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7 Feet Tall Boxing Champion Marselles Brown Wins New WBC Championship Title

Posted on 11/20/2016

7 Feet Tall Boxing Champion Marselles Brown Wins New WBC Championship Title
by Belinda Ware

Growing up as a kid, Marselles Brown became fascinated with the art of boxing. Throughout his initial career to the present, he never acknowledged the word “impossible.” As a professional boxer, he continues to beat the odds living up to his nickname as “More than a Conqueror.”

Standing at 7 feet tall, Marselles Brown is setting records as the tallest professional boxer to become a world heavyweight champion in the United States and in the WBU.


The WBU title was vacated prior to this bout but Brown has now secured yet another prestigious belt adding to his successful career. On November 18th, Brown defeated El Chango Lopez earning him the WBC Central America and Caribbean title.

Brown defeated Lopez with a KO in the 5th round live from Mexico. Brown entered the ring with a cool demeanor ready to fight. His technique in the ring was focused and precise moving, gliding and calculating his opponent with the eyes of a masterful champion.

Brown’s new WBC title win came in the 5th round of the fight. It is similar to his 5th round knockout bout with Chauncy Welliver, former WBC C.A. Champion, a fight where Brown earned the WBU World title. More recently, Brown defeated Saul Montana to win the WBU Heavyweight title.

In an interview today with Brown regarding his new WBC championship title, he shared, “ I want to thank the fans and my family and the media for their support. I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude right now. This is an amazing feeling.”

What’s next for Marselles Brown? Possibly the Guinness Book of World Records.

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