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Q & A with WBA World Light Middleweight Champion Austin Trout

Posted on 01/03/2013

by Chris Cella

Austin “No Doubt” Trout did more than simply remain undefeated in 2012. He exploded onto the boxing scene with his dominating win and fourth world title defense over Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden last month. With the win, Trout extended his unblemished record to 26-0, 14 KO, and showed the boxing world that there is “no doubt” regarding his standing as WBA world light middleweight champion.

Boxing Insider strong caught up with Austin Trout do discuss the win over Cotto as well as his plans going forward in 2013 as he looks to continue to remain unbeaten and retain his world title belt. It should be interesting over the next few weeks to see how his next title defense materializes, but fans can be ensured that regardless of whom the opponent is, Austin Trout will undoubtedly put on a show.

Boxing Insider: The win over Cotto was by far the biggest of your career. You sent a message to the other fighters in the light middleweight division that you are the real deal. In addition to the fourth title defense, what else do you feel the win did for your career?

Austin Trout: I want to be the unified champion at this point in my boxing career. The best thing for me to do is get another belt.

Boxing Insider: You have been a quiet storm through your career, but have exploded onto the scene with the win over Cotto. Have things changed in your life since the win?

Austin Trout: Yeah it’s crazy. Everywhere I go, people want a picture or an autograph. And a lot of people say ‘I’m sorry to bother you’, but you know, it’s no bother. It’s kind of what we work for, and part of the job description.

Boxing Insider: There has been some speculation about your next opponent being Floyd Mayweather or Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. At the end of the day does it really matter to you who your next opponent is?

Austin Trout: I’m definitely ready to go back to work. Also, I don’t want to wait. I look forward to beating someone who has a belt, or a pound-for-pound king like Mayweather or Sergio Martinez. Someone like that. But I don’t want to wait for them either; I’d rather fight in March, then come back in June or July, and fight again in September or October. I want to be busy and continue to fight names and you know, contenders, if not champions.

Boxing Insider: Following the win over Cotto, Floyd Mayweather said you didn’t face the real Miguel Cotto. What are your thoughts about that?

Austin Trout: Things like that don’t even phase me; I don’t pay attention to it. A lot of times it’s not even them from where it is coming from; it’s someone else speaking for them. And they’re not man enough to talk for themselves.

Boxing Insider: You made the win over Cotto look pretty easy. He exited the ring looking like he was in a train wreck, while your face was barely blemished. Few people outside of your team believed you would go in and dominate in that kind of fashion. What is your secret?

Austin Trout: (Laughing) Well you know I can’t let them know that; I can’t let everyone know my secrets. Haha. But really, it’s the confidence. I feel like I worked very hard for a long time. Just because I’m anonymous doesn’t mean I haven’t been anywhere. And I’ve seen a lot. I think every experience I have been through has worked for me, and I have taken something from every experience to prepare me for the next, which ultimately has helped me to become an all-around fighter. Well I guess it’s pretty much not even a secret.

Boxing Insider: You have shown inside the ring that if you want to bang, you will bang, and if you want to box, you will box. Stylistically who do you think would be the optimal matchup for you?

Austin Trout: As far as one of the best fights for the fans, I think Canelo would be a really good fight. He throws a lot of punches like me; and he can take them, and give them, which would make me open up. I think me and Canelo would be a great fight; we would put on a show for the fans. Me and Floyd would turn into a counter puncher’s nightmare, where we are both trying to counter punch. Still I feel like I have the adaptability necessary to beat Floyd, but I think as far as fan wise, me and Canelo would be the great fight.

Boxing Insider: Besides a fifth title defense, what are your goals for 2013?

Austin Trout: I have three goals- make it on the pound-for-pound top 10 list, become the unified champion, and remain undefeated.

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