DR 4-49 LKO 31 (still active)
Pat Brown US 4-47-2 LKO 22
Shaun Walton UK 4-47-3 LKO 7
Sylvester Wilder US 4-47 LKO 30
Tyrone Mack US 4-46 LKO 28
Guadalupe Arce MEX 4-46 LKO 43
Greg Cadiz US 4-46-2 LKO 13
Mike McFail US 4-43-2 LKO 12
Tyrone Dowdy US 4-42 LKO 29 (still active)
Dato Davitidze GEO 4-41 LKO 20 (still active)
Bearcat Jones US 4-41-1 LKO 14
Larry Sutton US 4-41 LKO 10
Nelson Cantero COL 4-41-1 LKO 9 (still active)
Stan Johnson US 4-40 LKO 37
Pavel Madalin ROM 4-40-2 LKO 23
Tony Golden US 4-40 LKO 12
Stefan Berza SLO 4-39 LKO 22 (still active)
Alix Djavoiev FR 4-38 LKO 4 (still active)

Josia Malquidesda Silva BRZ/IT 5-74-5 LKO 7
Liam Griffiths UK 5-74-1 LKO 3 (still active)
Titusz Szabo HUN 5-65-1 LKO 32 (still active)
Moses Matovu UG/UK 5-64-4 LKO 7
Antonio Luis Franca BRZ/IT 5-63-5 LKO 19
Jose Claudio Da Silva BRZ 5-63 LKO 31
Edison Jimenez COL 5-62-3 LKO 8 (still active)
Fonz Alexander UK 5-61 LKO 3 (still active)
Ryan Clark UK 5-57-4 LKO 5
Florin Oanea ROM 5-56-5 LKO 2 (still active)
Scott Sala US 5-56 LKO 29
James Holly US 5-55 LKO 55
Eugen Stan ROM 5-54-2 LKO 1
Anthony Travis US 5-52-1 LKO 19
Franklin Frias DR 5-50-3 LKO 10 (still active)
AntonLascek SLO 5-49-5 LKO 37
Lewis Van Poetsch UK 5-48-1 LKO 9 (still active)
Aneudy Mesa DR 5-47-1 LKO 17 (still active)
Juan Ruiz MEX 5-46-3 LKO 33
Guy Packer US 5-45-2 LKO 26 (still active)
Mauro Fernandes da Cruz BRZ/IT 5-45-4 LKO 11
Joe Coskey US 5-44-2 LKO 10
Beezy Thomas US 5-43-6 LKO 9
Shane Gierke US 5-43-2 LKO 28 (still active)
Ryan McNicol UK 5-40-3 LKO 2 (still active)
Carlos Bacasegua MEX 5-40-1 LKO 21 (still active)

Stefan Stanko SLO 6-67-1 LKO 59 (still active)
Jorge Ortiz COL/SP 6-60-4 LKO 9 (still active)
Mario Lupp GER 6-57-1 LKO 20
Marc Desforneaux FR 6-54-8 LKO 15
Tibor Horvath SLO 6-53-3 LKO 34
Randy Ready US 6-51-1 LKO 11
Robert Zsemberi SLO 6-47-2 LKO 38
Manuel Santiago PR/US 6-47 LKO 5
Zolt Botos CZ 6-46-1 LKO 13
Lorenzo Nardillo IT 6-46-7 LKO 10
Adjib Guessab ALG/FR 6-46-2 LKO 8
Daniel Maxwell NZ 6-46-2 LKO 9 (still active)
Pavel Siska CZ 6-45-1 LKO 39 (still active)
Richar Voros HUN 6-43 LKO 17
Andrew Patterson UK 6-41-3 LKO 9
Jose Aciolyde Barros BRZ 6-40-3 LKO 29 (still active)
Mihaly Kratki HUN 6-40-5 LKO 18 (still active)
Bobby Jones US 6-40-2 LKO 22

David Hinds UK 7-77 LKO 16
Ivica Cukusic CRO 7-74-4 LKO 19
Dan Blackwell UK 7-64 LKO 1 (still active)
Simas Volosinas LITH 7-62 LKO 7 (still active)
Jimmy Allen US 7-61-5 LKO 27
Mitch Mitchell UK 7-61-3 LKO 8 (still active)
Jorge Ortiz COL/SP 7-60-4 LKO 9 (still active)
Elvis Dube UK 7-57-2 LKO 5 (still active)
Ali Wyatt UK 7-56-2 LKO 9 (still active)
Julian Romero MEX 7-51-2 LKO 17
Juan Quintana US 7-50-2 LKO 15
James Rice US 7-48-6 LKO 16
Johnny Morris US 7-47-3 LKO 21
Raul Ascencio SP 7-46-2 LKO 9
Joey Blair US 7-46-1 LKO 32
Duane Smith UK 7-45-3 LKO 29
Geraint Harvey UK 7-45 LKO 8
Tibor Rafael SLO 7-45-2 LKO 33
Francisco Garcia Herrera SP 7-45-5 LKO 12
Sam Singh UK 7-44-4 LKO 15
Gilberto Lopez URG/ARG 7-44-7 LKO 6
Giuseppe Minotti IT 7-44-9 LKO 12
Bradley Rone US 7-43-3 LKO 13
Antonio Germano’ IT 7-42-4 LKO 8
Jose Vera US 7-42 LKO 18
Daniel Botlik HUN 7-41-3 LKO 9 (still active)
Ronny Daniels NETH 7-40 LKO 6
Tony Taylor US 7-40 LKO 12
Alvin Miller UK 7-40-2 LKO 23
Gabor Farkas HUN 7-40-6 LKO 15 (still active)

James Mullins US 8-70-2 LKO 40
Kieron Gray UK 8-64-2 LKO 8 (still active)
James Tucker UK 8-62-4 LKO 3
Manfred Ackers GER 8-59-4 LKO 16
Janos Somogyi HUN 8-58-3 LKO 20
Robert Andrasik SLO 8-56-2 LKO 33
Gheorghe Ghimpirica ROM 8-55 LKO 6 (still active)
Andre Crowder US 8-55-4 LKO 32
Colin McAuley UK 8-54-3 LKO 14
Tagir Rzaev AZE/RUS 8-52-1 LKO 12
Jonathan Ricablanca PH 8-52-2 LKO 12 (still active)
Rashaan Abdul Blackburn US 8-50-2 LKO 21
Juan Carlos Aranday MEX 8-49-5 LKO 22
Gerald Shelton US 8-49-3 LKO 11
Benjamin Rivas COL 8-48-3 LKO 32 (still active)
Anthony Greenley US 8-47-3 LKO 27 (still active)
Ali Amrane ALG/FR 8-46-9 LKO 0
Ladislav Nemeth SLO 8-46-7 LKO 14 (still active)
Steve Verdin US 8-45-2 LKO 16
Richard Inquieti UK 8-44-2 LKO 17
Sandy McEwan UK 8-44-15 LKO 4
Patrik Prokopecz SLO 8-44-5 LKO 29
Daniel Brunet FR 8-44-4 LKO 6
Marc Smith UK 8-43-2 LKO 10
Manuel Tarazon MEX 8-42-2 LKO 26
Charlie Hall US 8-42-3 LKO 20
Tyrone Jackson US 8-41-3 LKO 10

Juan Qunitana US 9-62-2 LKO 15
Calvin Moody US 9-62-2 LKO 31
Lopez McGee US 9-61 LKO 29
Eloi DeSouza BRZ/IT 9-60-5 LKO 13
Harold Gray US 9-55-2 LKO 15
George Kellman ANT/BAR/US 9-53-1 LKO 15
Rey Morano PH 9-52-2 LKO 26 (still active)
Lubo Hantak SLO 9-51-2 LKO 19
George Wilson US 9-51-5 LKO 18
Vance Garvey US 9-50-6 LKO 7 (still active)
Chris Jenkinson UK 9-48-3 LKO 8 (still active)
David Kehoe UK 9-47-3 LKO 19
Teddy Worth US 9-46-4 LKO 3
Jose Williams US 9-45-1 LKO 13
Charles Daughtry US 9-43-2 LKO 22 (still active)
Chico Corsey US 9-42-4 LKO 12
Mack Willis US 9-41-3 LKO 22
Victor Luis Britos Samudio PAR/ARG 9-41-1 LKO 30
Miroslav Kvocka SLO 9-41-1 LKO 24

John Smith UK 10-75-7 LKO 19
Dee Mitchell UK 10-75-2 LKO 2
Lubos Priehadnik SLO 10-67-1 LKO 16
Tomas Mrazek CZ 10-65-6 LKO 22 (still active)
Anthony Bowman US 10-62-2 LKO 24 (still active)
Casey Truesdale US 10-61-3 LKO 37
Julius Rafael SLO 10-60-7 LKO 20 (still active)
Santos Medrano NIC/SP 10-56-1 LKO 11 (still active)
Richard Dinkins UK 10-52-4 LKO 37
Jorge Romero MEX 10-49-1 LKO 30
Paz Viejo NZ 10-48-2 LKO 13
Jose Hiram Torres US 10-48-3 LKO 26
Josip Jaluzic MEX/US 10-47-1 LKO 22 (still active)
Borislava Goranova BULG 10-46-3 LKO 5 (still active)
Andre Baker US 10-46-3 LKO 15 (still active)
Paul Gentry US 10-43-1 LKO 25
Alexander Saltykov RUS 10-42-3 LKO 30 (still active)
Alejandro Cardoso ANG 10-41-8 LKO 17
Julio Ibarra MEX/US 10-41-1 LKO 9
Mack Willis US 10-41-2 LKO 22
Reggie Nash US 10-40-1 LKO 31 (still active)
Galina Gumliiska BULG 10-39-1 LKO 8 (still active)

David Kirk UK 11-75-3 LKO 10
Kevin Carter US 11-75-1 LKO 18 (still active)
Attila Kiss HUN/CZ 11-72-3 LKO 13 (still active)
Sergei Tasimov EST 11-67-4 LKO 18 (still active)
Steve Gethin UK 11-64-3 LKO 12
Joseph Figueroa US 11-62-5 LKO 2 (still active)
Jose Luis Montes MEX 11-60-1 LKO 31
Damon Antoine US 11-58-2 LKO 16
John Moore US 11-56-2 LKO 13
Jevgenijs Fjodorovs LAT 11-55-6 LKO 11 (still active)
Terrence Roy US 11-53 LKO 43 (still active)
William Johnson US 11-51-2 LKO 23 (still active)
Ron Pettigrew US 11-49-5 LKO 19
Adrian Parlogea ROM 11-46 LKO 26 (still active)
Robert Marsh US 11-45-3 LKO 13
Josef Kossmann GER 11-44-6 LKO 18
Anthony Osboune US 11-42-1 LKO 9 (still active)
Mustapha Stini BELG 11-41-1 LKO 12 (still active)
Carla Witherspoon US 11-41-1 LKO 11

Jamie Ambler UK 12-70-2 LKO 9 (still active)
Wayne Grant US 12-65-1 LKO 38
Ravil Mukhamadiyarov LAT/RUS 12-61-2 LKO 28
Larry McCall US 12-59 LKO 23
Jody Meikle UK 12-57-3 LKO 3
Leroy Williamson UK 12-55-3 LKO 8
Donnie Parker US 12-53-1 LKO 17
Reggie Sanders US 12-47-4 LKO 12
Martins Kukulis LAT 12-46 LKO 18
Bruce Scott US 12-46-1 LKO 26
Danny Blake US 12-45-6 LKO 0
Darrell Miller US 12-45-4 LKO 24
Mike McFail US 12-44-2 LKO 13
Kenny Brown US 12-43 LKO 9
Dean Walker UK 12-42-3 LKO 9
Walter Pupu’a TON/AUST 12-41 LKO 29 (still active)
Marion Wilson US 12-41-4 LKO 0
Joe Arcienega MEX/US 12-41-14 LKO 17
Daniel Gonzalez US 12-41-2 LKO 11 (still active)

Jose Resto US/PR 13-74-8 LKO 5
Arek Malek POL 13-70-5 LKO 5
Marvin Ladson US 13-66-2 LKO 43
Richard Wilson US 13-64-3 LKO 14
Vernon Garrett US 13-62 LKO 19
Jean Tshikuna CON/BELG 13-58 LKO 9
Martin Jolley UK 13-58-4 LKO 23
Larry McCall US 13-58 LKO 22
Alfonso De la Hoz COL 13-57-6 LKO 5 (still active)
Lester Yarbrough US 13-50-1 LKO 15
Eliseo Nogueira PORT 13-49-3 LKO 8
Jose Cataneo US 13-47-2 LKO 14
Robert Garcia US 13-46-5 LKO 20
Patrik Hruska CZ 13-43 LKO 5
Michael Rodriguez PH 13-43-1 LKO 3 (still active)
Jesse Abrams US 13-42-4 LKO 16
Michael Isaac Carrero NIC/SP 13-41-4 LKO 10 (still active)
AndrasVarga HUN 13-41-3 LKO 8 (still active)

Julian Eavis UK 14-74-4 LKO 13
Karoly Lakatos HUN 14-55-1 LKO 22 (still active)
Gabriele Lazzari IT 14-52-11 LKO 15
Hector Ramirez MEX/US 14-49-1 LKO 25
Robert Warmbrunn GER 14-49-5 LKO 22
Mark Lee Dawson UK 14-48 LKO 17
Charlie Jordan US 14-47-2 LKO 18
Justo Almazan MEX/US 14-45-5 LKO 9
Dennis Burley US 14-42-1 LKO 18
Reynaldo Cajna NIC 14-41-5 LKO 10 (still active)
Aurelio Diaz ARG/SP 14-41-6 LKO 13
Travis Clayburn US 14-41 LKO 27
Marvin Hart US 14-40-1 LKO 37 (still active)
Franklin Edmondson US 14-40-1 LKO 14
Jim Bowden US 14-40-3 LKO 31

Roy Bedwell US 15-71-1 LKO 43
Jerry Smith US 15-64-1 LKO 27
Marris Virgil US 15-63-3 LKO 42
Daren Ashton UK 15-56-3 LKO 19
Bill Outley US 15-54-2 LKO 43
Andrew Greeley US 15-47-3 LKO 10
Roberto Carlos Mario Marin ARG 15-45-2 LKO 4 (still active)
Robert DaLuz US 15-44-3 LKO 7
Rubin Ruiz US 15-43-2 LKO 25
Steve Ward UK 15-40-3 LKO 14

Claudia Ferenczi SLO 16-58-6 LKO 3 (still active)
Simeon Cover UK 16-58-2 LKO 15
Sergey Starkov RUS 16-58-2 LKO 9
Robert Greg Thomas US 16-57-4 LKO 13
Aleksandr Janovic SERB 16-54 LKO 35 (still active)
Eric Rhinehart US 16-53-2 LKO 29
Ever Garcia Hernandez COL 16-50-2 LKO 25 (still active)
Wesley Martin US 16-51-8 LKO 21
Paul Wesley UK 16-50-5 LKO 18
Juan Ramos US 16-47-2 LKO 16
Frank Niblett US 16-45-11 LKO 18
Ruslans Pojonisevs LAT 16-41-1 LKO 9 (still active)
Istvan Orsos HUN 16-41-2 LKO 13 (still active)

Leigh Wicks UK 17-68-4 LKO 9
Jerry Smith US 17-65-1 LKO 28
Aliaksandr Abramenkda BEL 17-59-1 LKO 33 (still active)
Benjamin Robles Murry BOL 17-57-4 LKO 16
Andrejs Loginovs LT 17-48-2 LKO 13 (still active)
Eric Wood UK 17-47-4 LKO 6
Adolfo Rios ARG 17-46-6 LKO 10
Tim Knight US 17-43 LKO 20
Fernand Banckaert BELG 17-42-4 LKO 20

Wladimire Borov BULG 18-65-1 LKO 17
Norbert Szekeres HUN 18-58-3 LKO 15 (still active)
Yordan Vasilev BULG 18-45-2 LKO 16 (still active)
Chris Woolas UK 18-45-8 LKO 22
Lou Bailey US 18-44-5 LKO 11
Ike White US 18-40-4 LKO 7

Aswin Cadbuy AST 19-62-4 LKO 29 (still active)
Viktor Szalai HUN 19-57-4 LKO 38 (still active)
Peter Feher SLO 19-52-11 LKO 34
Max Maxwell UK 19-47-3 LKO 2
Jindrich Velecky CZ 19-46 LKO 11 (still active)
Ivan Godor SLO 19-45-4 LKO 8 (still active)
Roberto Oyan PH/AUST 19-45-5 LKO 11 (still active)
Jose Robledo SP 19-43-10 LKO 3
Gabriel Lecrosnier FR 19-43-4 LKO 8 (still active)
Zeofia Bedo HUN 19-41-1 LKO 11 (still active)

Remigius Ziausys LITH 20-78-5 LKO 3 (still active)
Ojay Abrahams UK 20-76-4 LKO 17
Ferenc Zsalik HUN 20-59-6 LKO 25 (still active)
Dondon Lapuz PH 20-48-7 LKO 22
Sam Gervins US 20-48 LKO 18
Johnny Cunningham US 20-47-4 LKO 16
Misa Nikolic ROM 20-44-2 LKO 31 (still active)
Samuel Tehuayo INDO 20-42-2 LKO 7 (still active)
Roman Vanicky CZ 20-41-2 LKO 15 (still active)

Vladimir Varhegyi SLO 21-70-3 LKO 16
Niger Senior UK 21-70-5 LKO 18
Volodymyr Borovsky UKR 21-61-2 LKO 12 (still active)
Martin Quiroz MEX/US 21-52-4 LKO 24
Leonti Vorontsuk EST 21-50-1 LKO 23
Zack Page US 21-45-2 LKO 5
Jack Amisa US 21-44 LKO 16 (still active)
Rodel Tejares PH 21-43-7 LKO 19 (still active)
Thomas Hengstberger Austria 21-42-3 LKO 25
Ollie Wilson US 21-42 LKO 20

Ignac Kassai HUN 22-55-2 LKO 25 (still active)
Jake Torrance US 22-79-2 LKO 16
David McCluskey US 22-73-6 LKO 32
Hastings Rasani ZIM/UK 22-68-5 LKO 25
Mark Sales PH 22-42-4 LKO 7 (still active)
Ubadel Soto COL 22-41-2 LKO 17 (still active)

Jimmy Taylor US 23-58-7 LKO 5
Hugh Civatte US 23-58-10 LKO 20
Maurycy Gojko POL 23-53-5 LKO 10 (still active)
Alex Perez CUB/US 23-47-4 LKO 28
Boido Simanjuntak INDO 23-47-2 LKO 20 (still active)
Mariusz Biskupski POL 23-45-2 LKO 19 (still active)
Euclides Espitia COL/SP 23-41-3 LKO 10

Keheven Johnson US 24-71-6 LKO 36
Pete Manchio US 24-48-8 LKO 4
Marty Robbins US 24-46-1 LKO 13
Travis Fulton US 24-45-1 LKO 32 (still active)
Janos Petrovics HUN 25-88-2 LKO 22 (still active)
Arvdas Trizno LITH 25-63-3 LKO 8 (still active)
Anthony Campbell US 25-63-2 LKO 33
Adam Peck US 25-60-6 LKO 10
Shannon Miller US 25-55-8 LKO 30
Falazona Fidal IND 25-48-2 LKO 18 (still active)
Kenneth Kid US 25-42 LKO 18

Marteze Logan US 26-70-2 LKO 20
Nigel Rafferty UK 26-69-9 LKO 29
David Robinson US 26-65-4 LKO 34
Harold Alle US 26-52-6 LKO 9
Baby Kid Chocolate US 26-50-10 LKO 11
Johnny Troncone US 26-45-9 LKO 16
Jose Luis Velarde MEX 26-41 LKO 22
Howard Clarke UK 27-79-2 LKO 14
Rakhim Mingaleyev RUS/UKR 27-67-2 LKO 13
Clyde English US 27-59-12 LKO 21
Dennis McKinney US 28-59-1 LKO 23 (still active)
James Johnson US 28-45-4 LKO 25 (still active)
Larry Esposito US 29-79-13 LKO 28
Miguel Leonardo Caceres ARG 29-58-8 LKO 3 (still active)
Vicente Medina MEX/US 29-47-4 LKO 13

Leonardoo Resendiz MEX 30-34-1 LKO 31
Lorenzo Boyd US 30-54-1 LKO 41
Dave Wyatt US 30-51-2 LKO 22
Marcelo Antonio Gomez ARG/BOL 31-55-6 LKO 18 (still active)
Anthony Ivory US 32-78-5 LKO 5
Miguel Angel Munguia MEX 33-36-1 LKO 26 (still active)
Marcus Rhode US 35-51-2 LKO 44
Mickey Fedor CUB/US 35-52-18 LKO 5
Jay Macedon US 35-56-15 LKO 9
Jackie Quinn IRE 37-56-10 LKO 7
Jaime Barcelona PH 39-61-1 LKO 5 (still active)
Sam Shumway US 57-76-5 LKO 71
Roberto Valenzuela MEX 69-75-2 LKO 40 (still active)

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One Eye & a Bag of Tricks That Was Philly’s “Gypsy” Joe Harris

Posted on 06/30/2017

One Eye & a Bag of Tricks That Was Philly’s “Gypsy” Joe Harris
By: Ken Hissner

In the 60’s the baddest gym in Philadelphia was the 23rd PAL on Colombia Avenue. Such boxers as “Bad” Bennie Briscoe, “Cyclone” Hart, “Sugar” Hart, “Classy” Al Massey, Jimmy Young, “Boogaloo” Watts, “Smokin” Joe Frazier and the one-eyed “Gypsy” Joe Harris trained there.


“I came to the 23rd PAL from the 39th PAL and was one of the few boxers. The others there liked to go to war. One day in order to see whowas the baddest guy in the gym insteps none other than “Bad” Bennie Briscoe and “Gypsy” Joe Harris into the ring. There was no referee or trainers involved. It was only for about a one when police officer Duke Dugent who ran the gym with an iron hand jumped in the ring pulling the two of them apart! Duke yelled at the two and said NEVER AGAIN! You’ve heard of Philly Gym Wars?

This was best of the best,” said Al Massey.

Briscoe was the AAU 147 champion and had a jab coming up from the floor like a sledge hammer always coming forward. Harris on the other hand was as slippery as you could get using angles (due to the eye) with arms wrapped around himself and weaving around hard to hit.

“He don’t make plans because he don’t know what he going to do until he do it,” said Willie Reddish (trainer). Born in Camden, NJ, word is Harris was “bag snatching” on Halloween and got hit in the right eye with a brick! He was a jokester so when he took eye exams he joked and got by them.

I was there the night Harris was fighting “Irish” Bobby Cassidy, a southpaw, who was holding Harris with his right hand on Harris’ left shoulder and he still couldn’t hit him! He had a bald head and could slip punch after punch.

Harris’ biggest win was over then welterweight champion Curtis Cokes in a non-title fight at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He would be asked afterwards “where’s the party?” He replied “ain’t no party here man, I’m from Philly!”

Today Cokes would have been stripped of his title for he was “nowhere to be found” when Harris showed up in Dallas for the rematch this time for the title! There was no ring in the hotel lobby and Cokes was “out fishing” per the local newspaper with picture in a row boat! Harris would move up to middleweight never to get close to a title fight again.

Harris turned professional in November of 1964 in Worcester, MASS, stopping Fred Walker in 3 rounds. In 1965 he went 9-0. In 1966 he defeated C.L. Lewis over 6 rounds in a bout filled with bad blood between the two of them. In May of 1966 he took on fellow Philly fighter Johnny Knight, 14-4-1 improving to 13-0 with the last 12 fights all in Philadelphia.

In October of 1966 Harris took on fellow Philadelphian Stanley “Kitten” Hayward, 22-2-1, stopping him in 6 rounds though coming off the floor in the third round. Next up was Cuban Jose Stable, 27-8-2, defeating Sidney “Sweet Pea” Adams and C.L. Lewis in NY. Then he defeated Cokes, Philly’s Charley Scott and Hayward in NY before coming to Philly to defeat Dick Turner, 19-0-1. In 1965 he lost in a title fight to Emile Griffith before returning to Philly losing to Percy Manning. He would lose to Harris in 1966.

Harris would go onto stop Knight in a rematch in 1967. Then he had the non-title win over Cokes weighing 151 improving to 18-0 at MSG before returning to Philly weighing 160 defeating Teddy Wright, 46-15-10.He would return to Dallas in the co-feature to Cokes defending against France’s Francois Pavilla. Harris posted a win but was at 158 ½ while 3 months later down to 152 in a war against Miguel Barreto, 15-1, winning a close one. Then coming off the canvas in the ninth to defeat Cassidy and win a rematch with Barreto. In February of 1968 he beat Dick DiVeronica, 38-8, just 6 months to his career ending fight against former world champion Emile Griffith, 55-9 in Philly.

Just before the Griffith fight Harris would marry a bar maid in Atlantic City and disappear showing up at the 23rd PAL Gym. “I only had a week to get him back in shape for Griffith,” said Duke Dugent (ran the gym). He was up to 160 losing to Griffith over 12 rounds. His offense was not there but his defense was. His 24 bout win streak was stopped. This fight set an indoor attendance record in Philly.

Getting back into the ring with Manny Gonsalves was to be his comeback fight when it was finally discovered at the examination he had no sight in an eye. The charade and career for Harris was over. It was blamed on a gym war with C.L. Lewis who thumbed him and Harris hit him in return in the “family jewels!” With a blood filled eye it brought the attention of the physician.

This writer made an attempt to get Harris to either Puerto Rico or Canada where he would possibly be able to fight. I was with him at the 23rd PAL with Dugent and we went to his family doctor to get the records to prove he had been blind fighting for some time but the doctor was not there. I never saw Harris again and he never fought again! Harris was one of the most “colorful” boxers out of Philadelphia in their history! He was only 22 and lived another 22 years before dying from a heart ailment at age 44! He is still talked about in Philly gyms this day.

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Muhammad Ali’s Offer of a Million to “Sugar” Ray Robinson Rejected!

Posted on 05/04/2017

Muhammad Ali’s Offer of a Million to “Sugar” Ray Robinson Rejected!
By: Ken Hissner

It was after Muhammad Ali won the world title in 1964 over then champion Sonny Liston that he announced he had joined the Nation of Islam.

FILE - In this March 1, 1964, file photo, heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, right, is shown with black muslim leader Malcolm X outside the Trans-Lux Newsreel Theater in New York, after viewing the screening of a film about Ali's title fight with Sonny Liston. Ali turns 70 on Jan. 17, 2012.  (AP Photo/File)

Considered by most historians as the greatest pound for pound boxer in the history of boxing was “Sugar” Ray Robinson the former welterweight and middleweight champion.

After winning the title Ali was invited to join Robinson on the island of Jamaica in 1965 as a celebrity trainer for one of Robinson’s fights. In March Robinson was fighting Philadelphia’s Jimmy Beecham in Kingston.

As the story goes there were two figures mentioned. Ali either offered Robinson a million dollars or $700,000 if he would become a Muslim. The money would come from Muslims donating $1.00 each. Robinson informed Ali that he could not accept such an offer being a Christian.

It’s been reported recently that the FBI has made public the racist remarks Ali made against white people. One thing not mentioned is that his trainer was Italian Angelo Dundee and his cut man a white Cuban named Ferdie Pacheco. Wali Muhammad was the assistant trainer along with Bundini Brown.

In December of 1990 Ali was responsible for bringing home 15 hostages from Iraq which included both black and white.

Pacheco would inject needles into Ali’s tender hands when Ali’s manager Herbert Muhammad requested he put a halt to it. Pacheco advised if he didn’t do this “Frazier would kick his ass!”

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Who is the pound-for-pound ruler: April 2017 Edition: Who’s Number One?

Posted on 04/07/2017

Who is the pound-for-pound ruler: April 2017 Edition: Who’s Number One?
By: Kirk Jackson

Who is the best fighter pound-for-pound as we close the chapter on the first quarter of the calendar year?
With Roman Gonzalez 46-1 (38 KO’s) recently falling albeit in controversial fashion, this leaves an opportunity for another fighter to seize the no.1 position. Gonzalez was cited by most media outlets at the top pound-for-pound guy prior to his defeat.

Who are the most qualified fighters to occupy the position as the no. 1 guy?


It’s important to know what to look for, so we’ll use criterion from Ring magazine as a set of guidelines.

1. Results. This is the most objective criterion and takes precedence over all others.
2. Performance. How a fighter performs in a victory or defeat can be a factor to determine his place in the ratings.
3. Track record: A fighter’s accomplishments in the recent past can be a factor to determine his place in the ratings. That includes quality of opposition.

This isn’t law, but it provides a rough estimate on what we can use to establish who is fit as the no.1 fighter pound-for-pound.

Here are the candidates.

Gennady Golovkin 36-0-0 (33 KO’s). Super WBA, WBC and IBF middleweight champion.

The Good:

Golovkin is one of the more dominant fighters in recent memory and the most dominant champion in the middleweight division since Bernard Hopkins. ESPN’s Dan Rafael has Golovkin as the best fighter pound-for-pound.

Golovkin has a well decorated amateur background capturing an Olympic silver medal at the 2004 games in Athens. His skills transcended into the professional ranks as he currently holds three middleweight world titles, possessed a 23 fight knock-out streak and is 18-0 (17 KO’s) in world title fights.

Golovkin possesses a piercing, accurate jab, displays great ring generalship with his ability to cut off the ring, has a solid chin (never been knocked down) and has tremendous punching power sporting an 89% knock-out ratio.

The Bad:

The biggest markagainst Golovkin is his lack of quality opposition and the debatable narrative of his boogeyman status within the world of boxing.

As a skilled fighter with punching prowess it’s easy to see how Golovkin may be avoided by some fighters but there are willing participants wanting to face Golovkin and these match-ups have not come into fruition. Erislandy Lara, James DeGale, Andre Ward come to mind.

Politics are a part of boxing and it’s unfair to blame a particular side especially if we do not know the details of hypothetical match-ups.

As Golovkin approaches the age of 35, time may be potentially running short for ‘GGG’ to attract some of bigger names of the sport and to add names to further cement his legacy.

Vasyl Lomachenko 7-1-0 (5 KO’s). WBO Super featherweight champion.

The Good:

Lomachenko is regarded by many boxing analysts as one of the greatest amateur fighters of all time. He won a silver medal at the 2007 World Championships, consecutive gold medals at the 2009 and 2011 World Championships, and consecutive gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

Lomachenko won the WBO featherweight title in his third fight and has a record of 6-1-0 (4 KO) in world title fights. He became a two division world champion in just seven professional fights breaking the record set by Naoya Inoue of two divisional world titles in eight fights set in 2014.

The Ukrainian star also known as ‘Hi-Tech’ possesses excellent hand speed, superb reflexes, offensive versatility and tremendous lateral movement.

The Bad:

From a skill standpoint, Lomachenko is there. He has arguably the best footwork in boxing. But he has less than ten fights on his resume and is it possible for a fighter lacking the professional experience to be regarded as the best pound-for-pound?

Although there is a lack of experience, Lomachenko is facing top opposition.Nicolas Walters and Gary Russell Jr. are elite fighters. Orlando Salido – the only man to defeat Lomachenko, may not be considered elite, but he’s as rugged as they come and a tough match-up for anyone.

Lomachenko’s next opponent Jason Sosa is solid fighter – if not considered elite opposition.

Lomachenko is a few fights away from potentially securing top status as the pound-for-pound king. Perhaps a fight against undefeated three division champion Mikey Garcia 36-0 (30 KO’s) awaits Lomachenko in the near future and may propel him to the top.

Terence Crawford 30-0-0 (21 KO’s).WBC, WBO, The Ring and lineal junior welterweight champion.

The Good:

Crawford is a two division world champion, currently holding the unified WBC, WBO, Ring magazine, and lineal light welterweight titles since 2016.

Crawford previously held the WBO, Ring, and lineal lightweight titles from 2014 to 2015 and was voted Fighter of the Year for 2014 by the Boxing Writers Association of America and ESPN.

Crawford is an extremely gifted fighter equipped with high boxing I.Q., technical prowess, good hand speed, punching power and mental tenacity.

All of these qualities describe a nightmarish match-up for opponents.

Oh yeah, Crawford is also a switch-hitter; likes to switch from the orthodox (right-handed) stance to southpaw (left-handed) ala Marvin Hagler and appears to be more effective from the southpaw stance.

The Bad:

From a technical standpoint the only slight criticism of Crawford is he occasionally has lulls on the defensive end and gets hit with unnecessary punches.

Crawford has the skills and a solid resume.

He effectively cleared out the lightweight division. The switch-hitter defeated the likes of Ricky Burns, Raymond Beltran and YuriorkisGamboa. He even moved up in weight to junior welterweight and defeated Viktor Postol – a fighter regarded as the best in the division.

As great as Crawford is, the career defining super-fight is an ever elusive target. As talks of facing Manny Pacquiao continue to fade, it’s difficult to imagine Crawford getting the super-fight against the high quality pound-for-pound opponent (Pacquiao) he desires.

Andre Ward: 31-0-0 (15 KO’s). Undisputed WBA, IBF and WBO light heavyweight champion.

The Good:

One of the most gifted fighters of his generation, second arguably to Floyd Mayweather, War d is a complete fighter. Defensively oriented, Ward has the ability to fight at any distance and excels at fighting in close proximity.

America’s last male Olympic gold medalist, Ward once ruled the super middleweight division as the winner of the Super Six World Boxing Classic tournament and was the unified WBC, WBA and lineal champion defeating notable fighters such as Mikkel Kessler, Carl Froch, Arthur Abraham and Chad Dawson.

Last November, Ward moved up to the light heavyweight division and battled pound-for-pound contemporary Sergey Kovalev in the most significant fight of 2016. Because of the magnitude of the fight, it was believed by many boxing critics the winner would ascend as the pound-for-pound king.

The Bad:

A criticism in the past about Ward has been his stretches of inactivity. These stretches of inactivity were either due to injury or due to promotional issues – both of which have been resolved for the time being.

Another knock on Ward is with his most recent and significant victory. Many spectators believe Kovalev won the fight and unfortunately for Ward, he is not given the credit for defeating Kovalev.

Perhaps the rematch in June will give both the fighters and observers the resolution and clarity they seek.
Final Take:

How we measure skills is subjective. Each fighter mentioned has a unique skill set, different from each other.
As an observer, it’s okay to have a preference for one style over another. But it’s important to understand the effectiveness of other styles and to have an appreciation for various skill sets as well.

What separates Ward from Crawford, Golovkin and Lomachenko is the level of opposition. The others have good resumes as far as opposition goes but Ward actually faced and defeated a pound-for-pound contemporary (Kovalev). If Kovalev defeats Ward in the rematch later this year, he obviously has a case for the no.1 position pound-for-pound.

Wins over Chad Dawson and Carl Froch – fighters who both had stints on the top ten pound-for-pound list also gives Ward the edge regarding resume.

Again, how we view fighters and measure them against another is all subjective. Each fighter has a valid case for the top spot.

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