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Talkin Boxing with LeRoy Neiman

Posted on 04/15/2008

World renowned artist and boxing buff LeRoy Neiman recently discussed some current events in the boxing world with Boxinginsider: Who would win Sugar Ray Robinson or Bernard Hopkins?

LeRoy Neiman: “I don’t know. It would be a hard fight. Sugar Ray Robinson was very smart. Not smarter than Hopkins though.” Hagler vs. Hopkins?

LeRoy Neiman: “Hagler would make him fight, I know that. Hopkins is very defensive right now. Every time he throws a punch, he’s ready to back off. Judah gets an opponent hurt, he goes right after the guy. (He’s) young. Hopkins gets a guy set up now, he doesn’t follow it up that much. He lets you get away. It takes something to go after a guy when he’s hurt. He’s dangerous then.” Do you think Klitschko will beat Rahman?

LeRoy Neiman: “Yes.” What are Your thoughts on Klitschko?

: “He just will. I like Klitschko. I think he’d beat most guys. I’d like to see Monte Barrett get a shot. He’s grown into a full heavyweight now.” What do you remember about Carlos Monzon?

LeRoy Neiman: “He was a very good fighter. He was a light heavyweight (who managed to make 160).” Was he good enough to beat Robinson?

LeRoy Neiman: “No.”

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