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Media Interview with Ricky Hatton

October 18, 2007, 2:00 p.m. ET

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, PRESIDENT, GOLDEN BOY PROMOTIONS: Thank you very much. Well we’re very excited to hear that Ricky Hatton is right on schedule. When we did the press tour, I’ve never seen him in better shape this early before a fight, so that’s obviously an indication that this fight is, to him, everything. And this is an indication of how big this event can be. The fight is sold out. I believe it’s the fastest selling fight in history, including my fight with Floyd Mayweather, so that goes to show you the star power that Ricky Hatton brings to the table. We are over 10,000 seats sold on close circuit in Los Vegas alone. Again, that shows you the people that will be coming and traveling from England to support Ricky Hatton.

The fight will be live on HBO pay-per-view December 8th. The fight is billed as undefeated. You have two undefeated fighters and we’re going to see that night whose 0 is going to go. So without any further ado, I would like to introduce to you the reigning Ring Magazine junior welterweight world champion, two time IBF junior welterweight world champion. He’s ranked number 10 by the “The Ring” pound for pound list. He’s the former WBA welterweight world champion, “The Ring” 2005 fighter of the year, Ricky Hatton.

RICKY HATTON: Thank you, Oscar. Yes, just great to touch base with obviously all the reporters in the press, you know, over in the United States. And I’ll just start, besides me training camp goals. It’s been a long training camp for this fight. By the time fight night comes it would have been a 13-week training camp.

And as Oscar mentioned earlier, that, you know, about that British fight, you know, normally, as everybody knows, I can tend to put on a pound or two in between fights, but for this particular fight though I was nowhere near as heavy as what I normally am. And, but I think that’s balanced itself off.

I’ve already had two fights this year, obviously beating Juan Urango in January and recently Jose Luis Castillo, so yes, you prepare at that time really. I mean I’ve come off one of the best performance against Castillo. Floyd has come off one of the best wins of his career against, obviously, Oscar, and because I’ve kept busy, I’ve kept in great shape, you know, I’ve had the best performance, one of the best performances of my career. And I think it was about that time to get this fight, and I just can’t wait really. I mean everything from the ticket sales have gone well, the coverage in the press in Great Britain is massive. It’s been labeled as one of the, you know, the best, biggest British fights to involve a British fighter. And it’s probably been said that should I win, which I intend to do so, it’ll be, it’ll go down in history as Britain’s greatest boxer to win in a boxing match, which, so I don’t think it needs me to underline how important this fight is for me.

Floyd Mayweather being at the top of his game for such a long time now and different weight world championships he’s captured. I think I probably know more about Floyd’s style and his career and his world fights than probably most fighters out there that are, if any. So I’ve constantly had the tapes and studying the tapes. I know what his strengths are. I know what his weaknesses are. I know – I’ve been watching fights where these, fights where he’s been least comfortable, and very pleasing for me I think those are fights where it shows him at his least most comfortable was the first fight against Jose Luis Castillo who was able to bully him to the ropes a lot and, you know, bearing in mind I don’t think Castillo has got as good or faster footwork and just footwork as me and physically as strong as me and as quick as me. You know, and Castillo is still able to do that lightweight (ph) Oscar. You know, put the pressure on, you know, and Floyd didn’t seem to like it. I think he’s when he’s got less time to think about what he can, what he’s got to do.

So I understand I’m an underdog in this fight with obviously everything that Floyd has done, but, you know, you look at Oscar’s fights and you look at the Castillo fights and the fights against people who have put the pressure on him, he’s looking a little bit less comfortable. And actually I would consider myself Mr. Pressure if you like, you know, so I intend to set a high pace, don’t waste too many punches, you know. He is – and just, and just not leaving him alone, similar to what I did in the fight to Kostya Tszyu , but obviously with tweaking my tactics a little bit here and a little bit there with obviously the covenant speed of me opponent.

But no, I mean this fight can’t come quicker for me now. As far as this training camp is probably halfway through. Now I don’t mean it couldn’t be a better operation. They’re a little bit ahead of schedule really, but I’m experienced enough now, I know not to overcook it. But it can’t come fast enough really, and I think, I understand nobody is picking me to win this fight, which is, which I’m proving it because everyone did the same against Kostya Tszyu in the Kostya Tszyu fight, and we all know what happened there. And I think Kostya Tszyu because he is such a formidable champion, and I think pain and tiredness didn’t even come into the equation that night. I didn’t feel any of it. I mean, and I intend to do the same against Floyd. In fact, I think my heart will explode before I leave him alone for one second.

And just that’s how I feel about things, and that’s how my preparation has gone so far. That’s been for a couple week, everything is right on track, and it’s going to be a sensational night. I think the winners are obviously the boxing fans, you know, one of many, you know, probably one of many big events of Golden Boy and putting on the fight coming up with Mosley and Cotto so, you know, and my fight coming up. I think there’s a lot of big matches being made now and it’s nice for many people to consider this one of the biggest, if not the biggest, so look forward to your questions. And just can’t wait. Thanks guys.

CHUCK JOHNSON, USA TODAY: I just wanted to know what your thoughts on Floyd Mayweather deciding to compete in the national, nationally televised dance competition at the same time that he was preparing for this fight coming up on December 8th.

RICKY HATTON: I wasn’t too bothered really. I was more bothered about my, you know, my preparation rather than me opponents, but it’s not something I would have done. And, you know, but obviously, you know, Floyd felt, you know, he wanted to do it, and I think all in all he was only, he was only in it maybe three weeks – am I right, in saying something like that? So we’ve still got seven weeks to go until the fight. So I don’t think it will have affected Floyd in the slightest. And one thing I will say, Floyd’s not got where he’s got for taking people lightly. So, but no, I mean it’s something I wouldn’t have done, but you know a lot was made up about it taking up a lot of his time, and I wish a lot of people could be a fly on the wall and say what Ricky Hatton did with his time while he’s, I’m an after-dinner (ph) speak, I’m on the after-dinner (ph) speaking circuit. I regularly, must be (ph) attend three or four charity events, you know, different openings, I visit hospitals. I mean that, there’s not really a week or sometimes days that go by when I’m not at some sort of function or something like that up and down the country after-dinner (ph) speaking at charity dinners and stuff like that. So I think it, it swings (ph) him (ph) roundabout (ph), so I don’t think Floyd can use that as an excuse if I beat him.

CHUCK JOHNSON (ph): I just wanted to ask you in terms of this bout, I mean you said nobody has really given you a chance. Does that give you extra motivation knowing that nobody is really picking you to win this fight?

RICKY HATTON: Yes, very much so. You know, I think, I think I know what Floyd is up to tactically. He’s got wonderful defense, you know, and defense has been the first after the fight, you know, you know, usually speed, and his defense and making you miss and, you know, and I think it’s like, would like his opponents to punch themselves out or try and punch themselves out. He likes them to waste as many punches, and he tends to try and come on a little bit down the final straight, that type of thing, but I think I know what he’s up to tactically. I intend to put the pressure on him right from the start. Don’t waste a great deal of punches in the first six rounds, you know, leave plenty of gas in the tank for the last six rounds. But I think with me being, you know, the smaller man, if you like a little bit, you know, I think me speed will, and me footwork – I’m very fast at moving in on me opponents. I have no doubt, you know, as fast he goes back I’ll move forward just as fast. But, and he likes to drop the shoulder and show you, you know, show you the shoulder. So I think what you’ve got to do, you’ve got to come at him at different angles, you know, to, you know, because he goes at his side and drops his shoulder and tries to give you nothing to punch at. And I think to counter that, his movement and angles and moving in quick, speed, lots of left hand work. I think I know what he’s up to, but, you know, I won’t be leaving him alone from start to finish. That’s my tactics.

CHUCK JOHNSON: So you don’t think moving up in weight, back up to welterweight will make it be an issue at all for you Ricky?

RICKY HATTON: No, I don’t think so. I mean as I’ve said on a couple of occasions, when I fought Luis Collazo at welterweight last time. And normally when I weight 140, you know, I normally get in the ring about the 152 amount (ph), you know, the following night, you know, when, from the weigh in to the, to when I step in the ring. And against Luis Collazo I think I come in about 158, 159. I tried to make me self as big as him if you like when really I wasn’t. And so I think I’m going to come in on the night, the weight that I perform best at in the ring, and that will be, you know, the 152 amount. And Floyd was underweight six weeks ago when I met him really, so, you know, he’ll be pretty much the same and I will have grown, if not grown, sallied up, you know, so I don’t think Floyd is the biggest. I’ve beat some very big men, you know, but, you know, sometimes people have just go the stance to do it, and I think, one thing that I think Floyd hasn’t bargained on is how clever I am. You know, there’s a method to my madness, and I think that’s going to be the key really. He’s just bet for me to go in there all guns blazing with no real thought to what I’m doing, but there is a lot of thought to what I do, and he’s put, just got to put it in sort (ph) of …

DAN RAFAEL, ESPN: Ricky, there was a lot of, I read a lot of articles in the U.K. media after the tickets went on sale about the fact that the way that the tickets were distributed that your side of the coin only got like a little bit less than 4,000 tickets. And I read some quotes where you and some of the folks on our team were disappointed about that. Can you explain how that worked out and how you maybe didn’t know ahead of time what kind of allotment your folks would get because obviously, you know, Ricky Hatton’s fans travel across the world to see your, you know, your fights like they did for Castillo and even for Urango earlier in the year?

RICKY HATTON: Sure. It’s, you know, it’s hard to answer really I mean that was the allocation we were given, and there’s nothing we can unfortunately do about it. You know, but so it was just basically disappointing because, I mean last time, the last time I fought Castillo there was 10,000 British fans come over to watch me, and that was a record for fans coming from the U.K. to watch a British fighter. I want to think, you know, that was the record, and there was a waiting list of 33,000 people come in. I mean, I don’t think it needs me to say that, you know, it was obviously a bit disappointing really. You know, you know, but there’s no use, as we say in England, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. I mean that’s the way it is really, but there’s 10,000, over 10,000 people probably watching it on closed circuit TV. I reckon that’s, the majority of that, if not all, will probably be Brits really because I know I believe there’s about 15 to 20,000 people that have still booked flights, hotels that will still be in Vegas for the weekend going, so I think it’s quite, I think it’s quite easy to say that we’re disappointed, but (ph) the following I have for Vegas will be a fun place to be and for the Brits that weekend because even the ones that haven’t got tickets, they’re still going anyway it looks like. So it’s going to be a sensational atmosphere the weekend in Vegas.

DAN RAFAEL: Ricky, should they have had this in a bigger venue? I mean MGM Grand is a great place for fights 16,000 or so, but I mean with the way you draw and of course the popularity of Floyd from what happened with the Oscar fight, they sold that out so quickly, wouldn’t this have been better off being in a much larger arena, whether it be in a stadium here in the United States or some other larger arena than the MGM?

RICKY HATTON: It could well have been done, but I mean obviously there’s other people that make the decisions. I just tend to get on with the, you know, with the fight, and but there’s no doubt if you were to put it in a big stadium, an open stadium, I mean there’s a waiting list of 33,000 going I think it’s frightening to know. And I mean I think for the last, I think for the last, I don’t know, maybe for the last eight, nine, probably about the last seven years of me career, I don’t think I’ve boxed under a crowd in 8,000, and I mean, you know, there’s was a massive crowd and a massive turnout for Floyd and Oscar’s fight, but, you know, again, that was down to Oscar De La Hoya and not Mayweather to be honest. You know, Mayweather turns down and says that, you know, he takes less punches and makes the most money, I mean well I feel like saying, well that’s why no one comes to watch you, you know, because, you know, nobody likes to get, take a punch and get hit, but I think, you know, until the Oscar De La Hoya fight, I think you’d be lucky to catch, you know, maybe four or 5,000, 6,000 at Floyd’s fights because his style is obviously different, the crowd pleasing style of all the fighters, but no, I mean Floyd is a number one fighter pound for pound on the face of the earth, and I respect him, and I’ve never said anything other than that. But, if, you know, I don’t, I still, even with all his titles and everything he’s won and everything he’s achieved, I still don’t think he’s the draw in this fight. I think if, I think, I think this will be an exceptional fight. It’ll be hugely exceptional and exciting fight, but I only think because I’m in it. I think I make the fight.

DAN RAFAEL: Could you just address to what I ask Ricky about, the fact that I don’t know if the ticket sales being as quick as they were caught Golden Boy by surprise or was, obviously, there’s, you know, a lot of money related to the casino, but, did you and Richard (ph) and the people at Golden Boy ever think about or discuss possibly putting this fight in an arena that was much larger than the MGM given how quickly the tickets sold out, how passionate Ricky’s fan base is?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Oh absolutely. And first of all, you could easily put this event in a bigger stadium where you hold, 30, 40, even 25,000 people, but I believe that when you’re a fighter, when you’re a world class fighter, you want to fight on that big stage. You want to fight in that big Las Vegas arena like the MGM. And I believe, I believe this is Ricky Hatton’s perfect opportunity to be on that stage and shine. And, you know, there’s no fighter that would want to miss that opportunity, I mean, because it’s a stage where, you know, when you fight on that stage you know you’ve made it. So, you know, to fairness to the fighters, obviously you, we wanted to make it there at the MGM. But at the same time, we know that you’re going to have more than 10,000 Brits coming down and, you know, it was, is was a difficult decision, but obviously we know that now with 10,000 seats being sold, I’m sure the majority of them are going to be Brits.

KELLY SWANSON: And just to be clear too, there are still about 10,000 closed circuit seats in Las Vegas available to fans so at various MGM Mirage properties.

LANCE PUGMIERE, LOS ANGELES TIMES: Hey Ricky can you tell us how, what’s some major adjustments that you’ve made in training camp that are suited toward Floyd, the things that you’re doing perhaps differently knowing who you are facing this fight?

RICKY HATTON: Yes, I mean, well I mean it’s the usual. I mean every fighter has their, their usual routine, you know, their usual training methods, you know, that, you know, it’s a case of if it’s not broke don’t fix it. But obviously everything is geared towards the, you know, the style of the opponent, you know, you, you know, whether you’ll be on the heavy bag or whether you’ll be on the body bag or the pads or sparring, everything is geared towards meeting the opponent, even from shadow boxing, you know, you’re on the bag, you’re mimicking movements, you know, that could work. It’s just all geared towards your opponent really, and I think, I just mentioned, I think the key obviously, I’ve had sparring partners coming in, and the key is obviously to, you know, obviously I think Floyd has a very unique style, you know, he drops the shoulder. Shows these different tapes I’ve been watching, I’ve been watching all his fights through all his career. I’ve even watched some of his father’s fights. I think, I’ve been watching a lot of his father when he fought Marlin Starling.

And I just really believe, I feel we know what we’re doing, I feel we know what we’ve got to do. And I think everything that you need to do to beat Floyd Mayweather I’ve got in me arm (ph) to do it. You know, my style is shoot (ph) it (ph) off (ph) like a tee (ph), but it’s all geared around – I don’t want to give away too many, you know, secrets, so, you know, Floyd is ready for it. But, no, I think me training has got me to where I’m at, and, you know, from day one to current day, it’s got me here. And it’s the same old usual hard work everything from every punch you feel (ph), whether it be shadowboxing in the bag speed, but everything is geared, you know, you’ve gotten your opponents style in your mind, but as far as stamina goes, you know, that won’t, will surely not be in doubt.

I think the key thing for this fight, again, is obviously, you know, how, what weight I weigh in at, which will obviously be 10 (ph) seven (ph), but if this were a day when I leave the scales, you know, as I mentioned earlier in Luis Collazo, I came in too heavy, which enabled me to be very sluggish and slow and ponderous (ph), and, you know, and that was my downfall against Luis Collazo instead of coming in at 10 stone 12 pounds, I came in at 11 stone seven, you know, and that resulted in a poor performance. So I think the key could be, you know, me being a lot more energy because obviously I don’t have to struggle down to 140. I’m coming in the weight that I do perform best at. And I, you know, I think I’ve been the Energizer bunny come December 8th. I don’t, I just don’t see, I don’t think tiredness will be an issue. And Floyd Mayweather, if he doesn’t knock me out, he isn’t going to out point me. And that’s the way I see it. But me training is all geared around me opponent.

TOM HOPKINSON, PEOPLE ENGLAND: Hi Ricky. I think we sort of touched on it earlier, but I was just wondering if you, so I see Floyd has already gone out of “Dancing with the Stars.” I just wondered if you thought it was just one whole big publicity stunt.

RICKY HATTON: Not really. I mean it’s not something I would do, you know, these reality TV shows. I think it’s not for me. But, no, I mean one thing Floyd has got is talents and ability and what his achievements have never been in question, but he, you know, he doesn’t appeal to, I suppose, the public in a sense that, you know, not that, there’s not too many people that have got a good thing to say about him because of obviously the way he conducts himself. So I think it was a good move in that part because maybe, obviously over here I didn’t get a chance to watch it, but maybe, you know, a little bit more of his personality, what he’s like away from the boxing gym and stuff like that, but he could have endeared himself to the public a little bit more. So it might not have been a bad move. But I just saw a little, a few little clips of him, of him dancing, and I was quite surprised actually. He wasn’t bad actually. He’s got quite a bit of rhythm to him and that, but I mean although it’s something I wouldn’t do, he looked to be quite a good dancer. But I don’t think you want see me on a Saturday in Manchester after about 10 pint McGuiness, dancing a bit and he’s not even in the picture.

TOM HOPKINSON: Yes, he looked quite …

RICKY HATTON: … he’s a real slick type of fighter isn’t he, you know, so, you know, it would be a bit funny to, you know, to adapt (ph) really, but I have to say I was quite impressed. You know, he’s not bad on the, not bad on the dance floor. That’s all really.

SCOTT SYTHE, SUNDAY POST SCOTLAND: I wanted to ask, I assume the 24/7 documentary cameras have started rolling, have they?

RICKY HATTON: Yes, they have. They’ve come up to the gym and started doing bits and, bits and bugs (ph). I mean if it was half the show it was, the program that it was with when they did Oscar and Floyd I think it’s going to be another treat for, you know, for boxing fans. Really, clearly (ph), they say it’ll be very, very interesting because I mean obviously the 24/7 obviously shows the training and the fighting side of it, but it also shows your family life, your background, and I think it would make an interesting show because we’re both so different in personalities. So I think it will be a treat for fans, yes.

SCOTT SYTHE: How, I mean is it something that you had to think twice about, or because you enjoyed 24/7 the first time around, you very much embraced the idea?

RICKY HATTON: No, I mean I look forward to it. I mean I think as far as, you know, boxing documentaries and go, I don’t think you’ll find a better one. So obviously you’re going to look forward to do something like that one for building up, you know, fight, for building up the fight and, you know, creating the interest in the fight, but one it gives you the, you know, it gives boxing fans a lot of people that, fans to see, they see your fight. They see the training and they see it on the night fight, and that’s generally all the public gets to know about you, but this is opening the public to what boxers are actually like not only as fighters but as people. So I mean it really is a great show because I mean so many fight fans must be sat (ph) on (ph) your (ph) sleeves (ph) to seeing you fight 12 three minutes rounds whenever you box, and then all of a sudden they’re fat (ph) on thinking, well I wonder what he’s like, I wonder what he does, I wonder what he likes to do away from the gym. And it’s good. I think it’s a wonderful program.

EDDIE GOLDMAN, SECONDS OUT RADIO: Earlier in the call you made comparisons to the Kostya Tszyu fight in which Kostya Tszyu was favored at the time to this fight. Ironically after that fight Kostya retired and went into his own dancing show. Well Floyd was eliminated from the dancing show, he seems to be really at the peak of his career, unlike Kostya when you fought him. Can you tell us why you think you are going to have the advantage in this fight and why you’re so confident you can defeat him when nobody else has?

RICKY HATTON: Well I think his, the fight with Oscar was very lip (ph) and choke (ph), could have gone either way. And Oscar put the pressure right to him and that’s a good, you know, good sign for me, a good, you know, a good compliment. But, you know, even so, me and Oscar are still very, very different fighters. I think my game, you know, Oscar is a little bit more of a technician compared to me. But I think that’s my game, and, you know, and I think Kostya Tszyu had that big murderous right hand, you know, and, you know, he couldn’t hold me off him for 12 rounds because he’s a very big, powerful, you know, bit of a monster of a puncher, you know, and he couldn’t keep me off of him and me stamina and real (ph) rate (ph) and punch volume just overwhelmed him that night.

Now Floyd doesn’t got that fire power of Kostya Tszyu. Even though he’s probably as far as speed and talent goes, he’s probably, you know, he’s probably got more in that area than Kostya Tszyu (ph) had, but I’d be a little bit – I mean I don’t want to end up with egg on me face. Anybody can punch hard enough to knock you out and certainly Floyd can do that with his speed. But I think, to be perfectly honest with you, I’d much rather have a speed match you know, those are and that big rocket launcher of a right Kostya Tszyu. I’m not saying I’m willing to take a punch to get one in, and I’m not saying that Floyd hasn’t got the power to knock me out. But when you talk about strength and power and, you know, maybe, you know, Floyd doesn’t quite got what Kostya Tszyu has got, and he – my point is that he couldn’t hold me off for 12 rounds, and we’re going to get the opportunity to see whether Floyd can hold me off for 12 rounds. But if you watch that fight, me stamina and when you think Floyd he is, I’d like to say short for long periods, spend long periods of doing nothing and ends up, you know, he does it in bursts, you know, if you like, you know. And I just think I’ve got the tools to do it. But I mean you’ve got to have a little bit of talent and skill to beat someone like Floyd as well, and if you watch carefully how quick I move in on my opponents, how I change the angles, you know, I do, I just think I’ve got the tools to do it. And I don’t expect no one to believe me when I say that, but for me in my mind there’s only one winner, there’s only one winner at all.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: His toughest fight was his first fight with Castillo. Have you watched that fight? Because you mentioned about pressuring him earlier, and that seemed to get the most success of anybody that’s fought him.

RICKY HATTON: Yes, very much so, I mean I’ve watched that fight a lot. And I want to, I have to say this without sounding disrespectful to my old friend Jose Luis Castillo, but Castillo was able to bull doze him back into the ropes, have a lot of success downstairs to the body and, you know, he kept the pressure on him. But I think in all honesty, you know, without being viscous (ph) to Jose, I don’t think he’s got as fast a feet as me, as good a footwork as me. He is, you know, as strong as me physically, maybe (ph) as quick as me, hasn’t got as much variation, hasn’t got as much angles and movement as me. Even, I mean Floyd’s answer will be well Jose when I fought him was past it. That’s Floyd’s opinion. You know, but in a day, you know, if you look at me at my best and Jose at his best, am I a bit quicker on my feet, am I faster, am I more explosive, am I more powerful, am I a bigger puncher? I would have to say yes, you know, so anyone who says I haven’t got a chance against Floyd Mayweather, I really honestly don’t think they know what they’re talking about. Albeit, I’m an underdog and I understand that.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: All right, good luck in the fight. You make a great case for yourself.

MICHAEL WOODS, THESWEETSCIENCE.COM: Ricky, thanks for taking the time out …listen, a couple of things that I’ve picked up verbally on you, I want to ask about this straight up. I want to know if you think you’re going to beat Floyd or if you know you’re going to beat Floyd because I hear you saying, I intend to beat him. I think I can do this. What do you peg your chances of beating him at? Is it 100 percent or is it something less …

RICKY HATTON: Well my, you know, my way, Floyd’s way is, you know, I will win, I will do this and that …but I mean I’ve spent a lifetime on me career of being respectful and not having a bad word to say about a nut (ph) – as we say in England – counting your chickens type of thing and stuff like that. But in my eyes, this fight is already over.

MICHAEL WOODS: It’s already over. And another thing you said, very interesting to me, is that you’re watching the tape of his father fighting Marlin Starling in 1985. You must be doing a tremendous amount of video work. What could that fight tell you about this fight?

RICKY HATTON: Well it’s just that, you know, I think lots of Roger’s and Floyd’s fights, they all fight the same way. You know, they drop their shoulder and they change the angle and the, you know, how they sway back from the punches, and, you know, just stuff like that. And I think, I think the key is that, you know, they want you to wheel punches in at them, you know, tend to the vision, left, right and center, you know, and there’s no point in felling 15 punches if two of them are landing. That’s just a lot of crap, you know, to be honest. And I think that’s what people try and do, and that’s what Floyd and Roger and Floyd Sr. over the years, they’ve had that style where they drop the shoulder and, you know. I mean I’ve shown in fights, you know I’ve got the boxing ability to do it. And, my power, my angles, my fainting, my moving in quick on me opponents, my speed of footwork along with the boxing ability, which I have in me arm, and I have shown against certain fighters, I just, I just think I know what to do against Floyd Mayweather, and I’m not going to give it away too much. But I know all these people that are picking Floyd, there’s going to be a few apologies coming my way, and I’m sure every opponent has said the same at Floyd’s face, but I just can’t wait to go out there and say, well I’m going to, you know, what I’m going to do. I just can’t wait. As I said earlier, in my eyes this fight is already even over. I think Floyd is going to get, Floyd is going to get the shock of his life. Lightly though, I think he has taken me lightly. I think he just thinks the obvious, I’m a strong kid, high work rate, loads of punches, body punches, I’ve fought 500 of them. Well I think he’s going to get a shock.

“UNDEFEATED”- World welterweight champion “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather will meet British icon and world junior welterweight champion Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton for the world welterweight championship Saturday, Dec. 8 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather Promotions, and sponsored by Rock Star Energy Drink, Tecate Beer and Southwest Airlines, the fight will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View.

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By: Sean Crose Just hours after Oleksandr Usyk won his brilliant heavyweight battle against Tyson Fury, the WBO lightweight title was at stake in...

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By: Sean Crose “Those days are gone forever,” Steely Dan once claimed, “over a long time ago.” And so we were led to believe...